Thursday, February 22, 2024

Mocking Our So-called "Elite"

 I wanted to bring gentle readers' attention to the article by J. B. Shurk at the American Thinker today entitled Of Course We Should Mock the State. Shurk usually packs his articles with with so many important fact that one is at a loss as to which to highlight. But your humble correspondent will do his best to find some nuggets of pure gold out of a pile of 10 carot nuggets.

Every once in a while, Big Government globalists inadvertently tell the truth. It’s usually not because they’re dumb, but because they’re so entombed inside their own dystopian cocoons that they forget how crazy they might sound to reasonable, well adjusted people. The World Economic Forum is filled with giddy zealots who have no idea how insane their plans for global domination sound to the wider population because the WEF’s psychopathic members are universally eager to depopulate the planet; cage the survivors; and drip-feed their human pets with a cocktail of drugs, bugs, and propaganda. Ordinary people look at Klaus Schwab and see Dr. Evil. WEF-fers see Commie Klaus as a shiny-headed (perhaps reflecting so much bright light as to be downright Luciferian) globalist god. While Davos devotees yearn for a “new world order,” prudent Westerners are thinking about how to end the WEF’s madness before it abruptly ends them.

I have commented on more than one occasion that Klaus Schwab looks the part of Dr. Evil in the Mike Myers comedy. So mocking him is easy. But more than that, it is the plethora of foolish svengalis surrounding him that make the whole World Economic Forum a laughing stock to those of us here. And the fact that our trashy so-called "elites" seem to be working to put his absolutely idiotic and impractical plans into place starts to get people here a little upset.

Ever since Obama’s election, the effort to bulldoze America and rebuild on its rubble a compliant nexus point for the WEF’s coercive Borg to dominate the West has picked up speed. Unaccountable bureaucrats and politicians in Washington don’t even pretend to respect the will of voters anymore. Strong majorities of Americans have said resoundingly: close and secure the borders, stop spending money that you do not have, end widespread warrantless surveillance, stop censoring public debate, stop distorting the law to punish dissenting voices, safeguard elections from mail-in ballot fraud, and stop funneling money to foreign regimes that use that money to attack the United States. The hive-mind Borg in D.C. has told the American people to go suck an egg. The federal government’s targeted abuse of Americans has been an eye-opening experience for many.
Consider this question: when is the last time you can remember an Establishment politician trying to unite Americans behind common history and principles, irrespective of background or race? It’s been many years, has it not? Why is that? Because the current power structure of the U.S. government depends upon keeping Americans fiercely divided.
The moment a large coalition of Americans come together to tackle common obstacles is the moment that the small “ruling class” of political elites (across all three branches and the vast, unconstitutional administrative State) get tossed to the curb. From D.C.’s point of view, the scariest thing about Donald Trump is that his policies make sense to an amazingly diverse cross-section of the American people. In his wake, the political class’s usual attempt to pour salt in old racial wounds has become less effective. That’s why we now hear so much about the scourge of “Christian nationalism.” The attempt to use religious discrimination as a new wedge to divide society is an admission that the Deep State is desperate for a new boogeyman.
As a Christian who does not have an irrational fear of nation states, I always think, “Better to be a Christian nationalist than a globalist child-groomer, amirite?” What those who seek to divide us are really saying through the use of this Christian dog whistle is that people who believe in personal freedom, the Bill of Rights, and the Bible are somehow “white supremacist” Nazis. That’s a pretty hard sell when WEF-fers are the biggest Nazis operating today.

I have said, often without explanation, that one can not be a Christian and a leftist. Perhaps I should qualify that. But before I do, I should also note that Leftist is a broad term encompassing Communist, Facsist, Progressives, Liberals and generally collectivists. A Christian is someone who, besides subcribing to the tenets of Christianity, namely the creeds, the Trinity, the inerrancy of the Bible and so forth, attempts to follow the Laws of God as described in the Torah. But nobody gets them perfectly, which is why God sent his Son into the world to live as one of us, take the sins of the world onto himself and die an atoning death for us all. Praise be to Christ! Leftists want to ignore that the killing of once own children, whether in the womb or after birth is murder. It is right there in the Torah. Leftists want us to celebrate gay and lesbian lifestyles. But it is an abomination. It says so right there in the Torah. So, chose, Leftists: your politics or God's law. There can be no compromise.

