Saturday, December 31, 2022

Citizens Carry Weapons, Serfs Do Not

 At Ammoland yesterday Roger Katz had a piece entitled 2022 Closes With A Nation On The Precipice of Ruination. It is hard not to be pessimistic about our nation. What our so called "leaders" have been doing, for both parties, points to a totalitarian state. One thing, I think, has kept this at bay, and that is our Second Amendment:

As one more year draws rapidly to a close in these first three decades of the 21st Century, the United States stands precariously at the edge of an abyss.
One Branch of the Federal Government, the U.S. Supreme Court, at least recognizes the danger and has prevented the Country from falling over the precipice.
After a century of sidestepping the issue, the U.S. Supreme Court established, in three precedential case law decisions, what had been visibly plain in the language of the Second Amendment itself all along if one would only look.
All three cases were handed down in the first three decades of the 21st Century. They include:
District of Columbia vs. Heller in 2008, McDonald vs. City of Chicago in 2010, and New York State Rifle & Pistol Association vs. Bruen in 2022.
Please note, though, that these rights are not given by the government, and therefore can not be taken away by government. These rights are given to every human being by our Creator, God Almighty. Indeed, this applies to all of the Bill of Rights. Our freedom of religion, of speech, of the press belong to us by reason of our Creator and the government has no right to take them away. This explains why the Left also want to undermine and get rid of Christianity.
Forces inside the Government and outside it, both here and abroad—wealthy and powerful, malevolent and malignant—constantly machinate to destroy the right to armed self-defense. These forces will not tolerate an armed citizenry. The existence of an armed citizenry contradicts their end goal of a neo-feudalistic world government. The armed citizenry precept deviates from their plan of world conquest.
Their goal for the 21st Century is a return to the political, social, and economic feudalistic construct operating in the world of the 5th through 15th Centuries—the Middle Ages.
From history, we learn that this system of government has been tried, and frankly for the average citizen life was pretty miserable. Serfs are little better than absolute slaves. Indeed, the slave owner has more responsibility for those in his care that the artistocrat for has the serfs on his land. Yet the serf has no ability to take care of himself, as free men have. So if it were up to me, I would want to remain free, indeed even freer than we are now. And part of that freedom is the carrying of a weapon for self defense. Citizens have weapons, serfs do not.

The Anti-Gun Left Has A New Enemy

 So, the LGBTQ++etc etc community is up in arms over Oregon's new gun law.  Seems they want to have a right to keep and bear arms too, for self protection.  Once you get over the irony, of course, gay people would need protection because the lifestyle is necessarily risky. As I have said, I am a live and let live kind of guy, and as long as the LGBTQ bunch is not grooming children and putting drag queen story hour in our public library, they can do what they want. So, yes, they deserve guns just as much as anyone else.

Donny Ferguson has the article at American Liberty entitled Anti-Gun Radicals Have a New Opponent as LGBTQ Community Demands RBKA:

Oregon’s radical new anti-gun law is running into opposition its leftist proponents never expected.
Members of Oregon’s gay, lesbian, transgendered and queer community tell National Public Radio they want to carry firearms to protect themselves from violence and oppose Measure 114, a successful ballot initiative restricting the number of rounds in a magazine and requiring residents to get permission from law enforcement for a permit to own a firearm.
“I just feel like if I was to go online and say like the police are terrorists or something … [the police] would be like, ‘Well, you seem like you might not be fit for this community to be armed,’” Mia Rose, a “trans person of color and former licensed firearms dealer,” tells NPR.
Rose is correct in that you cannot rightfully be stripped of your right to keep and bear arms over political speech.
Some years ago I attended a Gun Rights Policy Conference during which I met a representative of the Pink Pistols, a gay group who also carried concealed firearms for protection. Most gay and lesbian people support the Left and do not stray too far from the Left's agenda. That is too bad, because the Bill of Rights is written for every individual American. The Constitutional framework and the Bill of Rights is actually the center of American Politics. Even criminals are entitled to avail themselves of the Bill of Rights. What they are not entitled to is to get a free pass for performing criminal acts. People who commit criminal acts including assault need to realize that doing so necessarily risks their own lives as well as the lives of others.  After all, would one person come up to a total stranger and sucker punch him if he thought he might be shot?

Friday, December 30, 2022

The Corruption of the CIA and FBI, and Their Contempt for Us

Here's what we know Know: The CIA and FBI have been corrupt for seventy years according to Partrica McCarthy at the American Thinker.

McCarthy takes as a starting point an article by Lew Rockwell, but then adds facts Rockwell did not. McCarthy starts by explaining the basic events surrounding the Assasination of President Kennedy.  I remember that day.  Anyone alive at that time remembers.  We also remember the Warren Commission, and at least half of us believe we were not told the whole truth.
On December 26, Lew Rockwell wrote a column about Tucker Carlson's December 15 program in which he discussed the most recent batch of documents that relate to the JFK assassination. Some are still withheld by the State Department. Why? Carlson said he had spoken to someone familiar with the remaining documents, who told him unequivocally that the CIA was indeed involved with the killing of Kennedy. We all know the basics — that within forty-eight hours of the assassination, Jack Ruby had killed Lee Harvey Oswald on camera. Oswald was himself killed shortly thereafter. We were told that Oswald was the lone assassin despite volumes of evidence that showed that that could not have been true.
A week after the assassination, Lyndon Johnson chose thirteen men to "investigate" the crime. They were called the Warren Commission after Chief Justice Earl Warren. Who were these men? One of them was Allen Dulles, a former director of the CIA, who had been fired by Kennedy two years earlier after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. It was Dulles who had founded MK-ULTRA, a top-secret CIA project in which the agency conducted hundreds of clandestine experiments — sometimes on unwitting U.S. citizens — to assess the potential use of LSD and other drugs for mind control, information-gathering, and psychological torture. Though Project MK-ULTRA lasted from 1953 until about 1973, details of the illicit program didn't become public until 1975, during a congressional investigation into widespread illegal CIA activities within the United States and around the world.
In addition to Allen Dulles, there was Richard Helms, future CIA director, as well as CIA asset Dr. Louis Joylon West, a psychiatrist and possibly a psychopath. McCarthy describes a number of illegal activities by the CIA and Dr. West. Many of these were uncovered by the Church Commission. You will want to read the whole article, and the embedded articles as well. In the end, though, she points out that:
When those fifty-one former intel agents wrote and signed that letter published in the NYT averring that the Hunter Biden laptop was "Russian disinformation," we all should have known that they were lying and that they knew that what they were saying was not true. They thought nothing of publishing that lie; a few to this day say they are proud that they prevented Trump's re-election. Bottom line? The entire D.C. establishment is corrupt to its core. Nothing demonstrates that more than the passage of the horrific, traitorous omnibus bill. That, more than anything else of recent weeks, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the swamp cares not one bit about the American people. These people are intentionally spending us into incalculable debt in order to line their own pockets. Lobbyists win, we lose, probably always with the help of the FBI and the CIA.
What all this tells me is that these people have such utter contempt for We the People, that they think nothing of lying, cheating, amd even murder to have their way rather than trust the Constitution the founders established.

The Electricity Fairy

Andrea Widburg has an excellent post at the American Thinker on the ignorance of so many who constantly espouse climate alarmism and virtue signalling. Her post is entitled One-time journalist's Tesla rumination is ill-informed and remarkably funny.

Once, reporting was not considered a respectable profession, for newsmen were viewed as parasites. (Think: 1940’s His Girl Friday, with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell.) Courageous reporting during WWII elevated newsmen’s standing. By the 1950s, “journalism” was a profession with “standards” of “objectivity.” Respected anchors spoke to Americans who naively believed that men like Walter Cronkite were informed, intelligent, and non-partisan. Today’s media have benefitted from those decades of goodwill, but a retired magazine editor’s recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, about his embarrassment over owning a Tesla, shows how far the American media have fallen.
At the L.A. Times, John Blumenthal, a “former magazine editor,” has written an unintentionally funny, ill-informed, politically-correct, ludicrously pretentious op-ed entitled “I bought a Tesla to help the environment. Now, I’m embarrassed to drive it.” It is the quintessential product of a modern media figure.
Go ahead and read the embedded article. I'll wait.

The funny part is not obvious until you begin actually thinking. What is he talking about "science deniers" when he admittedly failed algreba. He admits it took him several weeks to figure out the basics of his new Tesla. It is questionable that he knows anything about "science," which has nothing to do with citing "authorities." But then there is this:

The batteries in Teslas (and in all those electric cars greenies are demanding, sometimes by statutory fiat) are made under filthy and despicable circumstances. The necessary cobalt for batteries comes from primarily Chinese-owned mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where workers, often children, are virtual slaves, and the environmental pollution is staggering.
There’s also that whole electricity issue. Where in the world does an “educated” journalist like Blumenthal think electricity comes from? The Electricity Fairy? Zeus and his lightning bolts? Nooo. It comes from electric plants that usually burn either coal, oil, or natural gas, all of which are fossil fuels.

