Thursday, October 29, 2020

If Your Goal Is To Bring About A Socialist Tyranny, Universal Masking Works Great

 More evidence that universal masking does not work, at least to prevent Covid-19, is provided by a piece at The Federalist by Yinon Weiss entitled These 12 Graphs Show Masks Mandates Do Not Stop Covid. Yesterday, a coworker drove up, alone in her car, but when she saw me, she grabbed a mask and put it to her face. Another man, also a coworker, drove alone from his home to work wearing a mask. What, or who, did he think he was protecting by wearing a mask? Each of course believes what the news constantly drills into their heads, that masks stop the virus, if only we would wear them. So they wear them as a magic talisman, like making the sign of the Cross supposedly wards off vampires.

Unfortunately, what they are hearing and believing is a lie. As the hyperlinked article shows, masks do not stop the Covid. But, masks do have a number of ill effects. The worst of these ill effects is that people who believe in masks become complacent about taking rational precautions for themselves.  Then there are the dehumanizing of everyone by covering most of their faces.  Remember that in socialism, the people are termed "the masses."  And it affects their way of thinking about people as interchangeable widgets in a machine, as opposed to individuals who each have their own desires and dreams, and who uniquely contribute to society.

Masks dehumanize us, and ironically serve as a constant reminder that we should be afraid. People can now be spotted wearing masks while camping by themselves in the woods or on a solo sailing trip. They have become a cruel device on young children everywhere, kindergarten students covered by masks and isolated by Plexiglas, struggling to understand the social expressions of their peers. Face coverings are causing real harm to the American psyche, provide little to no medical benefit, and distract us from more important health policy issues.>/em>
I especially think forcing children to wear masks should be seen as child abuse. These are five, six, seven year old children for crying out loud. To expect them to vigilantly wear a mask all day is putting too much on their shoulders.

Go and look at the charts in the article.  Notice how the masks made little or no difference  in the trend lines.  This is real world data, and should be informing our governors, but it doesn't seem to be.
I noted at the beginning of this post that universal masking does not work.  That is, it does not work to prevent Covid.  But if your goal is to bring about a Socialist tyranny, they work great.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Why I Carry A Gun

 Because this is a gun blog first and foermost, it may be time to bring back an older post, entitled  Why I Carry A Gun. Support for the Second Amendment is, to me, an indicator of a person's support for the Constitution as a whole. If they are wobbly on the Second Amendment, one suspects they may be wobbly on the rest of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. But the Constitution is not like a buffet, where you can select and choose which provisions are important and which are not. Similarly, there is only one way to add words (meaning rights) to the Constitution, and that is by formally amending it. The Left, however, finds amending the Constitution to hard, so hthey have come up with the idea of the so-called "living Constitution." There is no such thing. That is why Amy Coney Barrett had to be confirmed to the Court.

Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed

 This is supposed to be a gun blog, so let's have a celebratory moment for the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.  Today, at Bearing Arms Cam Edwards has an article entitled The 2A Cases That SCOTUS Could Accept With ACB On The Bench. Please go check it out.

personally, I hope, I pray, that she will be the originalist we expect, and not become another liberal clone.

Is It Too Late?

 I need to get running, but there are two articles today worth looking at.  These articles are on two very different subjects, but they do have a larger common theme.  Can you guessed what that is?

The first article comes from Stella Morabito at The Federalist and tells us the 7 Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or Not. Unfortunately, my fellow conservatives are probably not paying attention to The Federalist, and in any case, this article comes a little late to change voting patterns. Does the average Democrat voter agree that their conservative neighbors and friends should be simply killed on the spot? The Democrat elite clearly does.

Sure, Trump talks about MS-13 as “animals,” Antifa as “thugs,” and Hillary Clinton as crooked enough to “be in jail.” His supporters know his presentation to be a bombastic and theatrical schtick, but he never threatens any group of voters.
By contrast, some ominous tones, even homicidal and terrorist tones, are coming from the mainstream left. Increasingly, through mainstream media and Big Tech, high-profile leftists are speaking openly about violence to be inflicted on Trump and all his supporters.
I’m not talking specifically about the Antifa and Black Lives Matter street violence we’ve seen in places like Denver and Portland, which includes outright murders of Trump supporters. I’m referring here to voices that normalize and promote open terror against any freedom-respecting person who has different views from those blessed by left-wing leaders, media, and Big Tech. Seven examples are included below.
Please go read what follows, please. Of course, take whatever actions you see fit to not only defend yourselves and your families, but also secure whatever supplies you think you need to survive this.

The other article comes today from by Parker Beauregard at the  American Thinker that explains one of the most disgusting things about all these people fleeing Leftist run states and cities. Namely their lack of relection. The article entitled When Leftists Hate What The Vote For. I have long railed about these people coming in and repeating their voting patterns in their new location. This has been characterized as liberals fouling their nest, and then moving and fouling their new nest. Unfortunately, when they do this, they foul other peoples nests as well.

