Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Biden Voters: Own Your Failure

 Yesterday, at Townhall.com Kurt Schlichter had a piece entitled Own Your Failure Biden Voters. Schlichter is not wrong. Even if you allow that Biden voters didn't really win the election, that the stole the election form Trump voters, one still has to put the blame on those who thought putting a doddering demented old man into what has been desribed as the most challenging job in the world.

I will admit my own relatively minor failure: I voted for invertebrate-con Mitt Romney in 2012 and have spent the last nine years regretting it, but now I look at the saps who checked the box for that crusty old pervert who’s busy flushing our country down the crapper and I feel really bad for them. Well, at least for those Biden voters who weren’t dead when they cast their ballots.
They thought that mean tweets and dating Playboy models was so outrageously awful that they needed to exchange him for a half-wit plagiarist with busy hands and a slothful mind. He was no prize before he put the “d” in “dementia.” Prior to allegedly being elected president, this dork was, as Democrat Robert Gates famously put it, “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." The same genius who thought capping Bin Ladin was a bad idea also thought ditching Bagram was a good one. Well, at least he’s consistent.
Look around, at the $5 gas and the hobos pooping in our parks, at the constantly shifting vaccine/mask goalposts and the cat ladies/public school teachers determined to inject Ibram X. Kendian race hustling into your kids’ cerebellums. Look at the flag-draped caskets coming off the planes at Dover.
You did that, non-dead Biden voters.
This is your failure.
Own it.
Schlichter brings up the unseriousness of the electorate, or at least the half that votes for Biden. This shows the consequences of the hubris and narcissism of people who want to vote for someone they believe, quite without evidence, "cares" for them.  Biden cares...except he doesn't.  But the Democrats care, right?  Except they don't either.  But one shouldn't be voting on the basis of one's emotions. Rather, one should vote on his or her perceived best interests, which requires thought.
For the elite, Trump was a threat to their gravy train and an utterly intolerable insult to their puffed-up self-image. Trump saw the scam clearly because he was of them – he hung out with the elite all his life, and he took pleasure at their pathetic groveling for dollars. But while he sometimes gave them money, he did not give them respect, because he knew they deserve none and he was incapable of pretending that they did. They had to destroy him, and his entire presidency was consumed with demonstrably false pseudo-controversies from the fake Russia nonsense to the fake Ukraine nonsense to the fake insurrection nonsense.
But the regular people who voted against him – that’s a different story, because they voted against their interests. The economy was humming, and even after the elite’s Chi Com comrades inflicted the pangolin pandemic on us, we were coming back. We were energy independent. The border was getting secure. Taxes got cut. Soleimani was a cinder and ISIS was a skid mark. We had no new wars, and the one in Afghanistan was set to end without a live production of Miss Saigon II: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Airbases.
But then there were those mean tweets, those awful mean tweets. And all the racism and sexism and homophobia and more racism and … well, there wasn’t any of that but there still had to be some because, well, you know, reasons. So, a bunch of people voted for “normality,” which really meant the absence of a perpetual media-fueled ruling class tantrum at the uppity upstart backed by all those red-hatted flag/gun/Jesus people from West Dakota and South Virginia and that other state with all the corn.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Why We Have Become Unserious

 Ever since I stumbled upon the idea that our nation has become an unserious parody of itself, I have wondered what in the hell happened.  Why do we believe, against all evidence to the contrary that men can give birth?  Why does at least half of the population believe that mask prevent the spread of a respiratory virus, when science shows that it isn't so?  Why are so many companies, and even our military going "woke?"  Why do many believe in the childish notion that wishing something makes it real?

Well, here to tell us why is Rob Jenkins in an article at the American Thinker entitled A Baby Boomer Explains What's Wrong With Millenials. And what he explains is that many, not all, but many have simply failed to grow up. Further, it is ultimately our fault. We did not insist, in many cases, on giving our children the hard lessons that only real world consequences can teach. Many of us opted for the so called "kinder gentler" Dr. Spock methods that produce spoiled brats rather than strong upstanding citizens.

If you're over 50, you might remember occasionally seeing small children throw temper tantrums in public, 25 or 30 years ago, and wondering what those kids would be like when they grew up.
Well, now you know.
The problem is twofold. First, we Baby Boomers raised a generation of selfish, entitled brats. (I do not include my own children in that description, and if that seems hypocritical and self-serving — well, you don't know my kids.)
Second, in their entitled brattiness, an alarming percentage of that generation — the Millennials — has embraced socialism.
That's a disaster for this country because socialism is not just an evil ideology, although it is that — responsible, in its various iterations (including communism and fascism) for somewhere in the neighborhood of 110 million murders just in the last century or so. Nor is it merely an absurd economic system, although it is that, too, ignoring the immutable law of supply and demand as well as basic human nature.