I love that "Electricity Fairy" (heh) but really, all electrical vehicles do is move the pollution from the tail pipe to the electrical power plant.  It takes the same amount of energy to move a vehicle down the road whether it is electric, hybrid, or gasoline powered.  Further, I suspect that the amount of fuel used is greater with EV than with gasoline powered car because of the losses that occur all along the chain form power plant to charging station.

Several days ago, our local news program had a 2 minute climate scare in which an "activist" speaking literally from her bedroom suggested that Duke energy instead of converting coal power plants to natural gas power should install batteries. Mrs. PolyKahr had to remind me that the television could not hear my shouting that batteries need something to charge them. Again, this "activist" seem to think electricity comes from the "Electricity Fairy." Go read Andrea Widburg's post. It would be nice if Leftists would leave us alone to make our own decisions about our transportation needs, our food needs, and so forth. But they won't.  Busybodies have to be constantly taking specs out of others eyes, while leaving the logs in their own.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Pfiser Lied

 In a report at the Epoch Times we find out that Pfizer's Shots Aren't Safe and Were Never Shown To Be. So we find out that Pfizer lied. Government lied. I realize that this may have been due to incompetence. But I suspect a combination of greed and the desire to do as much damage to people as possible.

Why They Can't Leave Us Alone

 I came across an article from USA Today by Jon Gabriel who notes that the The Supreme Court has a big question to answer: Why can't government just leave us alone?

In modern American politics, there are two types of people: those who want to control others and those who just want to be left alone.
The second group used to be the more celebrated. Think of the immigrants tired of following orders from their “social betters,” deciding instead to forge a new life and identity in the New World.
When cramped living conditions and factory foremen became too much to bear, these families pushed farther West. Some headed to smaller towns in the middle of the country while others formed new communities in the unsettled Mountain West.

Unfortunately, the busybodies have caught up with the individualists, in this case, in the State of Colorado. The State, using State law, wants to force Lorrie Smith, the founder of design studio 303 Creative to create art for same sex marriages against Smith's personal views. Note that there are other firms doing similar work who would be happy to have the business.

Smith has LGBTQ clients but does not want to promote same-sex marriage because it violates her beliefs. And because there are countless businesses that will create websites, no loving couples will be harmed by simply choosing another vendor. In fact, they’ll likely be happier supporting a designer who agrees with their views.
Using the overbroad language of its state law, Colorado could force an atheist to design a church website, a kosher deli to cater a Christian nationalist rally, or a Muslim advertiser to promote a pulled pork barbecue restaurant.
Alternately, the state could just leave its residents alone. But when you want to control what other people do, think and believe, leaving people alone isn’t an option.
One can only hope the Supreme Court makes clear that these laws that essentially make it legal to bully people you disagree with are wrong. The fury of the Left at the existence of one company that decides to decline business that goes against the owners principles is hard to understand. Why can't the Left leave Lorrie Smith alone; why can they not live and let live?

As a Lutheran, one understands that all us of are in the cross fire between God and the Devil. We are like mules, who will be ridden either by God or by the Devil. The story of Job describes our lives perfectly.  Much as we might like to live and let live, we are forced to pick a side. It is clear which side the State of Colorado is on.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

M. B. Matthews: A Biblical Reckoning

In the Bible, in the book of Isaiah, Chapter 5, he says "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" M. B. Matthews today at the American Thinker reminds us of this Bible verse in his post entitled Biblical Reckoning.

Many of us have cultural whiplash. At the risk of sounding simplistic, the Bible prophesied our upside-down reality eons ago by saying the time will come when people will call evil good, and good evil, when they will call right wrong, and wrong right. That time is here. The wisdom and prophetic treasures of the Bible are things that in these times should be dusted off and revivified, for those who have lost track of it. None of what is going on now in America is a surprise to the biblical Christian. We just never thought it would be this ugly.
And while we are at it, people are not born good. That is a lie from the pit because it implies that corruption comes from outside the person. It doesn’t. What we are seeing now in our culture is the outworking of the fallen nature of mankind. Goodness must be taught, which is why we have religion; guidelines must be drawn, or mankind reverts to his nature -- evil. The Bible pounds this home everywhere. The reason children must be taught not to kick, bite, steal and pound their little playmates is because they have a nature that is fallen. Were this not the case, little kids wouldn’t have to be taught good from evil, right from wrong. Religion, the good ones, anyway, recognize this nature and make the attempt to reverse it by teaching love, goodness, fairness, decency, selflessness, and kindness. Religion is essential to the proper working of our culture, as our Founders noted, yet it is vanishing.

Psalm 51 tells us that people are born in sin, and sin every day they live on this earth. We must be taught right from wrong, good from evil. We are not the innocents who know only good, as Adam and Eve were created.  They were led astray by Lucifer.  We, the children of Eve, continue in this evil.  Yet, we may be saved by the undeserved grace of God through the brutal death and resurrection of His Son. But such salvation is an individual thing. Our nation may be doomed to go the way of Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah, and other nations that did not listen to the ancient prophets. Lucifer, an angel created by God, turned his back on God, indeed wanted to be God. Lucifer can never repent. But we can. Let us repent before it is too late.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Let's Ignore the Crybables

 So, Christmas is over and apparently some are already looking to New Years Day and New Years resolutions.  Over at The Federalist, Eddy Scarry has a suggestions in New Year's Resolution: Ingore The Anti-Fun Woke Babies. Scarry points out that the woke outrage machine isn't based on principles, but rather on an agenda. He takes as an example a Netflicks Korean dating show. By the standards imposed on white Americans, the Koreans would be terribly racist. Yet there has been no outrage, and nobody has been cancelled.

Something hopefully left behind heading into the new year is the fake shock and hurt put on by the left’s little woke monsters by whatever the latest entertainment program is on any given streaming service.
They did it with Netflix and Dave Chappelle, then with Spotify and Joe Rogan, and they’re surely looking for something new. But it’s gotten so old, and for some reason they’re never called out for it all being an obvious lie. And you know it’s a lie not by what they target, but by what they excuse and ignore.
Netflix last month premiered the second season of “Single’s Inferno,” an original reality dating show created by the streaming service wherein a group of single Korean men and women mingle with the hopes of finding love. It’s darkly hilarious how earnestly racist the show is, over and over again, yet there have been no walk-outs at Netflix or winding pieces in The New York Times explaining why it needs to be pulled off the platform.
I don't watch Netflicks streaming services, so I haven't actually seen the show, but from Scarry's description, it must either be hilarious, or deeply serious. But in anycase, we should all just ignore the crybabies.

For Real Republicans, There Is No Justice

 In case you weren't paying attention, what with the press of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays Kari Lake lost her lawsuit to either overtun the election results or have a new elections ordered up.  She had good reason to believe that the election between herself and Ms. Hobbs had been rigged in Hobbs favor.   Fortunately, Rachel Alexander has done an analysis for us, and you can find at entitled The Dismissal of Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit Shows Voter Disenfranchisement No Longer Matters.

The trial court judge in Kari Lake’s election lawsuit predictably threw out her case on Saturday, putting on a sham trial that on the surface looked fair to the general public that doesn't know any better, but to legal minds was a travesty of justice. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson only gave her two days for a trial and issued his ruling immediately afterwards, even though he could have taken several days, and it was one of the biggest, most important cases in the country. Legal experts believe his decision was ghostwritten, they suspect top left-wing attorneys like Marc Elias emailed him what to say.
The standard should have been whether voters were disenfranchised, not all the additional hoops Thompson added. If inner city blacks had been disenfranchised, Thompson would not have added all those extra requirements, he would have made the law fit. Robert Gouveia, a rare attorney who isn’t afraid to speak up and who describes himself as watching prosecutors, judges and politicians, said the standard should have been whether there was voter suppression.
Instead, Thompson said Lake had to show an extremely vague, high bar in order to prevail, that an election official intentionally caused the printer changes in order to change the results of the election, and that it did affect the outcome. He explained away many of the disturbing election anomalies as accidents or mere coincidences. He ignored the vast majority of them; in a show of arrogance, his opinion was less than eight pages long.
She points out that the media routinely claim that successful election lawsuits are as rare as hen's teeth. But as it turns out, there are a lot of precedents the judge could have looked at in making his decision. One example is cited below, but Alexander cites other cases as well.
Thompson said in his opinion that it was unprecedented in history to set aside an election like that, but he was mincing words. It’s happened many times. In 2013, in Pembroke, North Carolina, a new election was ordered for town council after it came out that at least two candidates helped bring people to the town's early voting location who were ineligible to vote. In 2018, in Sharpsburg, North Carolina, a judge merely cited “an irregularity” as enough to order a new election. There, only 20-25 voters were alleged to have been disenfranchised.
Attorney Tom Renz analyzed the decision throwing out Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem’s similar election lawsuit and came to a similar conclusion, calling the judge’s reasoning “absolute garbage.”
You will want to read Rachel Alexander's analysis. What she has turned up is that Lake's election rigging was a a result of a concerted effort by the Arizona Democrat party and its many tentacles including the media and the lawyers and judges in Arizona. And it is not just Arizona. What Kari Lake's lawsuit has revealed is that for Republicans, there is no justice any more. If we don't stop them, we are becoming a one party nation.  At what point to we become Stalinist?

