Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Never give up your guns

Stanislov Mishin is a Russian who guessed posts at provides a bit of history to remind us Never give up your guns. A hat tip to David Codrea of the War on Guns website.  I go back to the Communist revolution in Russia, not because it was the first.  No, man has always had a propensity for bloody and savage cruelty.  Especially when they combine their savagery with a belief that they are doing good are they the most cruel, for then their god gives them sanction to do these things.  So it was in Russia.

 Mishin relates some of the history of the Russian revolution, recounting how in Tsarist times the country was well armed:
This will probably come as a total shock to most of my Western readers, but at one point, Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. This was, of course, when we were free under the Tsar. Weapons, from swords and spears to pistols, rifles and shotguns were everywhere, common items. People carried them concealed, they carried them holstered. Fighting knives were a prominent part of traditional attire, and those little tubes criss-crossing on the costumes of Cossacks and various Caucasian peoples? Well those are bullet holders for rifles.
This well-armed population was what allowed the various White factions to rise up, no matter how disorganized politically and militarily they were in 1918, and wage a savage civil war against the Reds. It should be noted that many of these armies were armed peasants, villagers, farmers and merchants, protecting their own. If it had not been for Washington’s clandestine support of and for the Reds, history would have gone quite differently.
Moscow fell, for example, not from a lack of weapons to defend it, but from the lying guile of the Reds. Ten thousand Reds took Moscow and were opposed only by some few hundreds of officer cadets and their instructors. Even then the battle was fierce and losses high. However, in the city alone, at that time, lived over 30,000 military officers (both active and retired), all with their own issued weapons and ammunition, plus tens of thousands of other citizens who were armed. The Soviets promised to leave them all alone if they did not intervene. They did not and for that were asked afterwards to come register themselves and their weapons: where they were promptly shot.
Go read the whole post, as it is instructive. Note that the emphasis above is mine, but also note well the sequence of events. Now, maybe you won't be shot, but you will no longer be free. They can call you "comrade" or "citizen," but you will actually be a subject, a glorified surf. Do not, under any circumstances, give up your guns. As for Ben Dickman, "May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

*  Note that things were not so great under the Tsars either.  The Tsars were tyrants, to be sure, and had secret police to go out and terrorize their political enemies.

  If Mr. Mishin looks with favor on the Tsars, it is only because he Russians went from the frying pan into the fire with the Bolshevics and later the Soviets.  But while the people held weapons and ammunition in their own hands, there was a limit to how far the Tsars would go.  Also do not be fooled into thinking that those in our society would be more "civilized" than the Russians were.  If you don't believe me, take it from someone who infiltrated the Weather Underground terrorist group, Larry Grathwohl here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

David Hardy Has a Point

David Hardy, the man behind the blog Of Arms and the Law and an attorney who has been involved in the gun rights debate since...well...forever, noted that Multiple officials, and his mother, wanted Florida shooter mentally committed:
Turns out that, years before he committed the school shooting, two school counselors and the school security guard (yes, that one) recommended that the shooter be committed, based on his cutting himself, telling another classmate to get a gun and use it on people, drinking gasoline, etc.. But no one acted on it.
What is telling to me is that they all "recommended" this. Nobody did anything, all passed the buck (I suspect to the principal, who probably had nowhere to pass the buck and so they settled for ignoring it). If a kid had nibbled a cookie into the shape of a gun, they probably would have imposed discipline, because the kid was harmless and so it was safe to beat up on them. But with a person who was really a problem, it was best to ignore it or pass the buck. Which in a way is a metaphor for modern gun (and crime) control.
It is hard not to credit Mr. Hardy's theory that the murderer got off so frequently because taking action might be risky, while in contrast the students who were suspended because they posted pictures on snapchat of themselves during a family outing to the range was not.
Amanda Buron, a Lacey resident and family friend of one of the suspended students said one of the photos shared on SnapChat featured four rifles, magazines, and a gun duffel with the caption "fun day at the range," reported. Buron said the two students received a five-day in-school suspension after the picture drew the attention of Lacey Township High School officials, who argued that it violated the school’s policy on weapons possession.
So the school presumes to tell students what they can and can not do even then they are not on school property and not during school hours? I see a lawsuit for these kids, and I hope they find a good attorney and take them to court. The school has way over reached their authority.