Please read Beauregard's article as well.  My question is this:  Do these warnings come too late to impact the voting?  Indeed, are there in fact anyone left who doesn''t know for whom they are voting?

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Who Are The Real Nazis?

A number of years ago, I read a profound book by Jonah Goldberg entitled  Liberal Facism: The Secret History Of The American Left From Mussolini To The Politics of Change The title's subheading should give you an idea of when this came out. It was 2009, shortly after the first Obama administration began. Nonetheless, the book is a timeless history of Fascism and the fact that it fits into the spectrum of political thought on the Left. Indeed, I still have the book around here...somewhere.

Even though the Liberal Fascism has been out now for over a decade, and even though scholars had put a lot of this information out there since the end of World War II, a lot of people, who should know better, still claim that Fascism, and particularly the Nazi form of Fascism, are on the Right.  This especially applies to academics, the same ones who claim that the world has never really tried Marxist ideas.  but the truth is that Fascism is a Socialist ideology that differs from Communism very slightly.

All of that is to say that I was gratified to find on the  American Thinker today, and article by Emery Jones entitled With All the Nazi Talk in This Election, Who Were the Nazis? And to answer that question, Jones quotes the Nazis in their own words. Mostly he uses quotes from Joseph Goebbels, who was the Nazi propaganda master; sort of like the Nazi version of Winston Smith's Minstry of Truth.

I urge you to read Jones' hyperlinked article for the details, but the first thing to note is that the Nazis proclaimed themselves to be Revolutionary Socialists.  They were out to destroy capitalism, believing that the only thing that should be paid for was the labor that went into the making of a product.  This is not a new idea, by the way.  The Old Testament of the Bible has laws against usury, the charging of interest.  The Japanese nobility viewed the peasant class as higher than the merchant class.  What socialists seem to forget is that merchants must spend time (labor) finding the products, ensuring the products are of sufficient quality, transporting the product, advertising the product, and making the sale.  All of these services cost money.  And since the merchant likely doesn't have the money to fund this venture on his own, a market where he can find investors to provide start up funds would be extremely helpful.  And don't these investors deserve something for their risk? 

But, there are other similarities between the Nazis and the current Socialists trying to take over than just anti-capitalism.    For example, they had their own military wing, called the Storm Troopers, or Brownshirts.  Now, of course, they are Black Lives Matter organization and Antifa.  The latter ironically named considering Antifa stands for Anti Fascists.

Then there is the squashing of dissenting opinions, including Jewish scientist like Albert Einstein.  

A key characteristic of any socialist government is the control of information. Exposure to ideas that conflict with the government’s perception of the world are not tolerated. In Germany, this led to book burning ceremonies to rid the country of opposing viewpoints. The Nazis required even scientific literature to be approved by the party. Scientific discoveries from famous Jews such as Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud were included in the book burning ceremonies. Today, we are seeing the modern version of book burning: the limitation of digital dissemination of any data that aren’t approved by the Democrat party. Whether it is unapproved science like studies questioning the effectiveness of lockdowns and masks, or if it is information that may hurt the party, large monopolistic companies aligned with the Democrat party are engaged in the 2020 version of book burning.
Please, gentle reader, go and read Jones' article. And if you haven't yet, please go obtain a copy and read Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism. That's a lot of homework, but it is well worth it.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Where's the Justice, or At Least A Reasonable Facsimile Thereof?

 Deana Chadwell at the  American Thinker today has a good article on the fact that we are currently Living Without Justice and America can not long survive this situation. Mrs. Chadwell notes that even very small children have an inate sense of right and wrong, at least as it concerns themselves.

That sense of moral outrage never leaves us; it is as inherent in the human character as is the love of beauty and the need for affection. Governments exist partly to protect us from outside invaders, but more importantly to dole out justice -- to punish those who break both natural and cultural laws. That’s why we have police, why we have codified laws, why we have juries, lawyers, and prisons. Our internal compass demands that evil be held accountable.
Justice is the point at which we homo sapiens connect with God. We were created in His image, and God is perfect Justice, but the Fall, Adam and Eve’s disastrous decision, left us all with a disease of the soul that’s worse than anything COVID can do to the body. Until we agree to accept God’s arrangement for our forgiveness we are out here in a justice-deficient zone, and no amount of law will create even a reasonable facsimile.
Law can, however, keep things semi-manageable, if -- and this has turned out to be a big “if” – if those impacted by the laws of the land respect that law. If they don’t -- well, we’re seeing the result and it’s terrifying.
Mrs. Chadwell gives just one example of the current level of injustice form her home State of Oregon. That area has suffered wild fires that were actually set by an arsonist. As she points out, ha whole town has burned to the ground, and many peoples lives have been devastated. Yet the prosecutors don't seem to be interested in finding and prosecuting the crime. but she also then goes on to cite the Biden corrunption, which reminds of a crime family in which the "Big Guy" gets a cut of everything the other members of the "family" "earn." Then there is the Hilary Clinton emails, the Fast and Furious criminals, the Antifa and BLM rioters, the list goes on and on. If you are a member of a certain party, you can get away with pretty much anything, and if you are a supporter of a different may get D'Souzaed.