Friday, December 23, 2022

CDC Puts Government's Thumb on the Scale for Gun Control

According to The Truth About Guns The CDC Caving to Gun Control Groups Pressure Is the Very Definition of Political Corruption.

Last week’s bombshell report by The Reload showing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) purposefully omitted defensive-use data sets after being lobbied by gun control groups shows serious concerns with the government-funded agency that’s charged with saving lives and protecting people from health threats.
The revelation of twisting data to meet pre-determined conclusions is the antithesis of science. It is nothing short of censorship. It is, in fact, dangerous that CDC researchers are cherry-picking data to force an outcome.

That the CDC has been caught once again attempting to subvert the Constitution should surprise no one. It seems to be a constant theme with these people, but it is nonetheless disappointing.

Researchers at the CDC deleted a reference to a self-defense gun use study after gun control groups complained that including the data would prevent them pressuring Congress to pass more gun control laws, The Reload reported. It was the result of months of political arm-twisting by three different gun control groups – the Gun Violence Archive, GVPedia and the Newtown Action Alliance.
The groups took issue with a study by Gary Kleck, award-wining Professor Emeritus at Florida State University’s College of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Kleck’s study estimated defensive gun uses (DGU) happen between 60,000 and 2.5 million times per year in the United States. That 2.5 million figure was too much for the gun control groups to accept. Instead of providing refuting evidence, they killed the study and censored the data.
“[T]hat 2.5 Million number needs to be killed, buried, dug up, killed again and buried again,” Mark Bryant, one of the attendees who also runs Gun Violence Archive – the source for mainstream media’s “mass shooting” statistics. He wrote to CDC officials after their meeting, according The Reload, complaining of Kleck’s study. “It is highly misleading, is used out of context and I honestly believe it has zero value – even as an outlier point in honest DGU discussions.”
Professor Kleck stood by his research. “CDC is just aligning itself with the gun-control advocacy groups,” Kleck told The Reload. “It’s just saying: ‘we are their tool, and we will do their bidding.’ And that’s not what a government agency should do.”

That Kleck study was one of the first and helped to start the modern concealed carry revolution by pointing out that handguns are used far more to save lives than to murder. Many times, it is just the presence of a gun that heads off a crime, saving the lives of both the perpetrator and the victim. But gun control groups don't like it because it makes the case for more people carrying concealed firearms for personal defense, particularly for people who live in high crime neighborhoods.

Government should be neutral in this debate. Unfortunately, as we see, a government agency, using your and my tax money, are putting their thumbs on the scale. This is political corruption, and the Congress should put a stop to it.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Left Will Never Stop Trying to Take Away Your Rights

 D. Parker is an engineer, which may explain why I have an affinity for his 5 Freedom-Based Solutions to Mass Shootings. One thing I especially like about his 5 solutions is that they specifically argue against the instrumentality theory of crime.

What is the instrumentality theory? The notion that the amount of crime depends on the availability of the tools used to commit crime. Thus, under this theory, more guns = more crimes. But a cursory review of crime statistics shows that if guns were not available, murders would still be committed by knives, swords, hammers, screw drivers, steel pipes, baseball bats, neck ties, fists...well, the list is seemingly endless. Parker even brings back the now hard to find Male Your Own Gunfree Zone video. It is an amusing illustration of what would happen if Leftists instrumentality theory actually worked. But it does not.

As D. Parker points out, there is no need to take away the Constitutionally protected rights of Americans.

The fact is that repeating firearms have been around for 180 years, while semi-automatic firearms have been in existence for over a century. These types of mass murder attacks have been a phenomenon for only the past 30–40 years. Clearly, the cause is something other than the availability of guns.
We need to look at what society has been doing to our children for the past few decades, instead of what types of inanimate objects have been around for over 100 years. That will be the true solution to the problem, not trying to deprive the people of their common-sense civil rights.

So, why is it that no matter the situation, the only solution the Left proposes is the one that takes away guns from the average citizen? Like everything else, the Left intends to tear down this country. They are intent on destroying our rights, all of them including your 2nd Amendment rights.  That is why they will never stop trying to take away your ability to use the most effective means of self defense.  You and I therefore must be ever vigilant.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

A Wonderful Thought for Today

 Brian Parsons has piece at the American Thinker designed to remind us that no matter what our current issues and problems, God is in control. Nothing happens that God does not allow, and which He has not already figured into His plan. You can find the article at The One With the Government On His Shoulders. I must confess that I am one who sees the many problems our nation has, our Church has, and there is often a feeling that things could not get worse. But of course, many people throughout history would gladly trade places with us.

We often treat life like a destination and not a process. We live life as though we will have arrived at some point, and when we do, we can finally let down our guard and go into auto-pilot. We will finally have the American dream: a spouse, kids, a home, and a white picket fence. Or perhaps once we've reached this point, we will have the career advancement of our dreams. Perhaps we will reach the pinnacle of our careers, retire early, and travel the world. Life is not a destination, but a process.
The world would like to convince us that our circumstances are unique, and uniquely heinous. Unscrupulous politicians and policies create unpleasant circumstances from which we'd prefer to depart sooner than later. I'm reminded that a short three years ago, we were experiencing record abundance and progress, and then we were handed a global pandemic. The truth is that though the nature of the pandemic was unique and suspect, it doesn't begin to stack up in terms of its effect on the history of the globe. We were fortunate in that, technologically, we were positioned to rapidly deploy treatment and care for the infirm. We were fortunate to be able to shift our duties to remote work and learning in many cases.
In the Old Testament Book of Samuel, the people of Israel, displeased with the self-enriching policies of Samuel's sons, begged Samuel for a king. They did so because they grew envious of surrounding kingdoms and wanted a single authority who agreed with them to implement their desired policy prescriptions. God warned them that this would subject them to the whims of a singular authority who would demand a portion of their labor and their sons and daughters at his whim. They did not listen.
Much like ancient Israel, we, too, demand concentrated authority that will do our bidding, and we can finally arrive at our desired utopia. This is because it is much easier to persuade a singular authoritarian who thinks as we do than to go through democratic processes, stay involved within our communities, and rule from underneath as our Constitution prescribes. We treat our politics as a destination and not a process.
As we approach the anniversary of our Lord's birth it may be useful to remember that we are not really in control, that we are merely priviledged to live for a while in His creation. We Christians have the added priviledge of being sons and daughters of the Almighty by adoption. What a wonderful thought indeed.

Our Goverment Funded Chinese Military Research.

 An article from Senator Rand Paul dropped the bombshell report that the U. S. Government Funded Chinese Military Research. This is outrageous, but not surprising. We, the American people find out conclusively that OUR GOVERNMENT is using OUR MONEY to fun OUR GREATEST ENEMY against our best interests. One has to wonder at times which is worse: to live under a mafia don, or under the United States?

Last week, a bombshell intelligence report on the origins of COVID-19 was released by House Republicans with the explosive discovery that the United States government funded genetic manipulation of coronaviruses, not only at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but at a Chinese Military research facility.
House Republicans have released a document which reveals the U.S. government funded a Chinese Military Research Institute where a coronavirus scientist and general by the name of Zhou Yusen announced February 24,2020 that he’d already developed a COVID vaccine.
Vanity Fair published that three scientists they consulted felt that General Zhou would have had to have the genetic sequence in November to possibly develop a vaccine so fast. The official date China admitted to knowing the COVID sequence was Jan. 11, 2020.
We know that at least two Wuhan labs have published experiments where they insert furin cleavage sites into coronaviruses. The furin cleavage site allows the coronavirus to infect human cells. When COVID was sequenced, scientists discovered it to be the first SARS-like coronavirus to have a furin cleavage site.
On any number of issues, it seems the United States government is attempting to destroy the United States, and particularly the middle class. While I place maybe 90% of the effort on the Democrats and the Biden crime family, it is becoming apparent that it is a bipartisan effort. Under the circumstances, one wonders what the Republicans are going to do?

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Test Everything

Pandra Selivanov has a post today at the American Thinker entitled The Vatican defrocks priest who speaks for unborn children. It is unfortunate, but I don't think the defrocking had anything to do with blasphemous statements on social media.  How could it when Pope Francis puts up with homosexual behavior in the priesthood.  Instead, what I think brought on the defrocking was his support of President Trump and his refusal to bow to his bishop's orders to desist.

