Thursday, July 18, 2024

Has the Holy Spirit Come Upon Trump?

 Does the Holy Spirit currently rest on President Trump?  I happen to believe so.  But for those who do not believe, his close dodging of a bullet, that nonetheless injured him and killed a supporter and injured two others could just be a coincidence.  That's the thing about miracles.  They are seldom obvious.  But I am not alone in believing that Trump was rescued by divine Providence.  J. B. Shurk at the American Thinker certainly thinks so too. And then there is Joy Pullman at The Federalist who believes Jesus Christ Is Trump's Security Detail.

It’s clear by now that the U.S. Secret Service is not a very elite security detail. Random, weaponless rallygoers paid more serious attention to the would-be assassin before he fired than the allegedly professional team assigned to Donald Trump on Saturday. Trump’s security detail did not secure him. Someone else did.
The Person who saved Trump’s life — and our nation from dangerous social unrest — is Jesus Christ. It is not random that wind gusts were present in just the right amount to have shifted the bullet’s course from fatal to flesh wound. It is not accidental that Trump turned his head at precisely the right second to avoid sudden death.


Saturday was not Trump’s day to die. His near-death experience was a very visible divine event displaying to all the world Who holds full power over life and death: Jesus Christ. It is a spiritual shock treatment to increase the faith of those who believe and ignite new faith in those ready to believe.

Please read the entire article. Maybe you already are a believer. Maybe you are just ready to believe. If you read the Gospels, the story seems so ridiculous on its face that it has to be true. Who would make up some of the details if they didn't actually happen? And if they did, that the Gospels are true.  That means the entire Bible is true.  What Good News that is for you and me, indeed all of us.

Changing Minds

Kurt Schlichter at today tells us, in his opinion, The Real Reason Trump Chose JD Vance. Schlichter starts out with exactly my own journey to voting for Trump. I was a Ted Cruz guy too. I didn't believe that Trump would do what he said he would do.

Why did Donald Trump select JD Vance? Obviously, their current policy views are simpatico, but JD Vance was not supportive back in 2016. He was pretty harsh about Donald Trump the candidate. You know who else was? Me. Dig back through my columns and you’ll see. I was never a Never Trumper. I was always going to vote for the GOP nominee, and I did vote for the nominee. But I was a Ted Cruz guy because I didn’t think Donald Trump was actually going to do the things Donald Trump said he was going to do and I said so. In fact, CNN used to have me on as the conservative Trump-doubter…until I had it with Don Lemon’s nonsense. I was a traditional conservative, and I thought Donald Trump was a NYC liberal and that he would govern like one. But you know what?
I was wrong.
So, I changed my mind about him. I’m now a ferocious Trump supporter. And so is JD.

Schlichter is talking about what any mature person does. It is the basis of the "scientific method," and it is how people adapt as they grow older. We have a belief, then evidence shows our beliefs to at least be suspect. More evidence convinces us to change our minds. Only people in thrall to an ideology cannot change their minds despite contrary evidence.

JD Vance is a very interesting VP choice. He was not my first choice to be the nominee for vice-president because I thought that Glenn Youngkin might bring more to the table in terms of building an electoral coalition. JD was, however, my first choice for actually being the vice-president. If and when he wins, I’m going to be thrilled.
But now I’m rethinking my initial assessment of his strengths as a candidate. I may have underestimated them. How? First of all, I have grown to trust Donald Trump’s instincts when it comes to politics. After all, this guy came out of nowhere and beat all the geniuses and professionals in 2016. Worst case, he nearly beat them all in 2020. And right now, according to all the polls, he’s beating that desiccated corrupt old husk. So, he had to have a reason for choosing JD Vance and it was probably a good one.

There he goes again, changing his mind based on evidence.

But Schlichter is right. JD Vance has a good story coming from a very poor background, becoming a Marine, then getting into Yale law school and editing the Yale Law Review. He has been successful in marriage, in business. He is also a faithful Catholic He is also solid on the Second Amendment, certainly sympathetic to the plight of the workers and middle class. This ties in with the first night speech by Sean O'Brien, president of the Teamsters Union. The elites may feel that they can have good lives even if their neighbors are struggling. But for the rest of us, that is not the case. If one is suffering, truly we all are suffering too.

