Saturday, September 29, 2018

Senator Flake Lives Up To His Name

There must be something in the water in Arizona.  Senator McCain, known in the press as a "maverick," was known by those in the Constitutional Conservative movement as the one who would stab you in the back when you least expected it.  His hatred for Republican presidents, apparently both liberal and conservative, was legendary.  Now comes Senator Jeff Flake (RINO AZ) who goes back on his word to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.  And of course he took some weak kneed individuals with him such as Sen. Collins and Sen. Murkowski.  You can read all about it at, where Katie Pavich has the story entitled Breaking: Flake Demands A Full Floor Vote On Kavanaugh Be Delayed, Won't Vote In Favor Without FBI Investigation.
Senator Chris Coon (D-DE) cried earlier when he found out his friend, Flake, announced he would vote for Kavanaugh to be confirmed.
Really? That is behavior reminiscent of grade school, not members of the greatest debating society in the world. No, I believe this is about Mr. Flake's bruised ego and hatred for Trump. He is willing to put Kavanaugh through yet more personal torture to get back at Trump. He is willing to see the destruction of the USA in order to satisfy his petty ego. Because believe me, once there is a delay, once the Senate allows an outside group to do any sort of investigation, this will turn into a long drawn out affair. Each passing day diminishes the chance of an originalist getting confirmed.

Mr. Flake should resign now, and let the Governor of Arizona appoint a more appropriate person to the Senate.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Kavanaugh Fight Is About Guns

I have made the majority of this blog about guns, not because guns are the most important thing in life, indeed they are not. God, our families, and our pursuits are much more important. But the founders knew that putting a penalty for violation of the Constitution in that document was useless. If a politician chose to violate the Constitution and become a dictator, would he accept any penalty? Do you need to ask?

No, the founders rested the support of the Constitution in the people, by acknowledging in that document the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  I have stated before that I think the gun issue is the dividing point for people.  Most of those on the right who want guns among the population as a bulwark against a totalitarian government also are to the right on other issues such as abortion.  Most of the people to the left who are for abortion and other causes of the left also are against private ownership of guns.

Now come the DemocRats, attempting to derail the appointment of an eminently qualified judge to the Supreme Court.  By all indications, Judge Kavanaugh will be one to read the Constitution as saying what it means, rather than peering between the lines and finding heretofore unannounced rights and provisions that somehow align with the DemocRats perverted agenda.  The DemocRats are hysterically throwing anything and everything they think might stick at the wall, in hopes to either derail his appointment, or to at least delay a vote until after the midterm elections when they believe they will be in a better position to derail it.  Out here in normal America, we see that these accusations lack any corroboration, and the conveniently long wait to bring forward the charges smells of political opportunism.  Many of us have sat on juries in cases brought for prosecution of rape, and we know when someone is telling the truth and when they are lying.

So, what is this all about?  Is it just a power grab?  Is it to save Roe v. Wade as some suggest?

Well, maybe.  But Michael Filozof has an interesting post over at the American Thinker entitled The Kavanaugh Fight Isn't About Abortion. It's About Guns.
Conventional wisdom says the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to derail Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court because he'll provide the fifth vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.
As much as I hate to admit it, I don't think Roe will be overturned, and the Democrats know it, too. Of course, they certainly want their gullible voter base to believe that Kavanaugh will overturn Roe to energize that base for the midterm elections. But it's not going to happen.
The Kavanaugh confirmation is about the future, not refighting the cultural battles of the 1970s. And next up on the Democratic agenda is sweeping, national gun control – and possibly even confiscation...
Go read all of Mr. Filozof's post and see if you agree.

St. Paul said that we should obey the civil authority, and do good. We should not resist the civil authority for he does not bear the sword in vain. But St. Paul was not a political thinker. I believe there are times, rare though they be, when a people must resist, and therefore the founders were wise to place in the peoples' hands the power to resist. A government that is doing God's will, will not have need to fear the people, and vice versa. But the more a government goes astray of God's will, the more the government will fear the peoples' ability to resist.

