Wednesday, July 28, 2021

For the Left, Every Day is Opposite Day

 Why is it that the Left always accuses the other side of doing what they are in fact doing, or in this case of having done what the Democrats in fact did. At FullMagNews is an article where the ACLU Claims that the 2A has Racist Roots.

The American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) is now claiming that the 2nd Amendment has its roots in racism and was inserted into the Constitution as a way to protect slavery.
On a recent episode of the ACLU’s “At Liberty” podcast, historian Carol Anderson and professor Charles Howard who is a professor of African American Studies at Emory University claimed that “anti-blackness” played a role in the decision to include the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.
According to Carol Anderson, the lack of gun safety laws in the United States can be directly attributed to “the power of anti-blackness.” This is the same “anti-blackness” that is enshrined in the constitution according to Anderson and Howard.
Unfortunately, this "lawyer" is spouting absolutely ahistorical balderdash.  If you read the writings of the founders on the Second Amendment there is no mention one way or the other about blacks or slaves.  Indeed, the right predates the Constitution by hundreds of years.  It was one of the Rights of Englishmen.  Indeed, the notion that blacks were somehow "subhuman" came up after the Constitution was written and was a way for the Democrats to justify the keeping of blacks as slaves, in the face of abolitionist arguments to end the  practice.

What the Second Amendment was about was the people having the ability to defend themselves against a tyrannous government.  The Founders were not wild eyed revolutionaries.  They fully understood that any government, no matter how the power was dispersed, could become tyrannical.  Having just thrown of such a government, they wanted to provide that the government would fear the people.  That the Second Amendment remains relevant is why the Left so despises it.  It is why they make up preposterous lies to try to discredit it.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

After Flynn, Can Military Leaders Grow a Pair?

 Also, today, over at Kurt Schlichter has a guest post, written by a Navy officer entitled The Generals New Clothes: Transgender Policy and the Willful Demoralization of the American Military. Of course, as I have explained elsewhere, there is no such thing as being "transgendered." Just because you mutilate yourself doesn't change your DNA. Please go read, and consider the whole article. Think about what it means for our defense.

I’m a naval officer who’s spent the last 15 years on active duty. In that time, much has changed. Today I’m required to affirm that a man who has had his penis turned inside out or a woman who’s cut off her breasts has actually become a member of the opposite sex in order to keep my job. Let’s look beyond the “ick” factor and grapple with what’s really going on.
For those of you in the civilian world, it really is hard to explain the magnitude of god-like fear, awe, and respect these men command, to say nothing of the material rewards. If you don't think those are powerful hooks sunk deep into their skin, think again. They've spent lifetimes scraping and sweating to get where they are, and they're not eager to see it disturbed.
So when policies like those recently issued by the DoD demanding everyone play along with the delusions of the mentally ill are issued – preferred pronouns and all – none of them says a word. Worse yet, they've been trained to pretend they agree. What began with an oath to "support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic" has become a luxuriant career that makes them wealthy, stages them for yet more lucrative follow-on careers, and stokes their egos into bonfires.
The only thing worse than men crazy enough to believe this nonsense is men cowardly enough to pretend they do. And that's precisely what they're doing. They're pretending in order to protect the careers they love so dearly.
Let's be clear: if you believe a man can become a woman, you suffer from a psychological disorder on par with those in the throes of gender dysphoria, only you have no excuse. They are genuinely unwell; you have merely been deceived.
Furthermore, if you genuinely believe that men and women can mutilate their genitals, change their clothes, and become the opposite sex, you are unfit for military service. At any rank, in any position. Full stop.
You must be wondering if there is a solution. Unfortunately, the author doesn't have an easy solution. Rather, he points to the effect of what is taking place:
So what’s behind all of this? Why are we being required to lie? Demoralization.
The Soviets mastered the art of demoralization: forcing people to tell lies they knew were lies, knowing that each lie you tell chips away at your moral standing until, having become complicit in the deception, you have no moral standing left at all. If history has taught us anything, it’s that those bought off by comfort and devoid of moral fortitude are ready tools in the devil’s hand.
So, we know what is behind this. The Chinese are attempting to win the war without firing a shot, as Sun Tzu instructed. And our politicians who seem to be in China's pocket, are aiding and abetting the Chinese in this endeavor. What it will take is our military leaders to grow a pair?  I realize General Mike Flynn was a deliberate lesson to any others who might speak out.  He was bankrupted and his family threatened.  And I realize that I am asking people who have a lot to lose to put that wealth on the line, knowing what was done to Flynn.  But if we are going to survive, it must be done.

Saving Our Liberty and Freedom

 So, we are back on masks again, as the CDC, no less, is considering making mask mandates a thing again.  Today at the American Thinker, Alexsandar Markovic has an article entitled When It Comes to Masks, Physics Will Always Trump Politics. Please go read the whole article as it is both interesting and true. And the more of us who know the truth, and speak out, the better. It takes overcoming some fear, perhaps, but when you do, you will often find that others agree with you.

What I want to talk about is the physics of masks. Remember that the virus is extremely small, while the pores in the typical cloth mask are large enough to be visible to the naked eye.