Gentle readers should read the entire article by Kurt Schlichter.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tucker Carlson Speaks to Heritage Foundation Policy Fest

 I happened upon this speech by Tucker Carlson at the Heritage Foundation Policy Fest. What I found very interesting is that Carlson pointed out that we are not in a culture war per se, but a spiritual war. More pointedly, he speaks of those who are representing another person, by which he means the devil, who wants to kill people, to cause chaos and lawlessness.

Please go and watch Carlson's speech. He is fundamentally right about what we face. I have stated that one cannot be a Leftists or Marxist and be Christian. Indeed, the Left wants to destroy Christianity, and they don't want to obliterate any other religion. The old airman's saying that when you are taking flak it means you are over the target. Christians are over the target. We know that the devil was already defeated 2000 years ago. The Lord is just conducting mop up operations. Christians wait on the Lord.

Vance is Solid As They Come on Second Amendment

Donald Trump has named Ohio Senator J.D. Vance as his running mate. According to Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms, Vance is as solid as they come on the Second Amendment. You can read Edwards' piece at Trump Names J.D. Vance As Running Mate. Where Does He Stand on the Second Amendment. I know that gun rights were left out of the Republican platform. I think there are more important issues for the next president to tackle, but having someone like Vance on board sends the message that gun rights are still important. In the same way, he has left abortion off the platform, even though it is a very important issue. It just is not a federal issue.

I've got to run, but wanted to leave gentle readers with these two things to ponder today.

A Lutheran Pastor Blesses the RNC

 The Republican National Convention began yesterday.  These things are usually incredibly boring, full of "hurray for our side" rhetoric.  This RNC was different, and interesting.  Interesting in that a union leader, the president of the Teamsters Union, no less, spoke at the convention!  And the announcement of J. D. Vance as Vice President on the Republican ticket was pure political genius!  The MSM were making out that it was a bone thrown to the next generation of leaders, but I took it at face value.  If something happens to Trump, Vance will continue with his agenda.  It is both smart, and fully recognizes the roll of the VP.

One other thing that made this RNC interesting was the invocation from a Lutheran pastor of a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod congregation. Gentle readers should just go to the linked article at twitchy and watch. The prayer and the priestly blessing from Numbers 6:24-26 were pure Lutheranism. But what made it stand out was the imitation of Trump's mannerisms that Trump found funny before the seriousness of the invocation. It will warm readers hearts, so go and watch.

Monday, July 15, 2024

Will the Real Insurrectionists Please Stand Up?

There has been an insurrection going on in this country, but it is not the MAGA people, or the Republicans. Instead, it is the elements within the Democrat party and their media and academic branches and deep state that have been conducting this insurrection, in the hopes of transforming the United States into a socialist dictatorship. The people who invented the "color revolution" have been using it on us.

At the American Thinker today, John F. Di Leo lays out this insurrection in an article entitled Insurrection and the Leviathan State.

The legal authority of the federal government of the United States is rooted in two things: elections and the Constitution. That’s it. There is nothing else.
Your local street lights may be controlled by local ordinances; your doctor’s medical license may be granted by your individual state. Your local park district runs the corner play lot and tennis courts, and may be operated by an elected park board or a commission appointed by the mayor. There are countless such configurations for our cities and villages, towns and townships, counties, parishes and states.
But the federal government is simple. The Constitution lays out the three branches, allocates their authority, and declares how the individual federal officeholders are elected.
Disobeying the Constitution -- by refusing to perform the duties it requires, by exceeding the clear limits it places on government itself, or by meddling with those aforementioned elections, constitutes an assault on our constitutional government, and would therefore be an actual takeover of the government -- a substitution of lawless tyranny for the legitimate government our Framers intended for us. The legal authority of the federal government of the United States is rooted in two things: elections and the Constitution. That’s it. There is nothing else.

To prove his point, that the actual insurrection has been going on under our noses, while the Democrats point to grandmothers touring the Capitol without proper tickets, Di Leo takes us on a trip down memory lane.