While being defrocked is both dramatic and unfortunate, it is not the end of the world, and indeed now Mr. Frank Pavone may be more free to act as God direct. Eric Sammons at Crisis Magazine has a more nuanced look at the situation entitled The Sad Case of Frank Pavone.

What are Catholics to think of this mess? To repeat, I don’t think we should have a knee-jerk “Vatican bad, canceled priest good” reaction.
First, it’s obvious we live in a lawless Church. When rules are selectively enforced by authorities, that’s not the rule of law, it’s the rule of dictators. We see countless examples of priests preaching heresies and supporting evil with no punishment coming their way. Also, the irony is too rich when a Vatican that allowed the Pachamama idol to be venerated on its grounds would now suddenly have a problem with blasphemy. It’s hard not to see this action against Pavone as a vindictive act against someone whose politics does not line up with the current regime at the Vatican.
Yet this action also raises an important question: what makes a faithful priest? Or, worded differently, what makes a priest unfaithful and therefore worthy of punishment? The faithful priest is faithful to two things: (1) the teachings of the Church; and (2) his legitimate ecclesial authorities. Being unfaithful to either of these two requires discipline and possibly even punishment from a priest’s superiors.
Thus, a priest like Fr. James Martin violates the first rule of priestly faithfulness. He rejects Church teaching on human sexuality (although, like his master the devil, he presents his dissent deceptively enough to fool many). Because of this, he should have been disciplined long ago by his religious superiors in the Society of Jesus. Yet he continues as a priest in good standing with a very public (and papally-endorsed) profile. A lawless Church indeed.
Pavone, however, has shown no indication of being unfaithful to Church teachings—by all accounts, he is committed to orthodox Catholicism. But has he been faithful to his legitimate ecclesial authority? That’s not so clear.
And here we run into a bit of a problem. One has an obligation to obey Christ first. As a priest under authority, he must still test everything against the truth of Christ's teaching. It seems like the Church hierarchy is acting vindictively against a faithful priest. But then that brings into question the whole issue of a pope, who claims to be a greater equal among equals, with special powers such as infallibility under certain circustances. But as we have learned, church teachings can change, church councils have contradicted each other. Perhaps the pope is one of those Christ warned us about being false prophets coming in His name.  Under these circumstances, Luther's idea of grounding theology in Scripture makes sense.

And that brings us back to what any faithful Christian must do: test everything according to Christ's teachings.

Dobbs: SCOTUS Was Right to Rip The Bandage Off

 Michael Brown at today has an article asking From A Practical Pro-Life Perspective, Was The Overturning of Roe A Good Thing? I will tell you right now that you should read the whole article, but he answers his own question in the afirmative. So, what causes the question in the first place? Michael has been reading people who think it may have been better for our current political situation had the SCOTUS taken a more incrimental approach.

It could be argued that a more incremental approach to the overturning of Roe might have been better than its dramatic overturning in June. After all, some might say, the Court could have made a series of incremental decisions, beginning with letting the Dobbs case stand, thereby triggering a less extreme reaction from the pro-abortion side. As it is, the pro-abortion pushback has been intense and costly.
Here are 5 reasons why that line of thinking is deeply flawed.
The very first reason mentioned above is the most important, namely that the original decision was bad law, and it should have been overturned long ago. It is bad law because there was never any Constitutional basis for it. It simply is not in the powers listed in the Constitution for either the SCOTUS or for the Congress to deal with abortion. Rather, it is up to each state to regulate abortion.
First, Roe was bad law from the start, made even worse by the reaffirmation and expansion of Casey in 1992. Both of these cases were decided poorly – no, outrageously – and the sooner an egregious law can be overturned, the better. All the more is this the case when that law has given the appearance of legality to the shedding of oceans of innocent blood.
Then there is the moral issue. Overturning Roe saves babies. It is unfortunate that this comes in as number 5, but it reflects on our poor degraded society. It is also interesting that overturning Roe is probably saving more black and brown babies than white ones, because those are the largest number babies aborted before Roe was overturned. But you will never hear race hustlers cheering this decision. Please go read the whole article though.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Fighting With a Dull Knife

 Over at the American Thinker Olivia Murray has a post today entitled Apply border security poilicy to GOP too that argues that the Republican big tent policy diffuses conservative messages. Allowing people who are liberal to run for offices means that if they get into office, they will vote for leftist policies with the Democrats. As has often been pointed out, why should voters vote for a pretend Democrat instead of the real thing.

A political party is a machine, and it has one function: to serve as a vehicle to advance a political agenda. We see the Democrats have mastered this approach; they’ll cheat principled leftists like Bernie Sanders, and there’s no room for those who don’t toe the company line (Tulsi Gabbard and Kyrsten Sinema). Democrats in government and their party apparatus are in perfect lockstep towards communism, perversion, and lawlessness.
Yet, the contemporary Republican Party is more than happy to bring everyone under the “Big Tent.” ‘Belief in conservative values not required, we’re happy to have you!’
Gabbard defects, she’s welcomed with open arms, touted as a conservative “icon”. If Bill Maher were next — pro-abortion, Biden-supporting Bill Maher — he too would receive a place at the head table.
Yet, ideological purity isn’t a lot to ask, especially when measured against the standard of the Constitution. After all, it’s the supreme law, our most authoritative governing document. The ideas and limits contained within it aren’t radical in and of themselves, but they’re radical to a bunch of soft “Republicans” who have been capitulating to leftist assaults for decades — the Constitution’s Tenth Amendment makes it clear, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” This reality nullifies the right of nearly 100% of the federal bureaucracy to exist, yet, to many conservatives, abolishing these agencies would be “radical” or “too extreme.” (And that would only be the first step in restoring the Constitution.)
Rather than being an instrument to instill principles of conservatism and Constitutional adherence, the ethos of the modern Republican Party is nothing more than a safe space for Democrats seeking asylum from the hardline Marxists who took over their party, and a cocktail hour for the moderate misfits looking for friends — inevitably, this opens the door for serious subversion and nefarious infiltrators.
Gentle readers may not be from North Carolina, so may not pay much attention to Thom Tillis, but Tillis has always been a RINO even in the state house. About the only thing he does for the Republican party is contribute to the numbers for purposes of extablishing majority control. Other than that, he is useless as a Republican. Witness his latest attempt at an immigration bill with Kyrsten Sinema. Does he really think North Carolina voters want more illegal immigrants?

The Democrats have become a Communist/Fascist party. We need a party to represent people who want to return to the Constitution. Governing according to the Constituion is not right wing, as Conservatives are so often accused of, but should be considered the middle of our political spectrum. As Murray notes, governing according to the Constitution would mean far fewer Federal agencies, but nore state ones. It would mean having each branc staying within its own lane.

The Republican Party is our apparatus, to advance constitutional conservatism, but we’re fighting with a dull knife. We can’t win battles against the Democrat party, because we’re neither grounded in the Constitution nor objective morality. We need to right the ship and correct course.

The Church of Satan

Bruce Deitrick Price asks, at American Thinker today Why Are Communist Determined to Destroy the US? I will get into Price's great history of Marxist behaviour which has required a great deal of research to tease out. But while history does answer the question indirectly, let me put it more explicitly. The Communists need to destroy the United States because while it stands, it stands as a rebuke to to the Communists. Marxism is a radically materialist philosophy. So, in order for it to work as a advertised, they must out produce the United States. But as over 100 years have shown, no Communist society has actually succeeded in doing that. For true believers, it must be frustrating, and Communist theorists, rather than admitting that they were wrong, have sought to blame anything but their own sad theories.

One of the books I am currently reading is The Devil and Bella Dodd by Paul Kengor and Mary Nicholas. The book brings to light the personal history of one person who became a Communist true believer, and worked for the American Communist party, before repenting, and seeking the Catholic faith of her childhood. But what we see is that Communism is a religion even if it is a materialist religion. It is a religion that hates God and his Son, Jesus Christ. Rather than being atheist, Communists want more than anything to destroy Christ's Church.

One of the most insideous ways the Communists have broken societies is by creating a sexual revolution.  The current sexual distortion, such as the LGBTad nauseum movement has a long history.  Everywhere Communists go, they attempt to introduce these things.

Education, as we'll see, is the first refuge of scoundrels. Do you imagine that this school board is hip and cutting-edge? In fact, liberals have had few new ideas in more than a century. During World War 1, the communist government of Hungary "imposed a system of pornographic sex education on Hungarian school pupils." Ever since, communists have tried the same pervy tricks again and again.
During World War 1, the deputy people's commissar for culture and education was an extreme Marxist named György Lukács, then considered the most brilliant communist since Marx himself. He advocated promiscuity, denounced the family, and encouraged children to mock their parents and religion. The question Lukács posed was, "Who will save us from Western civilization?"
Marxist theory circa 1900 said that if Europe ever erupted in war, the working classes in every European country would rise in revoltand create a new communist Europe. Instead, the workers in every country lined up by the millions to fight their country's enemies.