Update:  Apparently the school district has revised their policy after being threatened with a lawsuit by the Association of Rife and Pistol Clubs.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Left lies, but that is not news

I have read several accounts of the First Amendment being treated like we treat the Second Amendment.  These accounts usually involve sending articles to the government for bureaucrat to pass judgement on before you are allowed to publish.  They have journalists and authors being required to be licensed, or you needing a licence to buy books, with the dealer in books having to send your name into a government data base to discover if you have certain disqualifying characteristics before selling you the book.

Its all done in jest to make a point, and its very amusing, unless you, like me, have lived for a while in a country that restricts what you can see, read, and hear. Mrs. PolyKahr and I were stationed in Panama during the Noriega years, and had it not been for the fact that we were U. S. citizens with a Status of Forces agreement. we would not have had access to many books, newspapers, and other media.  But that's a different story for another day, and I digress.

The point, while it is obvious to those of us who routinely deal with guns, it is lost on many, because they don't see the power of words.  But tell that to the 6 million Holocaust victims in Nazi Germany.  The Anti-Semitic ideas of Hitler were spread by words, by speeches, by discussions with his inner circle, by sales of his book Mein Kamp. They were also justified by words, and the final solution was developed by words.  It remained only to put those words into practice that made it real.  The resultant tragedy you know, or should know.

Bad ideas, unless spoken against, become bad acts. The only thing that can counter bad and false ideas is the truth. And the truth is that your Second Amendment rights should be treated exactly as your First Amendment rights. You have them until you abuse them.  The Second Amendment was not put into the Constitution as an after thought, but was very intentionally put there to provide a balance of power against the Federal government.  While weapons have grown more and more lethal, our hunting rifles, sporting rifles, and handguns do still provide that balance because of the overwhelming number of them.

So, I was reading today another set of analogies, this time between the treatment by the Left, through its propaganda arm, of Islam and the NRA. The article, at the American Thinker, is entitled The Media, the NRA, and Isam by Chuck Hustmyer. Hustmyer:
It's too bad the American left doesn't treat the NRA even half as fairly as it treats Islam.
  • NRA members haven't committed any mass shootings.
  • NRA members haven't hijacked airplanes and flown them into buildings.
  • Thirteen percent of NRA members don't support mass murder as a legitimate way to defend the NRA or advance its ideological agenda.
That would refer to American Muslims, 13 percent of whom, according to the Pew Research Center, say they support suicide bombings and other violence against civilians in defense of Islam. (According to Pew, the percentage is considerably higher among foreign Muslims.)
Yet every time a jihadist goes on a killing spree, the American left, through its propaganda arm – otherwise known as the mainstream media – is quick to remind us that Islamic terrorism is an aberration and in no way reflective of the "religion of peace."
The latest rounds of walk outs and protests have featured numerous calls to end the NRA, as if it was the NRA that was endorsing, organizing, and supporting the murders that happen all too routinely at schools and other gun free target rich environments. Nothing could be further from the truth.  The murderer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was not an NRA member, and indeed, I do not think any of the mass murderers that have taken place on American soil for the last 30 years has been an NRA member.  Neither the NRA nor any of its 5 million members had even a whiff of responsibility for this, or any other mass murder that has happened.

On the other hand, Islam is responsible for the murders perpetrated by the members of that religion, because it teaches that violent jihad is the duty of every Muslim.  Every Islamic terrorist who starts shooting up as many victims as he can in as short a time as he can, first yells out Allahyu Akbar. but somehow the Left can never connect the dots back to Islam. Why is that?
But just imagine if a group of conservatives – the Tea Party, for instance – took to the streets in cities all over the country after the next jihadist terror attack and waved around the exact same signs as the anti-gun left but replaced the initials "NRA" with the word "Islam," so that the signs read "Abolish Islam," "Islam = Terrorists," and "Islam blood on your hands."
Can you hear the left's screams of rage and its hysterical accusations of.. (take your pick, but "racism" is their favorite, despite the fact that Islam comprises members of all races and nationalities)?
If the left was even close to treating the NRA the way it treats Islam, millions of honest, law-abiding Americans, many of whom are military and law enforcement veterans, who are members of the NRA wouldn't be condemned as domestic terrorists and child-murderers. But then again, that's exactly what the left wants.
Need I also note that the Left will also suppress the truth, as they did in Panama during Noriega's time.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Re-emergent Paganism On te Rise