If they must ignore reality while imposing a fantasy on others, they’ll do it. It’s necessary to bear in mind, however, a simple axiom: sooner or later reality trumps everything else, every time. What follows is real.
The CCP-virus’s diameter ranges from 60-150 nanometers (nm = billionth of a meter). As a basis of comparison, the thinnest hair on your head is about 80,000 nm. That’s over 600 times the mean diameter of the CCP-virus (120 nm). We’re talking small.
A mask that’s effective against the CCP-virus must reliably stop the passage of 120 nm objects. This is no mean task. Such a mask will likely not be made of everyday materials nor be fabricated using common methods. It will have to be fitted and worn carefully to maintain its integrity against such minuscule particles. It will have to be maintainable in order to guarantee its effectiveness over time or be inexpensive enough to replace when its efficacy lapses.
Now, let's look at typical cloth masks, you know the type that most people wear.
A strand of cotton -- not a thread, but a strand from which threads are spun -- consists of numerous cotton fibers. Cotton is absorbent due to the abundant space between these fibers. The spaces vary between these fibers from tens to hundreds of times larger than the CCP-virus. It should go without saying, but does not anymore, that the CCP-virus can readily pass through these between-fibers spaces.
It follows that the same virus can readily traverse the even larger spaces between cotton strands that are spun into cotton thread. These cotton threads are, in turn, woven together into cloth used in non-surgical masks. The spaces between the threads in that cloth are visible to the naked eye and are, comparatively speaking, multi-lane freeways to the CCP-virus.
Therefore, to believe non-surgical cloth masks can stop the passage of 120 nm particles like the CCP-virus is not rational. In a marvelously Orwellian statement, the CDC’s guidance on wildfires advises that “cloth masks used to slow the spread of COVID-19 offer little protection against wildfire smoke.” As the smallest smoke particle’s size is at least four times greater than the CCP-virus a mask that provides little protection against smoke particles provides less from the CCP-virus.
Now, while I do believe that Leftists are to some degree mentally ill, and do entertain a great deal if cognitive dissonance, even they can't really believe in masks, can they? People with medical degrees? Interestingly, I have been perplexed by this almost from the beginning. Something else must be going on. Interestingly, Eric Utter has a post at the American Thinker today entitled Coercion, Covid, and Free Will that argues that what is at stake is power - pure, raw power.
At any rate, I've thought a lot about this in recent days, and I've come to this conclusion regarding the tyrannical attempts to coerce us all into ceding sovereignty over our own bodies: it is primarily a big test — probably the final one — issued by those in power to see if there are still limits as to what they can force Americans to do. For if they can succeed in wresting our health decisions away from us, if they can take away our choice, if they can force us to submit to allowing an unvetted foreign substance into our persons to act in a way that cannot be now known on the very genes of which we are composed, they will know there is nothing they can't do to us.
Ironically, if they can get the vast majority of citizens to renounce progressives' decades-old mantra of "my body, my choice," they will know they have won. (They will never acknowledge that the mantra, as progressives meant it, ignored the killing of an innocent baby and therefore was a priori nonsensical and evil.)
If our elected officials, media, academicians, and Deep State masters can get enough people to do as they say, regardless of personal cost-benefit analysis or impact on their current and future freedoms and autonomy, they will then know they can finally take away our Second Amendment rights with impunity as well. They will be emboldened to take away our guns and our ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones. They will have robbed us of our free will.
We must resist if we are to save our liberty and freedom.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Socialist Democrats Want To Outsource The Infringement of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

 During the Obama administration, the United Nations passed something called the Arms Trade Treaty.  John Kerry signed it for the United States, but it was never ratified by the Senate.  Trump "unsigned" the treaty, but the Senate never sent it back to the White House.  Now the ATT is coming back to haunt us. Ammoland has the story on what might happen at UN Arms Trade Treaty, The Biden Occupation, and the American People

Will the Senate give its approval so Biden can make the U.S. a Signatory State? Probably not, because our Constitution requires a two-thirds vote, of the Senate, when it comes to treaties.


We understand that American Socialist Democrats have given up any semblance of truth and moral behavior. They have shown a propensity for illegal acts in order to get their way. They have no goal, but to take control of our country, and we gun owners lay directly in their path.
Having our own government infringing the right to keep and bear arms is bad enough. While I have hopes that the Supremes may...MAY...defend that right, there are no guarantees. But to have our government outsource the infringing of our rights to foreign governments is to add insult to injury. But it fits with the modus operandi of the socialist democrats.

Masks for the Vaccinated?

The Epoch Times reports that Fauci says the CDC is considering mask mandates for vaccinated people. My first thought is that these people must truly be insane. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Masks did not stop of even slow the virus before. No reason to believe it will now. And of course they really are not following the science. The virus is perhaps 40 nm, while the pores in masks are 1,000 times bigger. Stopping the virus with a mask is like trying to stop mosquito bites by building a chain link fence.