Chadwell points to the main issue in this two tiered injustice system; there is a lack of truth on the Left. Whether it is Global Warming, which has been recast as climate change because the truth became so obvious, or the current issue of the press studiously ignoring the Biden emails and scandal, the press has ceased to be truth tellers and have become the faithful scribes of the Democrat party.
That is because the heart of the idea of justice is truth -- absolute truth, above and beyond human frailties. We can’t have justice without truth and this progressive idea that truth is relative, adjustable, disposable, and personal makes justice impossible. District attorneys across this country are refusing to prosecute rioters because those attorneys, who are supposed to be on the side of justice, agree with the perpetrators’ twisted view of truth. You would think that justice needs to be served by punishing those who have destroyed lives and businesses and property, but if untruth rules the day, it will rule over “justice” as well.
If the left, which consistently denies truth, wins in these upcoming elections, we will see the final death throes of both justice and truth. Already, when the Hunter Biden laptop surfaced, we witnessed an almost instantaneous denial not only of the truth but of our right to decide for ourselves. The left censored that information so quickly that they couldn’t possibly have taken the time to research the allegations themselves. They took no time to analyze signatures, watch videos, look at photos, or read the emails. They just clamped down on the story, locked it in a cage hoping that the story would die just as the Benghazi story slipped quietly away, as Hillary’s email scandal dozed off to nothing, as the Russia hoax has gone unpunished. And perhaps this Biden mess will also fade, but we’d better hope not.
The moral outrage that’s boiling up all over this country is reaching a flashpoint, and whatever this election brings, the lack of truth and justice in our government -- the government that’s supposed to be protecting truth and justice -- will bring about a conflagration that’s really hard to think about. We must walk a narrow path edged on one side by the Constitution and its limits on government and on the other side by the necessity of cleaning out that government at the local, state, and national level. We can’t break the constitutional limits, but we have to weed out evil that’s sprouted because of the disdain for that Constitution. Our personal, and national, inherent demand for justice must be met, and if it is not, our society is doomed -- not just doomed to live without fairness, without protection, without freedom, but a society without those essentials will eventually collapse.
Oh, and while we are speaking of moral outrage, Bill Barr has promised us that the Durham investigation would yield some justice for the horrible coup attempt against the President. So far, it seems Durham has netted a low level FBI employee. This is like using a sledge hammer to swat a fly. Where is the justice, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof?

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The New Show Trials Coming in 1, 2, 3...

 Monica Showalter tells us, at the American Thinker yesterday that Robert Reich Vows Purges And Show Trials Of Conservatives If Biden Is Elected Reich, you will remember, is the former of Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. He is the very definition of establishment Democrat. She asks if this is what the average Democrat voter wants? Then she notes:

Well, it's what certain influential Democrats want, full blown show-trials and purges, same as the communists pioneered. Seems that equality and redistribution, don't really motivate them in the promises of socialism -- purges, show trials, Gulags and re-education camps are what get them going.
And it makes sense. Socialism has failed everywhere it's ever been tried, every time, every place, every place it's ever been practiced, people are poorer, unfreerer and less advanced than in places with capitalism. They've got a 100% record on failure for that. But where they don't have a record of failure is on a reign of terror, where neighbor spies on neighbor for a secret police, thought crimes are punished, mass imprisonment and re-education camps are a way of life, show trials appear where groveling people stand before people's commissars and profess to love what they hate and hate what they love, and the yin and yang of violence to reinforce lies and lies to cover up violence. There are also party purges to keep everyone in a state of fear.
Look, I realize that conservatives and Democrat voters may have differences in policy prescriptions. But do you, Democrat voter, want to see your friends and neighbors rounded up and put on public show trials, followed of course by execution? This has never happened in the United States. it means that people will be killed simply for thinking differently.
This ought to be a campaign issue. Democrats are plotting the worst for their GOP rivals in a bid to control all ideas, all thoughts, every straying question. As Sen. Lindsey Graham once said: "Boy y'all want power, god I hope you never get it."

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Tyrants And Their Enablers

 Daniel Greenfield at  Sultan Knish has a post that explains the Chinese lockdown and mask model failed, now its proponents need scapegoats:

The problem isn’t just the China Virus. It’s that we adopted the China Model to fight it.
Public health experts adopted China’s draconian lockdowns without knowing how well they really worked and in a country that, fortunately, lacks the power to truly enforce them.
China’s deceptiveness and lack of transparency meant that we did not know how well anything that the Communist dictatorship did to battle the virus that it spawned actually worked. Despite that, our public health experts, and those of most free countries, adopted the China Model.
We don’t know how well the China Model worked for the People’s Republic of China, but it failed in every free country that tried it. Lockdowns eventually gave way to reopenings and new waves of infection. This was always going to happen because not even the more socialist European countries have the police state or the compliant populations of a Communist dictatorship.
Desperate, the public health experts adopted China’s compulsive mask wearing, a cultural practice that predates the virus, as if wearing a few flimsy scraps of fiber would fix everything.
The problem for both the medical "experts" and the politicians that followed their prescriptions is that neither can admit that they made a mistake. They fear that admitting a mistake affect their credibility, causing people to question every pronouncement coming from their lips. But, of course, if these politicians trusted the people, rather than viewing them as rubes to be ruled, they might not have made this mistake in the first place.