Fay Voshell has a very powerful article today in the American Thinker entitled State Enforced Paganism in America. Go read the whole thing, because as usual with Ms. Voshell, it is very good, but also because while I may be referring to it, you can not get the ideas presented in the piece from my meager ramblings alone. You must go to the source and drink it all in. But don't stop there. No, you ultimately must go to the real source of Ms. Voshell's faith, the Bible.

I don't know precisely when it started.  My Pastor thinks it has always been with us, but we find ourselves living in a cultural milieu not unlike that described by the Apostle Paul in Corinth.  Christians turn out to be a small minority, surrounded by pagans of various stripes.  Some were more tolerant, others wanted to persecute the Christians because these people showed them up for the self worshiping human debris they were.  But I date the beginnings of the modern era of paganism to the Supreme Court rulings in 1962 and 63 in Engle v. Vitale and Abington School District v. Schempp. The later of which featured the infamous Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

O'Hair was a tortured soul, as many people are who try to live life on their own own terms rather than following God's terms.  God doesn't make up rules arbitrarily.  God's laws are designed so we can life abundant lives, though we will inevitably hard times and tragedy because man is a sinful creature.

In any case, many main line church bodies have come to incorporate some of the new paganism into their liturgies and social statements.  These include for example, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America now ordains homosexual pastors.  Now, I recognize that all have sinned and fallen short, pastors included.  But Luther said that the life of a Christian was one of constant repentance.  However, if someone is a  homosexual living in a committed relationship, he can not be repentant, can he?  For if he believes that he was "born that way" then there is no need to repent.  And if he knows it is wrong, but he does it anyway, then he is defying God, and thus is not attempting to repent.
The Christian Church must respond vigorously or sink into paganism itself, as is already happening in some Main Line churches that are creating liturgies to bless bodily mutilation as spiritually transformative and as a way of attaining self-salvation. The Church must reject the new barbarism and its tyrannous assault on Christianity or find itself overwhelmed by the avid worshippers of the new gods. For when the God of Christianity is rejected, new and far, far worse gods arise to demand worship.
Ms. Voshell cites the so called "transgender" movement, the coming pedophilia, and bestiality movements, as well as abortion and euthanasia, which are well established as yet other instances of paganism. Indeed, all of these were common in the ancient world before the birth of Christ. After Jesus death and resurrection, everything began to change. Homosexuality, Pedophilia, and bestiality, abortion and euthanasia were outlawed. Hospitals were established, universities were established, and education for a greater number of people became common.  If you study history, you will begin to realize that while man generally gets in his own way, just enough of us have done just enough, that the world is actually a better place than it was 100, 200, 1000, of 5000 years ago.  We owe this to our God, and his Son who died for our sins and rose again to proclaim a new covenant with man.

Ms. Voshell is right in this too: that to be a true Christian, one must believe that Christ has done it all.  There is no need for us to DO anything.  There is nothing you can do to merit salvation.  Even the act of "Taking Jesus into your heart" is too much.  All that is required is that you do not actively reject the salvation so mercifully given to we undeserving sinners.  In other words, there is no such thing as "self salvation."  To add anything to that is not Christian.

The time is coming when we will have to declare on whose side we stand, whether we stand with the Creator of the universe, or whether we will follow our own path to destruction.  God will force this by letting evil re-emerge, until those who follow him, who are willing to take the abuse and persecution for following him, are all that is left from among the many pretenders who just go along to get along.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Republicans pass school safety. Gun control to come later

So the House of Representatives has passed a School Safety Bill apparently without the Fix NICS portion. But also without Concealed Carry Reciprocity. So the Democrats have won since I don't think they really wanted to pass gun control so much as prevent the passage of Concealed Carry Reciprocity.