I urge you to read the whole article, and to think of ways we can mock those who want to rule over us.  Make fun of them personally.  Make fun of Schwab, who does look like central casting for Dr. Evil.  Make fun of John Kerry, who besides not knowing anything about climate science, has a horse face.  When an Obama calls you a bitter clinger to guns and religion, take pride, for to be called despicable by those who are despicable is a badge of honor.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Fascists Never Sleep

 Finally this tid-bit from the American Thinker by Olivia Murray: Calicrats fixing to require insurers to obtain information about personal firearms, then turn the information over to the Daddy Gov. This, in case you don't know it, is straight up fascism.

Murray first makes the distinction that the 2nd Amendment does not grant Americans the right to bear arms in self defense. Rather, it recognizes the pre-existing right granted by God. Then she goes on to talk about the proposal to use insurance companies to develop a registry of firearm owners throughout the state. Lying to insurance companies negates the policy, and since most people are required to carry homeowner's insurance on their property by their mortgage companies, they capture most of the firearms.

The bill, AB 3067, says: ‘This bill would require an insurer, by January 1, 2026, to include questions on an application for homeowners’ or renters’ insurance seeking specified information regarding the presence and storage of any firearms kept in the household, accessory structures, or vehicles kept on the property subject to any applicable insurance policy.’
Here are the questions from the text of the bill itself, via Hawkins:
In addition to existing regulations, an application for homeowners’ or renters’ insurance shall include questions regarding all of the following:
(1) Whether there are firearms kept in the household, including in any accessory structures, and if so, how many.
(2) Whether the firearm, if any, is stored in a locked container in the home, including any accessory structures, while not in use.
(3) The number of firearms kept in a vehicle located on the property subject to the applicable insurance policy, and if any, whether they are stored securely in a locked container while not in use.
Mind you, these are the same Democrats who think law enforcement asking about a person’s citizenship status, or an employer asking a job candidate if he/she has a criminal history, are unacceptable lines of inquiry. The state just wants to know if you have guns or gun safes and how many, and how you store said firearms—for your safety of course!
It seems fascists never sleep.

Maybe We Should Take A Page Out of Finland's Playbook?

 One of the purposes of the Second Amendment is defense, and that is stated in the Bill of Rights as: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." So, the citizens in the United States can own and carry arms for their own defense, the defense of the state, and other lawful purposes. Switzerland has a long history of using private ownership of arms for the same purpose, though they don't have an equivalent to the Second Amendment.

Now Finland Promotes National Security By Building Ranges and Encouraging Armed Citizens according to Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms. This at a time when here in the U.S. we see the government trying to nullify the 2nd Amendment and eliminating our God given rights.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms isn't just about our individual ability to act in self-defense or defense of others. As the Founders knew, the body of the people capable of bearing arms (otherwise known as the unorganized militia) is necessary to the security of a free state as well. Second Amendment attorneys Chuck Michel and Kostas Moros have done an excellent job of laying out the arguments of the Founding Generation in their recent law review article entitled Restrictions "Our Ancestors Would Never Have Accepted": The Historical Case Against Assault Weapon Bans, but the government of Finland has also given us a very important reminder that, even today, individual gun ownership serves as a check on tyranny and as a means of ensuring that a free people stay that way.
"Finland plans to open more than 300 new shooting ranges to encourage more citizens to take up the hobby in the interest of national defence."
"It is hoped that shooting in the Nordic country – which last year became Nato’s newest member and which shares a 830-mile (1,330km) border with Russia – could become as popular as football or ice hockey."
"There are about 670 shooting ranges in Finland, down from about 2,000 at the turn of the century. By 2030, the government plans to increase the number to about 1,000."
"Jukka Kopra, a National Coalition party MP and the chair of Finland’s defence committee, told the Guardian: “The present government aims to increase the amount of shooting ranges in Finland from roughly 600-700 up to 1,000. This is because of our defence model, which benefits from people having and developing their shooting skills on their own.”

So, Finland is taking a page out of the United States' playbook. Perhaps the United States should take the same page itself?

Are California Lawmakers Insane?

So, when I saw this headline at Bearing Arms by Tom Knighton, entitled California Gun Control Fails to Stop Man From Accumulating Massive Arsenal, I had to check, because according to California law enforcement, I have a "massive" arsenal. I read at one time that you should have around 500 rounds for every handgun you may have. I have strived to live up to that, and throughout various shortages due to Democrat administrations, the policy has served me well.