Had Governor Cooper gathered businessmen, pastors, rabbis, restaurant owners and others, he ight have avoided, or at least mitigated the devastating effects of the lockdowns.  Life is, afterall, a risky business.  Safety is important, but it is not the MOST important.  

Here in North Carolina, the mini-Cuomo, Governor Cooper has weekly press conferences in which he continues to admonish people to acidulously wear masks and social distance, without real evidence.  And yet, when I go out all over the state, most people are not wearing masks except where forced to do so.  Businesses, of course, enforce Coppers pronouncements because he can pull their business license.  Otherwise, he would have no way to enforce a mask mandate.  

Yet, no one can admit that they might have been wrong:
There are only two choices left. Admit the magnitude of the mistake or find someone to blame.
The establishment that touted the experts is blaming its political and cultural enemies, the people it has been priming the public to see as strange, selfish, irrational, and dangerous. And also the very people who have been the loudest opponents of lockdown culture.
Given a choice between admitting the system was wrong or blaming the system’s failure on its critics, the establishment has followed the same pattern as every authoritarian leftist regime.
The lockdowns didn’t fail, they were failed by conservative Christians and Jews, by President Trump, by people who were too selfish to give up their lives, businesses, and religion for the greater good. And if only they had, the coronavirus would be gone and everything would be fine.
And there it is; the "A" word. Authoritarian. And authoritarians are incipient tyrants, imposing their interior beliefs on everyone. Governor Cuomo is blaming Hasidic Jews for the spread of the virus.  They are not, and he shouldn't be oppressing this group.  Governor Newson should not be blaming Christians either.

Look, it is fine if you want to wear a mask. If it makes you feel safer, go for it. The problem is when you insist that I have to wear a mask to make you feel safer. That makes you a petty tyrant.  Moreover, when authorities do it, the become true tyrants.  There is no other word for it.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Abortion, or getting rid of it, is the key

 Let's take a break from mask mandates to tale about something that is really important. Today, at the  American Thinker Alma Acevedo has an article entitled Abortion: More Than A Single Issue that makes the point that abortion, far from being a single issue, is in fact the key to the entire Socialist project. She points out that if we accede to the idea that the unborn can be arbitrarily killed in the womb, or even more shockingly, just after birth, to what will we not accede?

"Progressive" politicians condescendingly brand pro-lifers as "single-issue voters" and abortion as a "single-issue." This straw man subtly dismisses pro-lifers as simplistic, fanatical, and naïve, and abortion as "one among many" on the electoral laundry list. Once the elephant in the room is pushed aside, SJW candidates feel empowered to tout the "real" issues of economic equality and climate change. Yet abortion is far from being just a single issue.
Abortion is the master key that releases Pandora's box of radical calamities. If your own child is an undue burden who may be terminated, what about the critically ill, the handicapped, the infirm? If the unborn baby is construed as an unwelcome intruder to be removed, as in the infamous violinist thought game, why not any unwanted Other — the unmasked passerby, the white privileged, the MAGA-hatted, the gun-owner, the religious believer, the maligned police, the vilified president? If you justify spilling innocent blood, why not that of those labeled bigoted, undesirable, or unfit? If the ultimate cancelation is a "right," toppled statues, burnt flags, vandalized buildings, looted stores, and banned media outlets are but paltry collateral damage.
The abortion apparat's links to socialism, communism, and fascism are no secret. In these ideologies, the state subordinates the individual person; adults' interests override the child's. The abortion machinery in communist China and Nazi eugenics is but Exhibit A. The godlike prerogatives behind the state suffocating the person, and the adult crushing the unborn, also lurk behind the impetus to create a new world order.
Euthanasia as "mercy killing" and "death with dignity" is cut from the same tortuous rhetorical cloth of abortion as "pro-choice" and "essential health care." Similar twisted threads underlie the narrative of medical kidnapping as "social services," gender ideology indoctrination and homeschooling restrictions as "education," critical race theory as "higher education," arbitrary mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns as "public health." Violent riots as "peaceful protests," biased and deceptive propaganda as "free press," spying on political opponents as "foreign intelligence," and population control as "sustainability" or "poverty relief" follow the same warped language game.
Right now, Democrats are doing whatever they can to keep Amy Coney Barret from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. But there is no guarantee that even if she does get confirmed, that a case will come before the Court that strikes down Roe V. Wade. And even if Roe V. Wade is struck down, it would necessarily return to the states, where each would have to decise for its jurisdiction. There is no guarantee, but getting real with the language of what abortion means will take us a long way towards getting rid of this scourge. Abortion is the murder of an innocent child, pure and simple. One has to wonder what kind of psychopath does that?