On January 6, 2021, following months of coordinated decisions by partisan and/or corrupted judges to dismiss legitimate suits concerning credible proof of election fraud, the Democrat leadership of Congress cut short the constitutionally mandated one-by-one consideration of the several states’ electoral college count under the supervision of the Vice President, the last chance to stop an illegitimate transfer of power in the executive branch, claiming that a group of unarmed tourists forced them to flee one of the most potentially securable public buildings in America, intentionally allowing that last possible safeguard to be skipped.
For eight years, politicized rogue employees of the federal government, primarily in the Department of Justice, knowingly fed an array of libels and slanders against Donald J. Trump, and simultaneously, discounted or denied evidence of Biden family corruption -- before, during, and after Trump’s time as President -- through such things as the faked Steele Dossier, the refusals to follow up on hundreds of private bank reports of Biden family corruption, and the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop.
Both rogue elements within the Department of Justice and several corresponding state and county “blue state” attorneys general and district attorneys spent much of these past eight years engaging in what is now called “lawfare” -- the use of either criminal or civil court attacks to falsely accuse, falsely prosecute, or otherwise falsely sue Donald Trump and his key aides and supporters -- not just high-level appointees like Mayor Rudy Giuliani but unknowns like the dozens of donors and party elders on several states’ delegate lists -- in an effort to personally immobilize and bankrupt them, and to scare other potential supporters out of going out on the limb to support President Trump themselves.
While purposefully importing millions of illegal aliens (not just by allowing our southern border to remain inadequately guarded but by sometimes going so far as to send planes to other countries to pick them up, to refuse to catch and deport them when found, and to entice them by providing these illegals with taxpayer-funded food, housing, healthcare, and education once here), Democrat politicians have doubled down on their automated voter registration efforts to include these non-citizens on the voter rolls, while continually voting against responsible bills (such as the SAVE Act) and disregarding existing requirements to protect real citizens’ votes from being thusly diluted.
For most of the past century, but especially in recent decades, Democratic operatives have engineered a method of illegal government expansion in which they would populate government bureaucracies and the judiciary with technocrats who would routinely exceed their agencies’ legal authority, growing the power and destructive capacity of the regulatory state far beyond what the Constitution allows, even far beyond what the congressional intent had been when creating these agencies, inflicting upon America a tyrannical and unpredictable government by people and ideology, rather than a constitutional government limited by written law.

Tell me again, who are the insurrectionists?

This Won't Be The Last Time Democrats Attempt to Assassinate Trump

At The Federalist last night, Eddie Scarry had a piece entitled This Won't Be The Last Time Democrats Attempt To Assassinate Trump. No, it won't. Indeed, I am surprised it took them this long. They have impeached him twice, conducted innumerable lawfare attempts, all to no avail. He seems to have escaped most of them. In New York they had to rig the law to create a crime out of a legal act to convict him, but he is likely to walk on appeal. What is left but to actually kill him.

As of this writing, there’s little to say about the assassination attempt against the former president other than thank God he’s reportedly okay and deep condolences to anyone at the Trump rally in Pennsylvania who may have suffered serious injuries.
During a campaign rally on Saturday in Butler, Pennsylvania, video footage shows Donald Trump being struck by something — a bullet — while shots ring in the background and Secret Service agents huddle to protect the former president. He was ultimately carried off stage while pumping his fist into the air.
As this relates to the election — it certainly does — this was predictable.
Democrats and anti-Trumpers have spent the past three years calling the political opposition a life-or-death threat. They claim they’ll be imprisoned and people will die if their opposition gains power, while they themselves attempt to imprison and now kill the opposition.
They called him a fascist. They called him a dictator. They called him Hitler. Literally the front page of New Republic magazine — still influential in Washington, believe it or not — this month portrayed Trump with a tiny mustache to drive home the point.

Unfortunately, this is who these people are. "By any means necessary" is their motto and their byword. Any principle may be bent or broken in pursuit of their goals; in this case it is keeping Trump out of the oval office. Many have proclaimed that Trump is literally Hitler, and wasn't assassinating Hitler a righteous cause? My answer is no, it was not. Yes, Hitler was evil and in thrall to Satan. The German churches should have been more discerning and stood up against Hitler when he sought to harass and then to exterminate the Jews.  Hitler's attempts to create a state religion in his image mocked God.  They should have spoken out more forcefully instead of going along in hopes of being eaten last. But he was duly elected, and it was the people as a whole who should have deposed him.

In the current circumstance, Trump is not anything like a Hitler. He is not and will not be a dictator. Unlike Biden, he actually obeys courts and recognizes other authorities. He will not round up the ladies of The View and put them in camps. But hopefully he will prosecute those who have broken the actual laws. These people have been conducting an insurrection for years and need to be prosecuted. If those are the people the media is trying to protect, well shame on them.