But for once, the California cops were right. This guy had a truly impressive arsenal. The only problem was that it was obtained illegally. Which is Knighton's point. All the laws that California has passed and continues to pass in the name of keeping guns out of the hands of the criminal did not prevent this guy form accumulating a really massive number of guns and rounds of ammunition, including some actual machine guns.

While many of us have a number of firearms, we never really have enough. If I had my way, I'd have enough of an arsenal to outfit a few divisions of troops. Not because I need them but simply because I can.
I love living in the land of the free.
Yet our friends in California often refer to themselves as living in occupied territory. That's because the gun laws there are so strict. The idea of massive quantities of firearms isn't completely dead there, but it's difficult.
Those laws, we're told, are meant to keep people from getting guns illegally.
Yet an arrest there kind of makes it clear how little these laws are doing in that regard.
"A man was arrested in Richmond after 214 illegally owned guns and about one million rounds of ammo were found, along with thousands of more gun parts.


"In total, authorities seized 11 military-style machine guns, 133 handguns, 37 rifles, 60 assault rifles, 7 shotguns, 20 silencers, and 4 flare guns, and around one million rounds of ammunition of different calibers."

And yet, California continues to add laws, rules, and regulations to the hundreds already in existence. Einstein is reported to have noted that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity. Are California lawmakers insane?

Monday, February 19, 2024

Exposing the CIA

 Victoria White Berger has a post at the American Thinker today entitled Shellenberger exposes Obama's CIA. It contains much that has already been reported, and connects the dots on some things that may not have been clear. For example, what was the Mar-A-Lago raid REALLY about?

I encourage you to read Berger's entire post.

Kurt Schlichter on Tucker Carlson's Interview with Putin

 At today, Kurt Schlichter has an essay entitled Tucker Carlson Is A Convenient Distraction For Our Failed Elite. Frankly, I personally think Schlichter is too kind to our "elite," which term should be enclosed in scare quotes wherever it occurs. Schlichter notes that Carlson went to Russia to interview Vladamir Putin and let him explain himself. If there was any fault, it was not with Carlson, who was only doing his job, but with Putin, who was shown to be a fabulist, and with our so-called "elite" who think we are too stupid to see the man for who and what he is. Or maybe they are afraid we might see too much of him in them?

Vladimir Putin set up Tucker Carlson by murdering Alexis Navalny just days after Tucker‘s controversial visit to Moscow and interview. That’s what happens when a scorpion rides on your back – it’s going to sting you to death even if it’s riding you across the river and will end up drowning itself, too. But the frenzy over Tucker Carlson‘s visit is still massively overblown, and the intensity of it by the ruling class is less an indication of righteous indignation than an attempt to distract from modern America’s shortcomings. Tucker Carlson is not correct in all his details, but Tucker Carlson is correct that our ruling class has completely abandoned, and oppresses, the people it presumes to lead. He’s right to point that out, and he should keep pointing that out.
Tucker Carlson’s not a personal friend – I met him once (at fellow Townhall agitator Derek Hunter’s wedding to the lovely Heather) and did a couple of media hits with him years ago, and he was very pleasant. Others who know him better call him a radical contrarian, but swear by him as a loyal and thoughtful person. There’s one thing that can’t honestly be disputed. Tucker Carlson is an American patriot. Members of our ruling elite will recoil in horror at that reality, but the fact is that they equate patriotism with obedience and respect for themselves, not for America itself. Tucker has neither. He incites our trash ruling class by speaking undeniable truths, like: “Every leader kills people, including my leader. Some kill more than others. Leadership requires killing people.” He sees clearly the failures of our own establishment even as he’s accused of being blind to the failures of foreign dictators.

So, Schlichter confirms that Carlson is a good guy, if sometimes mistaken. Well, who isn't sometimes mistaken on some subject or another. According to Mrs. PolyKahr, I am mistaken about nearly everything, so your humble correspondent is, if anything, humble. In the next paragraph, if it wasn't already obvious, he declares Putin a murderous scum-bag. No surprise there either. I was once asked by a subject of Russia if I respected Putin. I said, "Yes, I respect him as I do a rattle snake."

Having set the table, he goes on to the heart of his essay: namely that Carlson is angry, and many of his viewers are angry too, that America has been brought low on purpose. This was and is intentional, and Carlson, being a patriot, is mad as hell, and you should be too.