Please go read Ms. Acevedo's article.  Then, while you there, also go read  Why don't we all recognize this horror by Alicia Colon
Could there be anything more important for the future of the human race than to acknowledge the importance of motherhood? Israeli actress Gal Gadot, mother of two, posted on instagram a poster of a pregnant Wonder Woman with the words, "I grow humans, what's your super power?" Could there be anything greater than that? I don't think so.
Gullible feminists in their race to attain equality with men have only sacrificed their innate humanity without recognizing they've fallen into a trap. Abortion has been far more beneficial to toxic masculinity than for so-called women's rights. No more shotgun weddings, and more fetal matter for mad Frankenstein scientists.
Abortion, or rather getting rid of it, truly is the key. In saving the lives of the innocent, we save our own.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Masks as Conditioning You To Obey

 I've got a lot to do today, but let me point you to a post at  the American Thinker by Peter Skurkiss entitled Face Masks As A Form Of Conditioning If there is one thing about the mask mandates that sickens me the most, it is this:

Face masks are ubiquitous. In most state, a person can't go into a store, a barber shop, a hair salon, a church service, or most any other place without wearing one. Why? Masks are not effective in stopping a virus spread. Back in March, the now highly touted and nationally heralded Dr. Anthony Fauci thought "people should not be walking around with masks." He said wear a mask if it makes you feel better, but unless you're sick or a health care provider, masks are ineffective in stopping a virus.
Fauci was not alone. In April, the World Health Organization echoed the same sentiment. It said healthy people don't need to wear face masks and that doing so won't provide added protection from the coronavirus.
If you accept the premise that ordinary facial masks are ineffective against viral infections — which I do and for which there is ample evidence — what then is their purpose? It appears more and more likely that it is a form of conditioning — that is, getting people used to obeying the so-called experts. If you follow the matter, you know there is no shortage of high-level scientists who say masks (and lockdowns) are ineffective. Yet per the powers-to-be, these scientists do not qualify as "experts" worthy of being heard because they disagree with the party line. Hence, the public does not get a balanced view on masks from the mainstream media...or on social media.
There is a long history of civil disobedience in America, and we need more people to begin to defy these mask orders. It is not doing anything good for our health or society to simply cave to authority.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Why Marxist Are Compelled To Destroy Christianity

 If you are not actively religions, you may not realize it, but Marxism (whether Communism, Socialism, Fascism, or Progressivism) is compelled to destroy Christianity and Judaism.  What you may not realize, is why?  Today, at the American Thinker Judith Acosta has a compelling article answering the question of Why Communism Is Compelled To Destroy Christianity Ms. Acosta uses Communism to represent Marxism, but she could have used any of the other isms that have grown up around this execrable philosophy.

Marxism denies man's spiritual nature.  Whereas man is a spiritual being living in a material existence,  Marx would have each of us equally poor and miserable without the comfort of a loving God. Take a look at how he describes people as "masses," as if we are interchangeable cogs in a machine instead of unique creations.  Indeed, Marxism is such a hollow existence, so bereft  of any thing beyond the physical, is it any wonder that these people are perennially unhappy and unsatisfied?

Ms. Acosta describes eight deceptions that the Marxists use to break down and destroy the Church and the Christians' spirit.  To list all the deceptions and their explanation would violate the fair use doctrine, but let me at least point out a couple that are particularly relevant today: 

Deception #3

In communism, death, disease, and poverty would be completely avoidable if the state just provided the proper programs, mandated vaccination, utilized the government for food distribution, provided abortion on demand, etc…
This deception is profoundly destabilizing, because there are very few of us who are not frightened by disease or easily provoked to insecurity, social or fiscal. What would you give up for “safety from discomfort/illness?” Whatever you would give up—your liberty, your ability to see your friends’ faces, your privacy—in exchange for this false security, it will be a contract with the devil and you will lose because death is coming for you even after you sign the dotted line. The communist agenda has no drive train without your fear. If you believe that there is a Divine Plan and there is nothing to be afraid of, they have no power. They cannot allow that.
And in the next two deceptions, she points out that Marxism promotes the lie that government can keep you young, sexually active, and safe if you just surrender. But these, like all the other deceptions, are lies. Yesterday, I encountered a fellow member of a group I belong to, that hasn't met in person since the end of March of this year. The members were, of course, duly frightened by the Covid-19. In all fairness, what we knew about the virus, or maybe it was what we didn't know, suggested caution was in order. Then the Governor came out with his lockdowns and mask mandates, which continue to this day.  
All of this disruption of our lives was done because of a fundamental belief on the part of Leftists that government was what would save us. All we had to do was surrender... But the truth is that lockdowns and masks are largely ineffective. Sweden did not lock down its economy, yet their numbers are better than some who did lock down. As far as masks are concered, the tupical cloth mask is full of holes that let virus particles through as if one was not wearing a mask. Surgical masks are not much better. They are ill fitting, and most people do not know how to wear them. If someone is walking around with a surgical mask not covering their nose, it surely is not doing anything. But even if someone wears a surgical mask correctly, virus particles exit with each breath. Moreover, the virus is dangerous to some, but not for most of us. Better than 99% of us will survive it.