You see the problem? Marxism predicts that the workers in the then new industrial revolution would rise up agaist their "oppressors." But several things happened. First, governments passed laws that forced the so called capitalists to recognize and acknowledge workers rights. In other words, workers could not be treated as a new form of serf. Workers began demanding better compensation and working conditions, which tended to short circuit the revolutionary instinct. Then there was the lack of a uniting leadership, chain of command, money, weapons, strategy, indeed all the usual things one would need for a successful revolution.

Always remember that Marx had predicted inevitable communist revolution caused by economic factors. Now it turns out that, as a first step, the revolutionaries have to dismantle the entire Christian revolution. Bottom line, this new Marxism had little resemblance to the older Marxism except a hatred for everything that disagreed with them.

And there is the other half. They are determined to destroy the Church by (you've probably heard this before) any means necessary. In their quest, they will destroy the nuclear family, the unit of any successful means of governing. They mean to break appart our society because they have not been successful persuing their own materialist ideas.

I don't think I am spoiling the plot for gentle readers if I tell you that Kengor and Nicholas, in their book The Devil and Bella Dodd that Communists groom their members, that they carefully prevent them from reading any conflicting information that might diagree with the narrative. They especially do not want their members reading a Bible. Perhaps that explains the affinity between Communists and Muslims. Communists don't call their religion the church of Satan, but that is what it is; that is who they worship.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

On The Limits of Tolerance

 Today, at Kurt Schlichter tells America, We Can Choose Not To Tolerate Weirdos. What Schlicter means is that, sure, you live and let live with these weirdos. You tolerate them doing things you find unacceptable as long as it doesn't affect any adult who doesn't want it. Children are a different matter. Do not mess with children.

But when it comes to positions of responsibility, we do not have to tolerate such nonsense. Tolerance has its limits.  Indeed, we should not tolerate freaks in positions of responsibility. Responsibility for things that affect life and death, or the children should only be handled by people who have their heads on straight.

Somehow we got to the point where we're expected to just nod politely when freaks, strangeos, and perverts turn up in positions of great responsibility. Well, that needs to change. Whether it's some "non-binary" bondage mutant who oversees America's nuclear waste betwixt bouts of luggage larceny or an Army colonel who – and yeah, this happened – masks up as a leather sex puppy in uniform on social media and who, along with junior officers, also dressed as carnal canines, forms what I guess would be an erotic litter. And then there's the everyday parade of creepy groomer oddities teaching our kids – actually, indoctrinating them – who are so proud of it that they go post videos of themselves bragging about the gender confusion and woke nonsense they spread. Time to stop accepting the idea that we need to pretend weirdos are not weird.
Who, I would like to know, entrusted our nuclear waste handling to this sicko? Nuclear wasted is serious stuff, and the security surrounding its disposal requires full attention to detail. One wonders what this guy is thinking about all day. Then there's the Army Colonel who thinks he is a dog, dresses up in a leather dog mask, and evidently plays puppy. Evidently he has men under him who do the same. Now, women complain about being sexually harrassed by more senior officers. What about men forced to play doggy for their senior officers? Again, an officer ought to be focused on ensuring he and his men are ready to fight the next war.
You know, this whole live and let live thing has outlived its usefulness, not least of all because that concept never applies to us normal people who like family and church and not dressing up as OnlyFans Lassie. There is a big difference between sending the cops to break down the door of Colonel Colliecoupler's kennel to roust the secret sex pack and refusing to let a grown man who thinks it's cool to dress up as a bondage beagle and have sex with similarly costumed people lead American soldiers.
These are bad things, and people should not do them. You should not assume some non-existent sex and rip-off baggage, or bump paws with other people dressed up in Doberman drag, or come into a classroom with green hair, a bolt through your nose, and a desire to invent new pronouns so you can turn kids into baffled basket cases. These things are not okay, and we have no moral obligation to give those who do them jobs of great responsibility. In fact, through all of human history, until like five years ago, mankind understood that crazy people should not be empowered, and we got along fine without the contributions of dudes with mustaches dressed like Lola Falana swiping Samsonites off the baggage claim conveyor belts of every airport from LAX to DCA.
It's not hard. Say it with me.
You are a weirdo, and being a weirdo disqualifies you from any kind of serious job.
Go read Schlichter's article. If you are like me, if nothing else you will be in awe of his inventive use of insults. But beyond that, he has a point. We are not being asked to tolerate things we know to be wrong. We are being forced to accept and celebrate things we know to be immoral, improper, and wrong. People say, and I don't know it to be fact, that J. Edgar Hoover liked to dress up in drag. The thing is, he never let it get out in public. I am a live and let live guy. So it didn't bother me much. But we are now being forced to accept and celebrate the sick, the weird, the queer, the freakish as somehow being better than plain vanilla normal.  Vive la difference, we are told.  I say balderdash.

People say that you are not nice if you don't treat these people with respect. Well, Jesus was not nice when he called the Pharisees and Sadducees a brood of vipers. But he saw the world as it is, and called things by their proper names. We should do the same.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

A Reminder: Do Not Forget Operation Fast and Furious

Here's the last post for today. At Ammoland David Codrea has a piece on the Calculated Destruction of 'Gunwalker' Evidence Shows ATF Cover-up Ongoing. The Gunwalker evidence he is referring to was the result of a scheme by Eric Holder as the Obama administration Attorney General, and the Bureau of Alchol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to illegally sell guns to Mexican drug cartels with, one surmises, the hope that these would show up in crimes and be traced back to the United States to raise cries for more gun control. The operation was called Fast and Furious, and despite the death of border patrol agent Brian Terry, no one has been prosecuted for these crimes.

“Yesterday, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) notified us that it intends to destroy the firearms associated with the botched Operation Fast and Furious,” Rep. Jim Jordan, ranking member of the House Committee on the Judiciary, wrote to ATF Director Steven Dettelbach on Dec. 6. “I strongly urge you to reconsider this decision and request that you preserve this evidence.”
The reasons for Jordan’s letter should be self-evident, but he nonetheless spells them out—not so much for Dettelbach, who knows and is plotting this move because of them – but for the benefit of interested gun owners and for other Americans with open minds still interested in holding accountable those government actors responsible for overseeing a criminally negligent (at best) operation that has resulted in untold deaths to date.
That ongoing legal actions require evidence to be preserved and that ATF, the agency that stonewalled investigations and retaliated against whistleblowers now seeks to be the agent of its destruction, is a good circumstantial indicator that its priority remains one of covering up.
Please to read Codrea's article. We have not forgotten the crimes performed by our supposed law enforcement officers. Indeed, they have simply become ever more blatant and obvious in their criminal activity because they think they are immune. So far they are right.

Why Red Flag Laws Are Not The Answer

I haven't spoken up about the red flag laws lately. In part that is because other issues have intruded. But it also seems as if no one is heeding the fact that these laws are unconstitutional. The take away due process, violating the 4th, 6th and of course 2nd Amendments. Nonetheless, now 19 states and the District of Corruption er Columbia have some form of red flag laws. But these laws are used capriciously and have done very little to prevent mass shootings. But red flag laws are also extremely vulnerable to abuse by bad actors.

In a piece at the American Thinker today, entitled Red Flag Laws Subvert Due Process and Ignore Psychiatric Drugging Issues Jessica Geraghty tells us:

I asked Mark Oliva, Managing Director of Public Affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), what his thoughts are on red flag laws. “The NSSF is never opposed to red flag laws so long as those laws have due process rights and protections written into them,” says Oliva. “The difficulty is that [out of] the 19 states and the District of Columbia that have those laws right now, none of them have due process rights and protections written into them.”
Oliva provides a hypothetical example of a woman whose abuser calls authorities and reports that she is suicidal so her firearm should be taken away. Under the current red flag laws some states have, while she is awaiting procedural due process, she would be unarmed and unable to protect herself and therefore vulnerable to the abuser. Oliva also points to the failure of authorities in these states that do have red flag laws to utilize them properly to remove firearms from the possession of individuals such as the shooter in Buffalo, New York. Oliva points out that the Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron was never given a mental health hearing after his family expressed concerns about his erratic behavior and therefore was still allowed to have the firearm in his possession. Oliva points out that despite these failures to properly enforce the laws these states already have, there are louder and louder cries for more gun control.

We have already seen police kill "Red Flagged individuals" while serving red flag orders. Indeed, this is because they are often not a party to these orders, so are dumb founded when served. One can see this happening all the time. Indeed, some laws are so vague that any member of the public who discovers that you own guns can slap a red flag order on you. And you have no defense. The real purpose of red flag laws is to give gun grabbers an additional tool to confiscate guns from law abiding gun owners.