You can tell when a government is going astray by how afraid it is of the people it is.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Outrage over the Lynching of Kavanaugh

Patricia McCarthy is outraged.  Indeed, she may have pushed the outrage meter into the red zone with the post today at the American Thinker entitled The Malevolent Lynching of Kavanaugh. McCarthy bemoans not only the dirty tricks the Left is using, but the absolutely shamelessness of treating the Blasey Ford evidence free accusations as somehow worthy of being taken seriously.

McCarthy also points out, rightly, that Blasey Ford herself was in all likelihood partly responsible for what happened to her:
As for Christine Blasey-Ford, her scrubbed but still available captioned high-school year-book photos reveal a private girls' school that reveled in underage drinking, partying, and promiscuity, even the preying on of younger boys. It may be a leap, but the evidence implies Blasey was a party animal without the boundaries to which lesser privileged teens would have been bound.
While a girl's or a woman's life style, no matter how promiscuous, is never an excuse for abuse, let alone attempted rape, her behavior is very much relevant when she makes accusations for which she herself may have been responsible, especially if she was drunk...
McCarthy is of course outraged that the Left pulls stunts like this all the time, shamelessly destroying even the best appointees, while Republicans seem to bend over backwards to try to accommodate their often ridiculous demands.  But the real problem is this:
If the specious claims of Blasey Ford succeed in derailing Kavanaugh, we are done as a democratic republic. The Left will have won. They have already won on university campuses. If this amazing nominee to the Court is destroyed, it means the entire country is at the mercy of the totalitarian pols and blinkered, mind-numbed academics. Republicans in Congress: DO NOT LET HIS HAPPEN. They will use this victory over you to forever alter the character of this nation.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

The simple pleasures of hamburgers

On September 20,, Kurt Schlichter went ballistic on the liberal tendency to ruin whatever they touch, including hamburgers.  You can find the article at and entitled Liberal Elites Are Even Ruining Hamburgers, And They Must Be Stopped. I like where Schlicter's head is, being a burger aficionado myself. The humble hamburger, which is supposed to be composed of a ground beef patty, with various condiments and served on a bun, has not improved in value or taste, but its price has gone through the roof. Various restaurants claim to make "gourmet burgers," but these consist of plain, unseasoned, meat with strange additions that somehow don't improve on the original. But let Kurt tell it:
Millennial elitist dorks are all about screwing up burgers. “Gourmet” burgers, they call them. But they are a sad simulacrum of true burgers, and a crime against nature. The menus of those precious gastropubs that spring up in the gentrified blue coastal urban centers are loaded with “specialty burgers” with cutesy names and inane combinations of ingredients. It’s sad. Unable to create anything of value, these goateed hipster monsters can only pervert and deform that which is pure and beautiful. A burger is simple goodness. And, as they do with everything else, liberals screw them up.
Of course, you should read the whole thing, preferably over a good burger. But the real point, besides venting some spleen, is that Schlichter believes the Republican Senate should grow a pair, stop eating those artificial things they call burgers, and put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, now. The fact that Feinstein held on to this until the 11th hour should have been proof enough that there was nothing to it, like a vegan burger.  I might be sympathetic if it had not been overused by the DemocRats to attempt to "Bork" other appointees, including Clarence Thomas.  This is par for the course for the DemocRats, and therefore should just be ignored.

Going back to someone's high school days to find dirt is a new low, even for these crap weasels.  What is next, finding out that Kavanaugh put Sally's pig tail in the ink well in elementary school, thus scarring her for life?  Or worse yet, that he cried while his mother changed his diapers?  Shocking!  Just think about this, too: had Kavanaugh had a real record of breaking the law at age 17, his record would be sealed and we wouldn't be allowed to look into it.

In an effort to "be fair" Senator Grassley has given Ms. Blasey Ford and entire week to come in and give testimony to the Committee.  He even offered to send a team to collect her testimony from her.  It has all been rebuffed.  In fact, Blasey Ford appears not to remember too many details of the supposed encounter.  She doesn't remember when it happened, or at whose party or house it was,  These are things she should know, assuming she herself was not too intoxicated to know what was going on, or who was doing it.