Still, all these things must be continued because for them to admit that their useless prescriptions destroyed peoples lives for nothing would be too devastating to their cause.  Not that they are the least concerned about things like people's lives.  As Lenin is reported to have said, to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs.  It is a cold and heartless attitude.  But the breaking of eggs has been a hallmark of Marxist regimes since they first showed up.  Everywhere it has been tried, instead of the promises made, hundreds of millions of people have been slaughtered.

Please go read all of Acosta's article.  Also consider who you would rather live under: a just but merciful God, or an unjust and capricious Marxist regime.  Personally, I will take the God of Creation every time.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Has A Target Been Painted On Republicans Backs?

Deborah Franklin, at the   American Thinker asks the question Will America Survive The Democrats' Arrows In Their Quiver? She lists a number of questions that many of us are asking ourselves. For instance:

President Trump is hospitalized with COVID-19. Shortly after Pelosi’s remark, President Trump and the First Lady tested positive for the virus, and he spent three nights at Walter Reed Hospital. The president’s illness was dangerous and could have removed him from the rest of the campaign or killed him. How did the president get this illness? Could he have been deliberately exposed?
Leading Republicans also test positive for COVID, including two Senators on the Judiciary Committee which votes on Barrett’s confirmation. Why have almost no Democrats gotten COVID? Why have the Republicans suffered three potentially mass fatality events since Trump’s inauguration?
A famous saying on TV cop shows is that there are no coincidences.  But, of course, we do know there are some coincidences. Few people set out to have traffic accidents, for example.  A series of unpredictable events brings about a crash between two or more vehicles.  However, when the coincidences pile upon coincidences becomes so great, one can not ignore them. It is only natural to think that perhaps these are not coincidences at all, but deliberate attempts to stage a coup. It's after all not something that is theoretical any more.  We have proof.  And guess which party is at the center of this coup?

I don't mean to scare you, gentle reader, but I do mean to warn you of things that may be coming.  Take heed for yourself, your family.  Pray for the United States and its Constitution.  Vote in person, where your vote can count.  But check to make sure you are still registered to vote.  Glenn Beck discovered he had been "purged."  Oh, and please go read Ms. Franklin's article and do your own homework.  

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Rip Off Those Masks

I have noted a number of times since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the United States that the lockdowns, the nonsensical rules, and particularly the wearing of masks show those in the frip of an irrational fear. J. Robert Smith has an article at the American Thinker today entitled When Fear Rules in which he points out the great danger if we give in to this fear.
Democrats champion masks because masks acknowledge the rule of fear. They’re symbols of subordination and surrender -- yes, subordination to fear of a germ, and surrender of rights and freedoms. In this scheme, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are to be scrapped in favor of contentment with security -- however illusory -- under the watchful eye and guiding hand of corporatist big government, which, of course, is to be led by the cabal that Biden fronts.
You see, fear is a means. It’s a weapon in the hands of Democrats. The mainstream media are eager henchmen. Power lust drives Democrats to use fear to gain what they covet. A virus, like a crisis, isn’t to be wasted. A contagion that helps manufacture a crisis is too tempting to pass up. Exacerbating fears, and full-on exploitation of whatever may stress the human spirit, are practically trademarked by cynical Democrats.
Fear has always been an ally to tyrants, whatever the stripe. How dreary that fact, and how tragic the history of the last century, in particular. Red terrors, pogroms, Kristallnacht, and Cultural Revolutions are the dramatic manifestations of weaponized fear. But there are more mundane applications of fear. With learning, experience, and advancements, tyrants are honing the means.
Meanwhile, Fay Voshell made much the same points yesterday at the American Thinker about the Church in the United States. Her article entitled The Cult of Covidism Has Invaded the Church.
What should have been a purely scientific response aimed at control and cure of a disease quickly evolved into the political-religious cult of Covidism. Objective scientific analysis of and responses to what is the contagious pathogen COVID-19 were almost immediately suffocated by a plethora of arbitrary pseudo-religious rituals.
The capitulation of the churches to rituals radically modifying and even antagonistic to Christian rites may be because the Church, continually rent by internal crises and scandals, did not recognize the rival religion when it appeared.
It may be that the budding religious cult prevailed rapidly because Covidism was purported to be based on science. But it is actually an offshoot of the religion of scientism, which elevates speculative metaphysics and mystery rituals on the basis of scientific-sounding but untested suppositions.
We need to show the courage that our President has shown, and resist mask mandates. Note that Governor Cuomo thinks he can shut down religions services such as Synagouges. He does not have that authrority. Our own mini-Coumo, Governor Cooper thinks he has the authority as well. He does not either. The mask mandate is an attempt to force you to obey them. There is no scientific basis for the mask, with crttain exceptions. But the average person will never find themselves in those situations. So grow a spine, show some courage, and rip off those masks.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