Red Flag laws are not made in good faith. If they were, they wouldn't violate so many Constitutionally guaranteed rights. There is literally no emergency that allows the suspension of our Constitutional rights. If there were, our betters would have long ago suspended them. Please go read Geraghty's article.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Another "pandemic" is on the way

 Olivia Murray has a chilling post at the American Thinker today entitled Buckle up: Bill Gates and the Globalists quietly conduct a new exercise-Catastrophic Contagion. First Ms. Murray reviews the incredible, indeed unbelievabley coincidental time line of Event 201 and the actual COVID-19 pandemic. In this case, while the general rule is once is an accident, twice a coincidence, three times is planned, we can take one time as a planned strike.  They clearly had the virus, it was just a matter of releasing it into the wild.

But now it appears there is another tabletop exercise for another viruse, this one more contagious and more destructive of human life.  Don't forget that several members of the WEF believe in population reduction, and what better way than with biological warfare.

First of all, this report illustrates one of the biggest obstacles to a free world, a message which is overtly relevant to America: bureaucrats should not be practicing making policy decisions, that responsibility lies in the hands of legislators, all of whom are bound to confines laid forth in the Constitution and respective state constitutions.
Yet, that’s exactly why these sorts of people are pushing for a global “pandemic treaty” to subjugate sovereign nations to the will of a global government.
Secondly, it’s worth noting exactly who the players are for “Catastrophic Contagion”: we have ambassadors from the WHO (the organization leading the charge for the “pandemic treaty”), we have Bill Gates himself, and two of the Event 201 figures (Tom Inglesby and Anita Cicero).
Lastly, we must deduce that this is a harbinger, just like Event 201 was. Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset has not been fully realized, and whether we like it or not, that’s the end goal.
I am reading a book on Martin Luther and his reformation to bring the Church at Rome into alignment with the Bible. One of the problems at that time was the huge temporal power weilded by the popes. The obvious intent was to establish God's kingdom on earth. But God doesn't need people to establish His kingdom.  He is quite capable of doing so in His own time. In the meantime, this world is still ruled by the Devil, and he is a liar, a murder, and an enslaver.

Like it or not, the Great Reset will no more establish a utopia on earth than did the Church at Rome. When at least half of the world lives on $2 a day, and realizing that the Great Reset can only have whatever they can steal from you and me, can they really deliver on their promises? Or are their promises just lies, meant to enslave you, as our ancestors Adam and Eve were enslaved in sin.

Monday, December 12, 2022

A Relationship with God

 Yesterday was busy, with going to church, having a church voters meeting, and running several small errands.  The last were deemed necessary.  However, I did read a very good article at the American Thinker by Deana Chadwell entitled Reimagining the Secular Fairytale

We are frequently harangued about “reimagining” whatever it is the left wants to destroy -- reimagine sexuality, policing, education, elections. For me, “imagining” is for fairytales, for Tolkeinish worlds of orcs, hobbits, and magic rings, for Narnia and Cair Paravel. It’s not for public policy, not for laws and regulations that can adversely affect millions of real, flesh-and-blood people. Our nation is suffering mightily under fantastical decisions made by people who either don’t know what they’re doing, or do know and don’t care; they’re too busy imagining their own wealth and power.
I’d like to turn the tables on this make-believe, pie-in-the-sky rip-off and do a different kind of “imagining.” I’d like to explore a different tack -- one that hasn’t been in effect for quite a while -- in fact, has rarely in human history been tried. Let’s imagine….
What, for instance, would happen if we -- at least, say a quarter of us, actually saw God as an absolute reality? Not as one of many “religious” options, but as the reality of realities, as the one Being that exists outside of time, outside of space, Who is actually the Inventor of those two dimensions. What if our days were filled with wonder -- wonder at the amazing minuteness of creation, at the immensity of the universe, at the beauty and efficacy of all that He has made? This shouldn’t be hard to do; science is discovering daily new evidence that this is so. Our own observations -- the hummingbirds at the feeder, the glories of the sunrise, the thunderous power of the weather -- should at least make us ponder. Surely the ability of all animal life to “see” is a miracle, the complexity of reproduction, the glories of gemstones found buried in the earth, the wonders of a seed -- doesn’t all that at least give us pause?

Not only is God real, indeed the reality of realities, but while many people believe in "a God," they don't believe He has much to do with our world. And of course, why would He. After all, we don't seem all that inviting, do we? But if one looks around, he will be able to see miracles happening everywhere he looks. While we are ignoring God, he continues to be involved with us.

The truth is that God loves us. We don't deserve his love. He loves us bedause of who He is, not because of anything we have done. It is a gift. Indeed, He loves us so much that He sent his only begotten son to die a cruel, brutal and humiliating and innocent death on a cross to reconcile us to Him. He wants a relationship with us.

Realizing all this, perhaps we should have a relationship with Him. We could start by praying in the morning our gratitued that he has preserved us and asking for His guidance through the day. And in the evening, praying our gratitude again for bringing us all the things we needed that day. Indeed, if you don't know it, the Lord's prayer, being what Jesus Himself taught us to pray, is the perfect prayer:

Our Father, who art in heaven, 
hallowed be Thy name. 
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done, 
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day, our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses, 
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen
Please go read all of Chadwell's article. Please also consider going to a church every Sunday. Some churchs are becoming "woke" but since God never changes, we know that the woke agenda is not reality. Find a church that cleves to the ancient traditions. And try praying every day.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Maricopa or Die

 Jack Gleason, in an article today at the American Thinker entitled Maricopa or Die thins that at last, the lost of the Gubinatorial race by Kari Lake may be the turning point in terms of election integrity. Despite a huge lead in the polls taken just before the election, Lake appears to have lost to her opponent Katie Hobbs. Hobbs, who is still the Secretary of State of Arizona refused to recuse herself. The election came down to Maricopa County.

It's been a month since the November elections, and it's obvious that serious irregularities exist in our voting systems. Unless they are exposed and fixed, our country will have been taken over by our internal and external enemies, and we will never recover.
All of the efforts to fight back against the fraud nationwide have been unsuccessful except for in Maricopa County, Arizona. Kari Lake, the gubernatorial candidate, is still fighting — filing lawsuit after lawsuit in an effort to overturn the "results" in her campaign, where the current secretary of state in charge of the election, Katie Hobbs, was her opponent. Hobbs wouldn't recuse herself despite the fact that she would be overseeing her own election. Unbelievable! When outrageous election problems caused some counties to withhold their vote certifications, Hobbs threatened them with class 6 felonies.
Not only did Katie Hobbs bully her own county supervisors, but Elon Musk's recent revelations show how she worked with Twitter to silence her critics.
The mainstream media have been working overtime to repress the story and trash the credibility of Kari Lake. But there are a few brave souls tilting against the windmills of organized propaganda — if you know where to look.

Gleason goes on to show statistics that, if not impossible, are pretty suspect. One thing that he points out is that typically, there are more votes for those at the top of the tickets in either party. For the Democrats, this remained as usual. Hobbs and Kelly recieved the most votes compared to the down ticket races. On the republican side, however, Lake and Masters did not receive the most votes. Very strange. And it points to rigging of the election.

Please go read the whole article. Say a prayer that Lake will prevail in her lawsuit. More to the point, there needs to be some consequencees to these activities. Perhaps Hobbs should spend some time behind bars, while Lake governs Arizona?

NC State Treasurer Calls Out BlackRock's Larry Fink

 Let me start today by pointing to a piece at by Spencer Brown in which North Carolina's State Treasurer Calls On BlackRock CEO To Resign . I mentioned BlackRock as one of the corporations using investors money to enforce ESG provisions on other companies. BlackRock is doing this because its CEO, Larry Fink is a WEF "Youth Global Leader" graduate. But as the State Treasurer of North Carolina, Dale Folwell points out, Fink has a fiduciary responsibility to his investors, many of which are state pension funds, to secure the best rate of return from its investments, not ESG scores.

What BlackRock is doing is using money placed in BlackRock's care to manage to enforce what Larry Fink thinks needs to be done, rather than what will return the most profit on the money invested. So, for example, Fink, using the funds entrusted to BlackRock, which is not his own, invested money in Exxon Mobil, then forced Exxon Mobil to divert some of its (Exxon's)  money to climate change, thus lowering Exxon's return to investors. This is clearly an abuse of his fiduciary responsibility to not only his own investors, but Exxon's investors as well.

Good for Dale Folwell. I hope more more states take similar stances. Control of BlackRock needs to be wrested away from the WEF before it is too late.

Friday, December 9, 2022

The Return of the Robber Barons

 Brian Parsons has an article today at the American Thinker entitled 21st Century Robber Barons: the WEF. What is a robber baron? Parsons starts by explaining the term, which hasn't been used since the early part of the 20th Century.