But don't start celebrating just yet.  According to National Review's Mairead McArdle:
Senator Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) has proposed a similar bill pending in the upper chamber. Republicans are waiting on an actual gun-control bill until they are sure the Senate can pass it, however.
You can depend on the Republicans (read Stupid Party) to sell out the base every time. And retiring Republicans are the worst kind, because they no longer have to pretend to push for their constituents, they can no become full on elitists. After all, who else are we gonna vote for?

They don't seem to take into account that we don't have to vote for the mean Democrat, that we can withhold our vote and ensure they don't get re-elected.  There are other measures we can take such as running another candidate against the Republican sellouts.

Here's the truth:  If reducing crimes, including school shootings, is the purpose, then gun control is emphatically NOT the solution.  NICS doesn't stop people from getting guns, and closing the supposed loopholes in NICS will not do anymore.  Oh, of course it will keep many people from obtaining guns LEGALLY, but nothing that stop them from obtaining them ILLEGALLY.  After all, people obtain illegal drugs all the time.  Banning certain guns, or even banning them all will also not stop crime.  Nor will making the manufacture of guns illegal help.  Why?  Because just as drugs can be smuggled into the country, so can guns, and since we are talking about illegal, why not grenade launchers, rocket launchers and other heavy duty weapons that figure so prominently in Hollywood movies, but never in real life.  Indeed, I can not think of a single gun control proposal that has been advanced over the last 45 years that would have solved, or even helped reduce the gun crime problem.

So, if gun control doesn't reduce crimes, what can be the purpose of it?  There is a sizable population of people in this country who believe that Marxism in some form is a better way of life than the form embedded in our Constitution.  Living a life of freedom and individual responsibility is more demanding that life where everything is decided for you.  In our Constitutional system, you can not blame anybody for your failures but yourself.  Too many want instead to find scapegoats in amorphous society. These are the people that totalitarian wannabes like Chuck Shumer manipulate with the help of billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.  The totalitarian Left wants to take away your guns so they can impose even more drastic controls than they already do.  Their target is not the criminals but the law abiding.  For it is only those who try obeying the law that will be impacted by gun control.

And the Republicans?  I suspect they just want to keep their places at the table.  They don't care about yoou and me, They don't care about our ability to defend ourselves from the thugs they keep sending out to commit more crimes.  And they certainly don't care about the Constitution.  That is the unfortunate thing. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Adventures in Reloading the .38 Super Auto

I am discovering that my particular .38 Super Auto pistol is a bit fussy about the ammunition I feed it.  I had heard that 1911 style pistols could be fussy, but my previous experience, which is limited to one pistol, was that it ate everything I fed it.  I made up 100 rounds of .38 Super Auto loaded with Berry's 124 grain Target Hollow Points (THP).  My weapon did not seem to like these bullets, and choked.

Interestingly, while I was researching various bullet and powder combinations, I came across the Hodgdon Reloading Data for .38 Super 124 grain bullets, that indicated that one could achieve a velocity of 1315 feet per second while keeping pressures lower than other powders with a 13.0 grain load of powder. At 12.5 to 13.0 grains it is impossible to double charge and at the same time, because it fills the case, it is pretty obvious if you have a squib load. It all seemed too good to be true, so I sent a note to Hodgdon Powder Company and got the word that the data was correct.

Today I was pulling the THP bullets out of the casing, and reloading with Berry's 124 grain Round Nose (RN), which bullets I am sure will feed just fine.  I also loaded with 12.5 grains Lil'Gun.  I will see how it feeds at the range.

The relative burn rates of various powders is shown in at the link. It indicates that Lil'Gun has a slower burn rate than the usual powders used for pistol such as Winchester W231, Hodgdon Tite Group, or CFE Pistol.  Lil'Gun was designed to be used in .410 shot guns, and seems not to be used for any other weapon that the .410 bore shotgun and the .38 Super Auto and then only for the  .38 Super 124 grain bullet.  As I said, I'll see how it goes. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Necessity of Being Active in Our Defense of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

We have two articles today, the common theme of which is the absolute necessity of being active in our defense of the right to keep and bear arms.  For if we do not defend our rights now, while the cost is small, what will we do when the cost is our lives and our fortunes?