If They Win, You Are In Real Danger

 Kurt Schlichter has a must read article at entitled Dangerous Talk From Stupid People

, Again, Schlichter has seen the results of civil war up close and personal. It ain't pretty. But the first thing he wants you to understand is that when someone says he wants to kill you, believe him:
Understand that when someone tells you he wants you dead, he wants you dead.
And that’s a very dangerous thing to want, because the intended victim gets a say, and he may start saying the same thing about you. I could talk about walking through the wrecked villages of Kosovo – villages that had mostly belonged to the Serbs who started the civil war then lost it – but that is probably going to be lost on the pampered and parochial left. History, be it modern Balkans or ancient, such as the cautionary tale that was the decline and fall of the Roman Republic, is something they are too smart to bother studying. They know what they think and what they want and they can’t be bothered with pests nagging them about how their paucity of wisdom could very well set into motion events they cannot control and that are unlikely to turn out in the way they hope.
Schlichter brings up Dick Costolo's tweet where he said capitalists would be among the first put up against the wall when the revolution comes. In typical Schlichter fashion, he then utilizes the name "Dick" as a stand in for rich people who think it would be real cool to have a revoluton in this country. Why they want to change a country that has made them fabulously wealthy is a mystery. They should all be extremely grateful, but no, they only see the U.S. as a problem in the world.
One challenge for the dilettantes of death is to find the people who would actually commit political murder for them, but money and institutional inertia make that possible. As we have seen, woke zillionaires can fund their own lil’ revolutionaries. They are the ones behind Antifa, and if Donald Trump is reelected, we will likely see the DoJ (once Trump rids himself of the worse than useless FBI Director Christopher Wray, who never met self-serving establishment narrative he didn’t eagerly hump like a horny dog rubbing on the nearest leg) forced by Bill Barr to concede that this is an Astroturfed RICO conspiracy paid for by rich leftists. Yet, Antifa is not a combat organization (unless you are one person surrounded by a dozen of these brownshirts) but an information operation asset.
The real goal is control of the institutions that have combat power – the police, federal law enforcement, and the military. That’s where they can find people willing to kill, and maybe die, to impose the elites will. The cops, agents, and soldiers they dream of coopting to be their caste’s personal Gestapo and Wehrmacht provide the bodies who would actually do the dirty work – as Dick made clear when he said out loud what he is too smug and dumb to know he should have kept quiet, that he and the other tourist revolutionaries intend to be eager spectators to the gory unpleasantness that always accompanies a leftist revolution (“I'll happily provide video commentary.”). Hijacking the government, and using loyalty to the country and co-opting the ingrained sense of duty in our cops and warriors as a means to manipulate them into being the enforcement mechanism for the tyranny the elite left dreams of imposing is the goal.
Remember, when someone says he wants you dead, he wants you dead. And the people who want you dead here in the USA intend to use the people you currently rely upon to keep you safe and secure as the means to do it. It’s actually quite cunning – if they can keep the cops, agents and soldiers in line. We’ve already seen lots of cops putting pensions over honor as they hassle citizens for mask crimes. The high-ranking Obama officer corps has already sold its collective soul for a handful of stars, and lots of colonels and generals would gleefully set their forces on uppity citizens – not rioters, but people like you – to please their Democrat masters. When the Biden administration orders the cops and agents, and maybe soldiers, to imprison or kill gun owners, the uniformed flinkies will be expected to spill blood if necessary, because when you send government officials with weapons to enforce a law, whether to bust a guy peddling loose Marlboros or to confiscate AR15s, you have to assume that a certain number of those encounters will end with dead citizens. And to folks like Dick, that casualty count is a feature and not a bug.
Please go read the whole article.  This is probably Kurt Schlichter's most consequential article. Yes, he still uses has sardonic wit to mock the Left, but they they deserve to be mocked. Please read his full article, and understand what he is saying.  If they manage to either win this election because you didn't vote, or worse, if the manage to steal the election, you are in real danger.

Update:  Also please read  this American Partisan article

Sunday, October 4, 2020

We are in the midst of an insurrection, and we know the solution. Do we have the will to implement it?

 Matt Rowe has an article at the  American Thinker entitled Is The United States In The Midst Of An Insurgency? Rowe a U.S. Special Forces veteran claims we are indeed. And he has the proof.