What I think this is about is imposing a vaccine passport on the country. Vaccine passports are a step on the way to the "papers please" police state. We know they want this, but so far they can not justify it. But, by scaring people with the Delta variant, which while it is more contagious, is less deadly, they hope to impose some sort of vaccine passport. Show your papers or wear a mask. And don't notice that showing identification is racist when it is for purposes of voting. Vaccine passports is a way for the tyrants to introduce social credit to the American public.

To Rescue the American Dream from Bully Corporations, We Need Better Trade Policies

 You need to watch the entire 40 minutes of Chris Bedford at The Federalist entitled Can We Rescue the American Dream form Bully Corporations. Here is the money quote:

Bedford argued the need to focus on tax and trade policies.
“Why corporations are treated better than partnerships and family businesses. Why capital is treated better than labor, our labor. Why Brazil and Canada are given preference to American ranchers. Why Chinese manufacturing is treated the same way we are. Why Facebook and Google can say we’re global companies, not American companies while benefiting from all of our order, all of our systems, all of our education,” he said.
“Why any other company can benefit from every single aspect of us and all of the trade and then move all over their manufacturing abroad, overseas, choose foreign slave labor, and then use our Navy to get those products shipped back safely on freights to sell to us at lower costs to buy welfare and food stamps,” he said.
Look, many of these policies amount to nothing more than legal theft. When the government uses its taxing power to take from you and me, and give those funds to others to buy votes, that is theft. When corporations are treated better than the American people by the government, as Bedford says, that is also theft. The United States Navy, for example, costs taxpayers billions of dollars. Having corporations using that to get their goods back from China is theft. Then there is the idea that American corporations using slave labor in China to circumvent higher American wages. When these companies get their stuff made in China by what they know is slave labor, and then sell that back in the United States, they are breaking the antislavery laws, if not in fact, then certainly in spirit. When American businesses push for open borders because illegals will charge less for their labor, that is also if not directly slavery, certainly exploitive.

Interestingly, I have had a very real change of heart over the years. 20 years ago, I had more of a libertarian ideology. I would have been very comfortable with Ayn Rand's philosophy. But Ayn Rand was an atheist, and her philosophy is souless.  And I looked at the idea of having countries that had cheaper labor performing labor intensive work as making sense.  And it does in a purely logical way of thinking,

But I am a Christian, and the God of creation loves people, not money. Money of course is necessary as a means of exchange, as a tool, in other words, but what is important is people, always. And more specifically, it is individuals. The greatest good for the greatest number of people is not our God's concept. God is not collective.  Rather, God, who knew each of us before the world began, wants the best for each of us, which we achieve by following his Laws. This makes slavery and exploitation of people immoral. Indeed, the Bill of Rights reflects as well as any document the essence of a governing document that follows God's plan for us. It was truly an inspired document.

Update: Please also watch Tucker Carlson Today. Tucker Carlson seems to be a moral conservative, and interviews interesting people.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Courage Is Like Muscle

 So, last evening a couple of us were on the way to the archery range, when the subject of the so-called "transgendered" came up.  I stated that in my opinion, there are no such things as the "transgendered" because one's sex is determined at conception.  No matter how much people may mutilate themselves with sex change surgery, their DNA will always remain what they are.  Given that transgenderism isn't real, I refuse to refer to people by their supposed "preferred pronouns" because unless these agree with common English usage, they are often made up terms that also have no basis in reality.  My companion was somewhat shocked.  She felt that the polite thing was to go along with the mad.  I pointed out that this was just enabling them in their mental illness, and that enabling was doing no favors to those truly suffering from this metal illness.

Interestingly, Joy Pullman has a post at The Federalist today entitled Wokenss Means Forcing Everyone to Live Inside the Prison of Mental Illness.

What is at the core of insanity? It is quite simply the refusal to acknowledge or attempt to befit oneself to reality. It is imprisoning yourself inside your own mind’s fantasies about what the world ought to be, what you want it to be, instead of what it truly is.
This is easily apparent in any sustained encounter with America’s homeless, most of whom are quite obviously mentally ill. It is also often apparent in any sustained encounter with someone for whom leftist politics functions as a religion.
One senses in such encounters the uncanny eerieness of having somehow entered an internally closed loop, a spiral from which there is no escape, and the assumptions underneath it are absolutely not up for question. The assumptions are many, they are often vague and undefined, and they are unquestionable. Try, and you risk being viciously attacked.
There are also the demands that not just the unstable individual but those he encounters be forced to conform to his reality instead of actual reality. Many kind and decent people go along with the initial demands because they seem relatively trifling and, at a surface level, to possibly ease another’s suffering. Wear a mask. Overlook that tent pitched next to the playground. Put an unaccompanied minor into the U.S. foster care system.
Now, my companion for the evening is a kind and decent person, and she is also someone who doesn't want to confront anyone and have trouble. Unfortunately, taking this "go along to get along" attitude is to take the cowards way out. But one improves one's own self respect by holding the line, and insisting that people observe reality and don't fall into enabling the lunacy around them. Remember that each individual can only control him or her self, but showing some backbone may help others to be more courageous too. I find that courage is like a muscle. You need to exercise it to have it when you need it.