In the 1870s, the term “robber baron” was first used to describe an exploitative class of industrialists who utilized their wealth to create monopolies of resources and amass control in the fledgling United States. The name describes an illegitimate aristocracy of unelected plutocrats. John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie; all American industrial royalty whose names line the streets of America and the pages of our history books. One hundred fifty years later, we face a new global class of robber barons.
Once a year, the world’s richest and most influential people meet behind closed doors in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss the future direction of the globe. Known as the World Economic Forum, they were originally founded in 1971 by German engineer Klaus Schwab. Look at any major global policy push in recent history, and you’ll likely find the fingerprints of the World Economic Forum. From climate alarmism to ESG investing to our obsession with sustainability and population control or a push for centralized and authoritarian government, we find the handiwork of the World Economic Forum.
He goes on to cite example after example of rich people who use their wealth, or worse,  their corporations wealth which is essentially other people's money, to serve themselves at your and my expense. For example, Blackrock uses its investers' money to force other corporations to submit to ESG behaviors at the expence of prfits for those investors.

The original robber barons just lobbied the Federal government for better tax treatment. These guys want to turn us into primative serfs who eat algae and bugs and work for them as slaves. So how has Schwab done this? By training a buch of "Young Global Leaders" to infiltrate governments and corporations around the world. All of these "Young Global Leaders" have drunk the kool-aid, are convinced of the rightness of their policies, and keep chugging along no matter how destructive and unpopular these policies may be. As an example:
The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders collective is a veritable who’s-who of politicians, tech titans, corporate executives, philanthropists, celebrities, and financiers worldwide. You don’t have to look far to find their influence. In the United States, we find their people in finance at organizations like Blackrock, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, CitiBank, and Mastercard. In technology, we find their people at Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft, Amazon, and more. In the media, they’re at Fox, CNN, CBS, Forbes, Bloomberg, the NY Times, and the Washington Post. In government, they hold governorships, congressional seats, mayorships, federal cabinet positions, and more. At the universities, they’re presidents, faculty, lecturers, and researchers. There is no sector they do not touch.
Every extreme policy push in America of the last five years overlaps with the objectives and people of the World Economic Forum. The neo-Marxist Critical Race Theory push following the death of George Floyd? Ibram X. Kendi is a Young Global Leader. Environmental Social Governance investing? The World Economic Forum counts dozens of ESG executives from financial firms among its members. Financial firms like Blackrock outbidding residential home buyers for residential properties? This aligns with their objective to create a tenant class. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express pushing for a backdoor gun registry in the U.S.? All WEF partners as well.
The United States is a particular target of the WEF, but its Young Global Leaders have infiltrated the whole world: Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France...the list is long. Please go read all of Brian Parsons' article.  It is positively chilling.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Stop Falling For The Scam

 Have I mentioned that "Climate Change" is a scam to transfer money and power from you to scum bags claiming to be "elites?"  If I haven't, Laura Hollis has an article at certainly spells it out in an article entitled 'Save The World' Is a Racket; Stop Falling For It.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of colossally failed cryptocurrency platform FTX, is just the latest swindler to parlay grandiose aspirations into a scam that goes down in flames and takes other people's money with it. Bankman-Fried (who goes by "SBF") set records in that department; he is said to have lost up to $51 billion. SBF claimed to be a devotee of "effective altruism," a philosophy that argues in favor of becoming "filthy rich" so that one can then "give it all away."
Bankman-Fried was yet another poster boy for left-wing corporate do-gooders. But behind the self-effacing charade, the magazine covers, and fawning media coverage was a cynical little spoiled brat who treated the company like his own "personal fiefdom," according to James Bromley, a restructuring attorney who has been hired to represent the company, now in bankruptcy. For example, SBF spent more than $300 million on vacation homes and another real estate in the Bahamas for himself and other FTX employees. He loaned billions of dollars of client funds "off the books" to the trading firm run by his girlfriend, which promptly lost them in poor "investments." In a filing with the bankruptcy court, Bromley described the internal operations of FTX as having "a lack of corporate controls at a level that none of us in the profession that have looked at it so far have ever seen."
In a text interview with Vox reporter Kelsey Piper, SBF was hardly contrite. "F--- regulators," he wrote, admitting that statements he had made to the contrary in hearings dealing with crypto consumer protection in Washington, D.C., earlier this year were complete bunk.
Piper countered, "you were good at talking about ethics, for someone who kind of saw it all as a game with winners and losers." Bankman-Fried responded, "ya. hehe. I had to be. it's what reputations are made of to some extent. I feel bad for those who get f---ed by it. by this dumb game, we woke westerners play where we say all the right shibboleths (sic) and so everyone likes us."
BOOM. There it is, in a nutshell.
They always make baseless promises that if we just give them our money and power, they will make things better. The Jacobins brought on the Reign of Terror. Very entertaining watching peoples' heads roll, but did it improve anyone's life? Currently the climate scammers are attempting to run a Great Reset which, if they succeed will reset us back to the middle ages or beyon. Just like the Reign of Terror, many of us are sure to die, but without the entertainment of watching heads roll.

As Hollis says, Stop Falling For The Scam!

Stupid or Evil?

Kurt Schlichter today at has an article asking Just How Stupid Are Senator Thom Tillis And The Rest Of The Republican Establishment? Schlichter, being from California, can be forgiven here, but those of us living in North Carolina can tell him that Tillis seems to be pretty damn dumb. In the state house, Tillis was the bane of the Grass Roots North Carolina's existence. Grass Roots is a gun rights organization, and Tillis did everything possible to block our proposals. So, the fact that he is acting as the 52nd Democrat Senator is no surprise.

You think the party's leadership has reached peak dumb and then – for the first and only time in history – the GOPe exceeds your expectations. You might think, in the wake of yet another couple of humiliating defeats, the Establishment would undertake a deep and searching personal inventory, but if it did that then it would not be the dumbest leadership of the dumbest party in American politics. And American politics includes the Libertarian Party.
The Tillis Plan is actually remarkable in its comprehensive idiocy. Basically, Tillis allows millions of illegal aliens to become Democrat-voting citizens – and import their entire families – in return for the Democrats pinky-swearing that they will sort of enforce the law that is already on the books a little more than they are doing now, which is none. No wall, of course. No stepped-up deportations. Nothing but a promise from an administration that has already refused to keep its promise to enforce the law. Charlie Brown would see this football pull coming. Wimpy will be at Tillis's door dunning the Senator for burger money for which he will happily repay him Tuesday. And then he'll stiff him.
Really – is Tillis stupid? This seems more than normal dumb. It seems pathological. Does he need a clinical workup? It's charitable to assume the senator is merely a dumbass – hell, every one of us remembers every other "amnesty for broken promises" scam, so why doesn't he? The alternative is that Tillis is in active collusion with our enemies. After all, what would he be doing differently if he was?

Note, of course, that this idiocy comes just after Tillis, along with Senator Burr betrayed the people of North Carolina by voting for the so called Respect for Marriage Act which will give the LGBTQ++etc, etc, etc "community" the go ahead to harrass and sue Christians wherever we don't bow down to Satan.

So, no, I don't believe Tillis is stupid. I beleive he is acting in concert with evil people.  Schlichter on the other hand has much more to say on Republican stupidity, which is legendary, so go read the whole thing.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Profound Depravity of the Left

 Mark Lewis, at has a article today entitled The Twitter Documents and Marxist Morality, that ties in nicely with the previous post (below). People tend to think of Marxist philosophy as relatively modern. But in fact, it is the second oldest philosophy on the planet. First was God, and everything was good. Then Lucifer tempted mankind in the form of a snake, and ever since people have know both good and evil. Due to this original sin, we each must work hard every day to do the right thing, with God's help. Too often, we do not.