As I have said before, the greatest foreign policy disaster of the last three decades has been the alienation of Russia from the West. That didn’t have to happen. Our ruling class, in its arrogance and greed and ideological blindness, helped make it happen. That’s not to say the Russians are not to blame too. It’s a nation of thieves. But we Americans can only control what we do, and we let cheap domestic politics drive our Russia policy. All this elite hatred of Russia used to be unfashionable. Once upon a time, our cosmopolitan elite loved the Russians – remember that horrible Sting song? It was the Neanderthals who opposed Russia. Then Donald Trump came along, and calling him a Russian puppet became politically useful, so suddenly Russia became bad, and American strategic objectives be damned.
That’s an indictment of our own failed elites. And they haven’t just failed on Russia. They have failed in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya, and on and on and on. How about our open border? How about the pandemic? How about the mutilation of kids and DEI and Soros prosecutors? On and on it goes. Has anyone ever been held responsible for these failures? Has anyone in the elite paid a price? Who is the guy who got fired over any of this? Thousands dead, millions impoverished, and our elite shrugs and goes on to the next disaster. That’s what angers Tucker Carlson and the many millions of people who see the world as he does. It should anger them. And it should anger you, too.
Tucker Carlson does not love dictators – if he did, he’d be another rump-sniff trailing our garbage elite. When Tucker Carlson points out that the Moscow subway is beautiful, he’s not saying that Russia is great. He’s asking us why the subways in our capital are urine-soaked hellholes full of lowlifes and criminals. And why the hell are they? We’re supposed to be the greatest country on earth. Lord knows our elite believes it’s the greatest group of people who have ever blessed our planet. Yet you can’t walk 30 feet in the DC subway without stepping in hobo droppings. Tucker is not saying America should be more like Russia. Tucker is saying America should be more like America. We used to build great things, do great things, be a great nation. But look around you – all you see are filth and crime, degeneracy and social pathologies. Where is our ruling class when some street thug is beating citizens in the streets? It’s on MSNBC complaining that Tucker Carlson is a treasonous traitor of treachery for pointing out how our would-be masters suck.
No, what Tucker Carlson is is angry. He’s angry because we can do better. He’s angry because we should do better. He’s angry because we’re not doing better, and it looks intentional. When Tucker goes to a Russian supermarket and looks at the prices, he may be inartful, but he’s got a point – the prices at our supermarkets are crushing normal Americans. That’s the issue, not the aesthetics. But the aesthetics are always what they want to talk about because if they talk about the substance, people might wake up.

Gentle readers can read the entire post. Schlichter has scored a bullseye here. He has precisely captured what Carlson intended. The American people should be able to see and hear Putin, and any other person without interference from our so-called "elite." Attempts to censor them are not only morally wrong, legally wrong, but Un-American and Unconstitutional. Carlson is right, we can and should do better

The Left Goes Berserk Over Study That Shows Their Narrative Is B.S.

 I have several pieces to highlight today, in no particular order.  Starting here though, is an article at by Matt Vespa entitled 'All Hell Breaks Loose' Harvard Professor Recalls One Study That Caused the Left the (sic) Implode. I am not surprised because the Left is in part a machine to generate outrage on cue. Cartoonist Al Capp had it right when he came up with the "Students Wildly Indignant About Nearly Everything" or S.W.I.N.E. In this case, the Harvard professor, who is black, by the way, did a study to find out if police shootings were indeed caused by bias against blacks. The upshot was they could find no racial bias. To make sure, he repeated the study with different researchers, to find the same thing.

Harvard professor Roland Fryer conducted a study that was timely and thought-provoking at a time when officer-involved shootings have become a media beat that’s not interested in the truth but a way for over-educated pseudo commentators to offer lectures about white supremacy and police overreach. Remember, these shootings are part of a covert genocide against black men. More often than not, the police’s use of deadly force turns out to be justifiable. Fryer opted to do a study on whether there were racial biases in these shootings. His study suggested race was not a factor, which caused everyone to lose their minds. Being a thorough scholar, he redid the study and hired a new team of researchers. The results were the same.
Fryer has come back into the news after he sat down with former New York Times editorial writer Bari Weiss, who also fled due to her former place of employment becoming an illiberal cesspool. Fryer said his study would ruin his career. He was forced to obtain armed security due to the backlash. You could say Fryer was canceled after sexual misconduct allegations were lobbed against him, which caused him to be suspended and close his research department. Then-President Claudine Gay said of these allegations, "The totality of these behaviors is a clear violation of institutional norms and a betrayal of the trust."

You will want to read the whole article, of course, and please click on the embedded video. It is telling that the Left doesn't want to have anything like an academic study get in the way of a good narrative.