First, though, I wanted to write a bit about this week's Raleigh Gun Show.  Ever since Trump was elected, gun owners have seemingly breathed a sigh of relief.  And why not?   Many of them voted for President Trump, and he has been, generally, conservative and at least has usually given lip service to the Second Amendment.  However, we need to pay attention.  The people attending the Raleigh Gun Show this weekend seemed altogether less concerned about the loss of their gun rights.  This complacency could be our downfall however.  The Left clearly smells blood in the water, and is taking full advantage of it.  We all need to pound our Representatives and Senators with the message "No more gun control. Period."

First up is a piece by Scot Morefield over at entitled Think They'll Never Come and Take Your Guns Without an Armed Revolt? Think Again. I have contended that the Parkland murders provided an excuse to put up a bunch of gun control rhetoric in an effort to block National Concealed Carry Reciprocity, which stood a real chance this Congress. And I think this was largely true. However, Morefield points to an even deeper, and more sinister motive in getting a gun ban in place, by hook or by crook:
Don’t get me wrong, I think most true Leftists would LOVE to harness the power of the State to crush liberty-minded gun owners by every means necessary, and if a few of the right eggs are broken in the process, so much the better. But realists on both sides know such a scenario is highly unlikely to happen, at least to a result the Left would want. In all likelihood, open displays of tyrannical force such as openly rounding up certain people groups or door-to-door weapons confiscations are highly likely to result in open displays of resistance, and a civil war that is likely to be fought, and won, by the good guys.
Here’s the answer, and it should scare every gun owner in the country:
They want to make de facto criminals out of the majority of the gun owning population.
That way, they can essentially pick us off, one by one.
Without necessarily meaning to, Mehta hits on this critical point in his piece: “A national gun buyback law would turn a significant portion of the American people into criminals,” he wrote. “Residents of New York and Connecticut snubbed their new laws … Compliance with the registration requirement has been modest at best, as hundreds of thousands of gun owners in both states refused to register their weapons. So far, then, the laws have been most successful in creating hundreds of thousands of lawbreakers who feel obligated to break the law.”
If liberals are able to pass any sort of “assault weapons” ban, buyback or no buyback, they know they will make criminals out of several million currently law-abiding gun owners. And even if the majority of those gun owners don’t follow the law now, that won’t make them any less a criminal. They just haven’t been caught yet.
But when the ‘right people’ control the levers of power and the ‘right laws’ are all in place, make no mistake - they will be caught.
Morefield is right, of course. The Left will never come door to door confiscating our guns, because they would face down too many trained gun owners, who would use guerilla tactics to take out the Leftist forces, and force them to spend more time, effort, and money protecting themselves rather than taking anyone's guns away. But most of the people actively resisting have families, wives and kids, and know the consequences for them if they are rotting in prison. So make a few examples, and the rest will fall in line.

Go read the whole thing, though, because Morefield provides more evidence than I have outlined here.  It is a well thought out piece, and fits in with the Leftists playbook, which is to make so many laws, rules and regulations, that everybody can be put in jail for anything they might do, if it suits the current powers.

Next up is a piece at the American Thinker by Jeffrey T. Brown entitled Gun Owners Are Being Blamed for the Failures of Liberalism. My only nit pick here is that the author politely calls Leftists, meaning some flavor of Communist, Socialist, Fascist, National Socialist, Progressive, or down right totalitarian scumbag, "liberals." The in truth are not liberals. This is just the sheep's clothing they wrapped themselves in for a while until we caught on and turned "liberal" into a dirty word.

...Take a breath...