The violence and rioting in the US result from far more than just dissatisfaction with the police. Extreme ideological social justice movements today are more likely to carry firearms than items for a food pantry. We currently face nothing less than the early stages of a socialist insurgency.
Insurgency is an organized rebellion to overthrow a constituted government by undermining its legitimacy through protest and disinformation, and ultimately through armed conflict. This may sound dramatic, but consider the steps already completed by BLM/ANTIFA in the Insurgency Pyramid used by the US Army Special Forces community to characterize an insurrection (Figure 1).
Figure 1 turns out to be the U. S. Army's progression along the road to a rebellion. Judging by the pyramid, BLM is well on the way to completing a Communist/Socialist revolution, complete with "useful idiots" and ""capitalists who are selling then the rope to hang us with". In fact, it is amazing to see the companies that have already given to BLM. I wonder what the CEOs of the corporations are thinking. They have profited mightily from our capitalist system, yet they are funding its destruction. One suspect they are hoping to be eaten last. But according to former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo the capitalists will be the first to be put up against the wall and shot when the revolution comes.  It is an old meme, one I have been hearing from wannabe revolutionaries since forever.  They truly hate us.
Having foreign countries legitimize and support the insurgency is also critical. BLM protests erupted worldwide after George Floyd was killed, and Antifa has fraternal organizations across Europe. It’s still unclear what America’s die-hard international enemies are doing to support BLM and Antifa. Still, if they aren’t acting yet, they are most certainly looking for their opportunities.
There is actually some intel that seems to indicate that China maybe "helping" the insurection in subtle ways. If true, it is no different than what the CIA does fomenting what are called color revolutions in other countries. We shouldn't be surprised the same thing is happening here.

Of course, Rowe has a solution to defeat the insurrection.  But this is where he becomes, in my opinion, somewhat vague:
To defeat this insurgency, we must eliminate the dissatisfaction that drives the largest groups of actors. We cannot change the political beliefs of hardcore Marxists. Still, we can help lift the millions of the poorest and least educated black (and other) Americans out of their current conditions and deteriorating culture. First, we must counter the propaganda that their plight is the result of current systemic racism. Instead, they must be led to understand that their current problems are the result of old behaviors. They require new solutions that will reintegrate them into society to give them a genuine stake and the ability to exercise legitimate influence.
Doing so will deprive the insurgency of millions of activists. It will also harness the sympathetic energies of the millions of people who understand that there is a problem but are misled into believing the insurgency can fix it. This means acknowledging that the pain our most impoverished communities experience, regardless of race, comes from long-standing cultural behaviors.
Of course I agree with his prescription, but we have known this since...well...forever. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan noted that "The steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady deterioration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States."  Things have not improved in the intervening years.  We know the solution, but do we have the will to implement it.  After all, anyone  advocating for it will be called all the names in the books, and then some.

Update:  In terms of Chinese help for the insurrection, there is this from American Action News 

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Time To Break Up Big Tech

 I haven't really tackled the problems produced by the fact that 'Big Tech' is biased and uses biased search results to influence what you see and what you don't.  This, unfortunately makes platforms like Google publishers instead of utilities.  Think of a utility like the telephone providers.  They do not censor what speech goes over their systems, and therefore they are not held liable for such speech.  Rather, the person who may make offensive speech is the one held liable.  This is how it should be.  But a publisher determines who can speak through them, and who can not, and they can even edit what people may say.  Think of the letters to the editor of a newspaper.  The editors of a such a site are indeed liable for what appears on their site.

Google, Twitter, facebook and other so called 'Big Tech' have been waging a war on conservative speech and conservative sites such as for instance The Daily Caller Jordan Davidson at The Federalist has the story. 

This fits a long and growing trend of corporate media and big tech deciding what content users can see, with big implications for elections and even just political discourse, as studies have found that what information you know affects your views.
As always, go read The Federalist article for more information. At the same time as the Daily Caller article came out, there was an article at by Nicholas Waddy entitled Containing The Fearsome Power of Big Tech Is The Defining Challenge Of Our Times.
President Trump realizes the danger that Big Tech poses. He wants to crack down on the unhealthy market domination that companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube enjoy — and which officials in these companies readily admit when they critique one another. Furthermore, Trump has taken them to task for their unfair and illegal persecution of conservatives, even while giving aid and comfort to the most violent and extreme leftists. The social media thought police have targeted President Trump personally, so he knows what he's talking about.
The question is why? Why do they want to censor conservatives, and nudge society along in the direction of (take your pick) socialism, communism, facsism, or collectively Marxism? For all these "isms" are various flavors of Marxism.  The answer, I think, is that all of these people, having made a kings ransom in monetary terms, are convinced that they are smarter than the average bear.  Truth be told, they probably are.  But so what.  Does being smarter than I am give them a right to determine how I live?  The answer is no, it does not.  Each of us will have to answer for how we lived at the final judgement.  If I don't seek the facts, that is my problem, but if the some of the facts are deliberately kept from my site, then that is on the censors.  

The problem we are facting today goes back millennia, to the notion of the Divine Rights of Kings.  That notion was overthrown by the American Revolution. Neither Bloomberg, nor Sundar Pichai, nor Jack Dorsey, or Mark Zuckerberg have the right to censor in any way what we can see or hear.   As long as they provide a useful service to all, they deserve the great wealth they have earned.  But when they begin to use it to change the way people think, they no longer deserve anything at all.  It is why the NY Times, the Washington Post, and other newspapers are held in such low regard.  Once Google abandoned is motto of ''Don't be evil" it became what it didn't want to be.