I could not agree more with Schlichter on both hamburgers and with Judge Kavanaugh.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli supposedly uttered the famous saying "There are two kinds of lies, damned lies and statistics". but it was popularized by Mark Twain.  And in less dramatic form, it is the subject of today's post, using  Shooting Holes in Agenda Journalism by John David Powell over at the American Thinker as a jumping off point.

Powell notes that while some of this type of journalism may indeed be "fake news," he wants to avoid the inevitable judgement of the story itself.  Such judgments tend to raise prejudices in people before they have read and digested the story.  Of course, what Powell should realize is that his article is "singing to the choir" and is unlikely to be read by a liberal or leftist of any stripe simply because of where he chose to publish it.  In any case, let's get into the article, shall we?
The Huffington Post ran such a piece last week called “Gun owners more likely to vote than non-gun owners.” Do not accuse me of journalism profiling, because I believe even the editors of the HuffPost would eagerly agree they have a decidedly leftward tilt in their views of events. So, yeah, the agenda was pretty clear, as was my need to lean way over to starboard while reading to keep from falling out of my chair.
So the article gives the agenda driven statistic that the USA has the highest percentage of the civilian population in the world owning guns, which is true, I am proud to say. It is estimated, and probably true that we own 90 guns for every 100 people. I also consider that statistic a good thing, but it can sound pretty scary if you are one of those with squirrels running around in your head (and the number of such people makes me somewhat scared.) So let's break those statistics down a little further.
About 29 percent of the USA population owns 100 percent of the guns. That comes to around 95 million Americans owning some type of firearm. Subtracting the youngsters from that total population of the US raises the ratio of adults who own at least one gun to nearly four out of ten. Put another way, about six out of ten adults do not own even one firearm.
But wait, there’s more. A Pew Charitable Trust study found three percent of those adults, or 7.3 million, individually own between eight and 140 guns, which means two percent of the entire USA population owns half of the guns in the country. That is a big difference from nine firearms for every 10 persons. Both numbers are correct, but one really tilts the scales to the left.
So, while you and I are being fed the 90 out of 100 statistic, the real statistic is that only 40% pf the population owns any sort of firearm, And we can assume that the size of the committed is around 5-8 million, as that is the membership of the NRA. and the truly committed, those who will call and write their Congress Critters is much smaller than that. So is it any wonder that Congress has not acted on HR 38, the bill to make concealed carry permits treated more as driver's licenses? Congress knows these statistics even if we do not.

Well, all that is interesting, and I would rather know the truth, even if it is depressing, than be fed a steady diet of happy sounding lies.  But there is more at stake here.  The founders placed into the Constitution, the highest law in the land, a provision that the government was not to infringe our right to keep and bear arms.  It didn't matter if a minority did so, and the right does not depend on a majority vote.  It was placed in the Constitution as a doomsday article.  But we are in danger of having a Supreme Court that "interprets" the right out of practical existence.  This is where getting Bret Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court is paramount.  If you haven't already, call, or write your Senators that you want Kavanaugh confirmed before the midterms.  Its important.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Legalizing the Constitution again

I have not been blogging much of late because I have come to believe that what I am saying is only read or understood by those who have the same beliefs.  It's called "singing to the choir."  I have grown weary of trying to tell people that if they don't turn around, they will find themselves, and us as well in a tyranny  from which it will be impossible for the American people to extricate themselves.  Instead, I have been spending my time on new music, a new musical instrument to learn,  and getting closer to God.  After all, I can not change anyone else, only myself.

Still, I do read a few things from time to time that are worth making even the choir aware of, such as the recent piece by Deana Chadwell at the American Thinker entitled Legalizing the Constitution. Ms. Chadwell is correct that the Constitution, which is supposed to be the highest law of the land, the law to which all other laws must stand muster, is being shredded before our eyes. She is especially concerned about the First Amendment, which is frankly the most important. Go read the whole thing, as it is very good.

Not said, but it is an important point, the Trump agenda must continue.  In order for that to happen, we need all hands on deck to maintain Republican Congressional majorities in both houses.  No matter how you feel about your Republican representatives, and I have been pretty disgusted with mine, we must vote them back into office to continue the Trump agenda.  Filling the courts with conservative people who will "legalize" the Constitution is the goal.

If we don't do it, the country as we have known it is lost.