Brown is correct that millions of gun owners, concealed carriers, NRA members, and gun rights activists who didn't kill anyone are being smeared in the press for somehow enabling the scumbag murder who shot up Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School.  Meanwhile, the scumbag murder, the Broward County Sheriff, and the FBI, who are responsible, are somehow left off the hook.
Liberalism is largely a process of adopting illogical and factually invalid positions and then artificially placing blame on its opponents when policies based on those positions inevitably fail. For the blame to bear fruit, it is necessary for people of good conscience to be fooled into believing that their actions and beliefs are bad for society and have brought about shameful consequences. At the same time, it is necessary for people whose consciences have already been deformed and co-opted by the faux morality of liberalism to be conditioned to think fellow citizens, who have caused no actual harm but hold contrary views, are evil.
In order for leftists to succeed, lawful gun-owners must be tricked into going along with this illusion. Unfortunately for the left, people who are serious enough to decide to accept the responsibility of careful stewardship of firearms are not stupid enough to ignore that we are living in a cesspool entirely of the left's making. Not surprisingly, mature, responsible gun-owners have declined the left's invitation to be caricatured and smeared as the scapegoats for where liberalism has taken us as a culture. As serious people, they don't have much capacity for irrational, emotionally unhinged accusers pointing their fingers at those who not only did not cultivate the environment that has bred mass shooters, but also do not provide such people from their own ranks. The phenomena of unhinged "mass shooters" and the predictably vulnerable environments where they carry out their evil are unique byproducts of liberalism and its failures.
Generally speaking, law-abiding gun-owners are of a different time and culture. They are anachronistic. To lawfully own a firearm is a commitment to timeless principles of maturity, personal responsibility, individual freedom, and civic awareness. It is a trust, a right possessed by free people who exercise their freedom carefully and mindfully. It is not a masculine exercise, as men and women exemplify these qualities equally in their lawful ownership of firearms. It is rather a uniquely American exercise, which is why the left fully loathes it. When liberal commentators spontaneously declare themselves gun-owners for effect, it is unlikely that they are telling the truth, because the philosophical underpinnings of American gun ownership are anathema to them. In everything else they do, they shun and disclaim the America of individualism, honor and integrity. They show no other willingness in their words or actions to reject their liberal brethren so totally as to own what their paganism declares an object possessed of evil powers.

As gun owners, we need to fight this battle on two fronts.  The first is cultural.  We need to provide those coming after us with the same sense of maturity, responsibility, and civic awareness that we have acquired.  These qualities do not come by osmosis, but by a combination of teaching, and demonstrating these qualities.  Children need to see us carrying out these principles in our daily lives.  We have to show ourselves doing these things, as well as explaining why we do them.  In a fallen world, we may need a gun to defend ourselves, and protect those we love.

But we must be ever vigilant to stop attempts to infringe our right to arms whenever  and wherever they pop up.  The Parkland murders were just the opportunity the Leftists were looking for, and the number of bills before Congress and State legislatures, and the lengths these bills would go to, is incredible.  These need to be fought, and the best way to fight them is through an organization such as Gun Owners of America (GOA).  GOA in particular has a very sophisticated alert system combined with a way for you to send emails and call your Representatives and Senators.  Your State organization may have the same thing.  In our State it is the Grass Roots North Carolina. At the gun show, many say they don't want to become members because they "don't want to be on a list."  I can understand, but frankly, if you are a gun owner, somewhere along the way someone has put you on a list.  That ship has sailed.  You are protecting yourself and your family more by becoming a gun rights activist than by trying to keep your head down.

St. George Tucker, in his Blackstone's Commentaries states:
This may be considered as the true palladium of liberty. . . . The right of self defence is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any colour or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction. In England, the people have been disarmed, generally, under the specious pretext of preserving the game: a never failing lure to bring over the landed aristocracy to support any measure, under that mask, though calculated for very different purposes. True it is, their bill of rights seems at first view to counteract this policy: but the right of bearing arms is confined to protestants, and the words suitable to their condition and degree, have been interpreted to authorise the prohibition of keeping a gun or other engine for the destruction of game, to any farmer, or inferior tradesman, or other person not qualified to kill game. So that not one man in five hundred can keep a gun in his house without being subject to a penalty.
The Second Amendment is the only way we can hope to remain free, to be citizens rather than subjects.