But I digress. Back to the article:

Elon Musk is releasing many records from Twitter which have the potential to be very damaging to the Democratic Party (Republicans to the rescue?). The news is everywhere so I won’t reiterate the details. One question I have is, is anybody surprised?
No conservative is, of course. Many, many people are convinced that the Democratic Party stole the election of 2020 from Donald Trump through various voting fraud methods, and now the information is being disclosed that they pressured at least Twitter to suppress news, right before that election, which could have been harmful to Joe Biden. Again, I ask, is anybody surprised that they did that? I doubt even honest liberals, if such exist, are shocked by these revelations. The constant refrain that the 2020 election was “the most secure in history” was suspicious enough. Now, the evidence is truly coming forth that the Democrats illegally tried to manipulate the election in their favor. Such actions are completely in harmony with their philosophical and moral system.
Leftist morality is ever-changing to meet whatever circumstance is required. The Left’s history is longer, wider, and deeper than Marxist thought, but Marxism is certainly at the core of many modern liberal ideas. Regarding history and morality, Friedrich Engels wrote, “Each stage (in the Marxist historical “process”) is necessary and therefore justified for the time and conditions to which it owes its origins…for it (dialectic, i.e., Marxist, philosophy), nothing is final, absolute, sacred.” Historical justification—in other words, whatever is necessary, at a given point in time, to push “history” forward towards socialism—is the ONLY morality, the supreme ethical principle of the Left. There are no “final” solutions or eternal truths. Even slavery and incest were, to Marx and Engels, historically justified, within their historical circumstances. It’s all a “process” moving history “progressively forward” (see Thomas Sowell’s “Marxism” for a solid analysis).
The American Left is screaming at Elon Musk, but they are lying, and they know they are lying. But, to them, that’s justified. Anything is justified if it serves the cause and advances whatever agenda they want advanced. That’s “progressive,” a word they have co-opted (like “gay”) to manipulate Americans’ thinking. Again, the history of the communist parties of the Soviet Union and China, et al, are exemplary. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They murder. It’s all there in the history books. And the American Left is, philosophically, from its historical roots, no different from any other leftist on earth. For example, they have convinced the majority of the American people that it is acceptable to abort unborn children. But, they haven’t been able (yet) to get the one-party state they need to enact a “final solution” to their political opposition, as Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc. did. But Biden has been able to use big tech, the FBI, and the DOJ to silence, intimidate, harass, and even arrest many of his “enemies.” If the Left ever gets total power in America, expect the same consequences that have terrorized other Leftist totalitarian countries around the world. The Left kills people. Why not? There is no absolute morality as Marx, their patron saint, said.
Leftists will ever be among us, because Lucifer is always attempting to turn as many souls as possible to his own "Utopia," literally a hell hole. We must pray that God will intervene to put a limit on Satan's power for the good people here.

Republican Complicity in Voter Fraud

 J. R. Dunn is working on a book length history of Democrat election cheating, but he offers us a very brief history at the American Thinker today entitled Democrat Voter Fraud: A Brief History.

Before getting into the actual history, let us ponder the mindset of these Democrats who cheat in elections. Now, it is clear they know it is wrong, for otherwise, why hide it? Why, for example, drop batches of ballots into drop boxes in the middle of the night, wearing latex gloves? Why did David Dinkins in New York City have preloaded voting machines with votes for him hidden in a closed school? The fact of hiding of a crime indicates a knowledge of wrongdoing. Yet they do it anyway. The rewards clearly outweigh the consequences.

Dunn is at pains to note that the Democrat party has been cheating since the days of Andrew Jackson. Tammany Hall was a massive cheating operation in New York City that started in 1789 and though no longer called by that name, continues today. It's most famous personality was boss William Tweed. But to save space in a brief article, he only goes back some 30 years. Still, the original rules apply: its not who votes that count, but who counts the votes.

I have already mentioned the David Dinkins/Rudy Giuliani race, in which Dinkins had preloaded voting machines hidden in a closed school building ready to go. Unfortunately for Dinkins, these were discovered before the election so that Giuliani won. Another interesting case is Bush/Gore in 2000.

What actually happened is that Gore’s crowd created a strategy in which every possible vote-counting method would be utilized, with recounts repeated as many times as necessary until one was finally discovered that would overturn the results. These included attempts to carry out recounts only in Democrat strongholds such as Dade County while shutting down any such efforts on the Panhandle, home to many military retirees.
The Bush campaign took Gore to court to prevent such schemes, until finally, given the opportunity at last, the Florida State Supreme Court – almost exclusively Democrat-appointed -- found in favor of Gore’s demand that ‘undervotes” – ballots showing no presidential vote at all – be counted, while at the same time “awarding” him nearly 500 votes, a novel concept unheard of in American jurisprudence up to that date.
It was here, facing the prospect of a presidential election thrown by a corrupt Democrat court in full public view and in defiance of established precedent, that the U.S. Supreme Court finally stepped in, overturning the Florida court’s decision and ending the recount circus. Bush won with 537 votes. (A later media recount showed that Bush’s lead would have held in any reasonable recount process.)
Of course, I have spoken about the Al Franken case, but Dunn tells it better:
A similar chain of events occurred in the election of Al Franken in Minnesota in 2008. Incumbent Norm Coleman originally prevailed with over 700 votes, which were mysteriously whittled down to 200 in short order. Franken called for a recount, and begorrah, the votes suddenly started appearing. Some, anyway -- an envelope of votes from one county simply disappeared, but were counted regardless, the totals evidently being read out from tea leaves. By the time it all ended, Franken was ahead by 312 votes. Coleman, a Republican gentleman of the old school, made perfunctory efforts at protest, but was undercut by the GOP itself, led by former governor Arne Carlson, a RINO to rule them all, who had refused to endorse Coleman during the campaign.
Shortly after the election, it was discovered that at least 1,099 illegal votes had been cast by felons, that this had been known during the vote count, but had been ignored. Franken exchanged his diapers for a suit and spent the better part of two terms voting the way he was told and embarrassing his party before being forced out during the “MeToo” craze.
I would also note that Franken's vote was necessary in order to pass Obamacare. It might not have passed without his vote, so Democrat cheating has real world consequences.

Dunn spends a great deal of pixels on the 2020 election. It is obvious that the presidential election of 2020 was stolen. The media keep telling us that it was the freest, fairest election ever, but we know that sleepy Joe did not get 81 million votes. Some people think that keeping Trump from winning was worth the steal, but nobody deep in his heart of hearts believes that it was legitimate.

As for cheating at the voting level, everything that needs to be said was said in 2000 Mules, which summarized True the Vote’s investigation into the “irregularities” surrounding the election. The mechanism was simple: left-wing operatives dumping armfuls of votes into isolated drop-boxes at three in the morning. Literally thousands of hours of footage of this activity exists, and is featured in the film. (My favorite bit of evidence here involves the single bust of voter fraud that occurred – in Louisiana, of all places -- A critical piece of evidence involved fingerprints on the fake ballots. Within hours, vote dumpers across the nation appeared suddenly accoutered with vinyl gloves.)
It seems to me that it would be easy enough to “debunk” this if you really wanted to – simply track down those lefty operatives (we know who they are) and find out what they were actually doing in the middle of the night dropping boxloads of ballots while wearing gloves. If they’ve got a reasonable answer, fine. But they don’t… that’s why such “debunking” has never and will never occur.
All of which brings up the 2022 midterms. Again, the media try to explain this election as somehow legitimate, but their explanations are too weak. How to explain Fetterman, a man clearly unable to do the job. Either Pennsylvanians are insane, or there was voter fraud. I think it was the latter. Or Arizona, where a popular Gubinatorial candidate who was up in the polls by double digits ended up losing. The fact that her opponent was the Secretary of State and certified her own election stinks to high heaven. The fact that voting machines suddenly malfunctioned in the largest county in the state and only in Republican districts is another odiferous fact.

Finally, Republicans have taken very little action to see to it that fraudsters receive appropriate consequences. After all, in stealing an election, Democrats have taken away the legitimate votes of Republican voters. I'm sure many Republican voters are pissed about this. I know I am. Republicans should be defending Republican voters.  Which points to either cowardice on the part of Republicans, or to complicity in the fraud. I vote for complicity, which is the saddest part of all.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Does Apple Work for America or Communist China

 ICYMI, the Chinese people have been protesting nationally mandated lockdowns.  The Chinese Communist Party has been brutally shutting down these protestors, and Apple has been helping the CCP.  Sultan Knish, aka Daniel Greefield has an article entitled Apple Crushes Dissent in America and China.

The largest lockdown uprising in China took place at facilities run by Apple’s Foxconn supplier where workers had previously jumped to their deaths. After thousands fled the Apple gulag, making their way through the woods and rural areas to freedom, other employees battled with Communist authorities over abusive conditions and treatment in the iGulag.
Apple had nothing to say about the rights of those workers who thought differently enough to break free and fight back. If they were foolish enough to have iPhones, there’s little doubt the company would have eagerly helped authorities track them down to be imprisoned or killed.
“Think Different”, Apple’s slogan, actually means collaborating with a Communist dictatorship where thinking differently is a crime. And it also means suppressing free speech in America.

Clearly the corporation Apple, and Tim Cook in particular cares. not one whit about the principles of Communism, such as they are, or they would be operating as a nonprofit, and distributing their profits to the poor. Or as Marx put it, from those according to their ability to those according to their need. What they obviously care about is making as much money as possible and acquiring as much power as possible. Such is the case with all people who claim Marxist principles. The spout such prinicples in hopes of convincing enough people to follow them. They continue to lie, cheat and steal to keep their power.

Please read the whole article, if you can without retching. Remember that this is an "American" company in the same sense that Mitt Romney is a "Republican." Does Apple work for America or Communist China? For that matter, does the CIA work for us or Communist China? The FBI, the IRS? Does our government itself work for American, or for Communist China? Just askin'.