On its surface, of course, socialism is indeed a vile, evil ideology. It is chidish in its simplicity, offering that society, in the form of the State can supply every need. Of course, no government established on this ideology, has kept a single promise. The real goal of socialism is to lock power into the hands of a few. We used to understand these things.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

CRT Is Warmed Over Nazi Jew Hatred

 If you have been horrified by the seemingly sudden emergence of Critical Race Theory (CRT), please read further.  CRT is in our schools, and teachers are apparently willing to spread it even in the face of protest by parent groups, and in the face of bans by legislatures and governors.  Oh, and how have these people been hired.  They are clearly not qualified to teach our young.  We are told that this is just a theory being discussed among academics.  Calm down we are told.  Well, not so fast.

It turns out that CRT is just a more organized version of the what the Nazi government of Germany did to the Jews during World War II.  We may not have connected the dots, but we instinctively understood what was happening.  But L. K. Samuels did connect the dots for us at the American Thinker in an article entitled The Surprising Origins Of Critical Race Theory. Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been cited as an offshoot of Karl Marx’s theory of class struggle, which was designed to pit one class against another so as to foment worker-led revolutions. It is also widely accepted that the Marxian Frankfurt School in Germany reworked Marx’s “social conflict theory” in the 1950s by adding “race” to their long list of “oppressed” minorities. But historically, the Frankfurt School theorists were latecomers to the racial theory table. They were not the originators of Critical Race Theory. A revolutionary socialist movement had already existed decades before in Germany. These racial justice warriors sought to pit one race against another and encourage the oppressed to overthrow the oppressor. They called themselves German National Socialists.
Note that "Nazi" is an acronym for National Socialist Workers Party.
To demean the so-called “Jewish oppressors,” the National Socialists taught German children that the Jews, Jewish-run banks, and capitalists were persecuting the German nation and its people. This “oppressor versus oppressed” narrative is pure classical Marxism, which had devastating effects across the annals of modern history. Such racist nonsense divides society, creating hostile tribalism and unending ethnic violence.
Does any of this sound familiar. Keep reading Samuels article. The similarities between what the Nazis did in the 1930s and 1940s, and what is happening here now are stunning.  As I said, once you see it, you can't unsee it.

Please go read the whole article, and get active.  CRT is a major part of the plot to "transform" America.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

We have become a manifestly unserious country

At The Federalist Casey Chalk has a post entitled Dear Leftist Wanting To Dismantle Power Structures: Let's Start With Yours.
America needs to dismantle its power structures, say woke activists, repeating a theme that has become ubiquitous across American identity politics. So-called anti-racists seek to upend so-called systemic racism. Those promoting radical sexual confusion aim to subvert heteronormativity and the patriarchy. Some revolutionaries deride the nuclear family as “Western-prescribed.” All of these institutions, these activists assert, must be deconstructed and rebuilt according to the tenets of woke leftism. Yet these same people seem curiously oblivious to other power structures — namely, those that serve to promote their ideology. If there are power structures that need dismantling, perhaps we should take a page from the ideologue playbook and target the very institutions that inculcate and advance their causes. Peter W. Wood highlights many of them in his new book, “Wrath: American Enraged.”
We have become a manifestly unserious country.

We Will Not comply With Medical Tyranny

 I have to run today, but I wanted to highlight a piece at the American Thinker today by Thomas D. Siler, MD entitled The Bad And The Ugly About Covid In America. In case you didn't read it yet, the "Good News" about Covid was published earlier and is linked in the first paragraph. Please go read the "Bad and Ugly" and especially the linked article at the bottom to We Will Not Comply With Medical Tyranny by Brandon Smith. Here's a taste:

The mainstream media has consistently attacked the claim that governments would enforce vaccine passports as conspiracy theory. Now they are openly admitting that the plan is to institute vaccine passports and they are vigorously defending it. They are discussing with avid fervor how they might be able to FORCE or compel each and every person to take the jab, even if they don’t want it and even if the jab serves no purpose.
I have my own suspicions of the jab and its true purpose and safety, but lets not forget that the jab is at the very least a stepping stone to the vaccine passports. The passports are the key to everything. Without the passports, medical tyranny cannot be established. Without the passports they have no leverage over the population to dictate the fundamental aspects of our lives. They NEED the passports in order to get their “Great Reset”. Without a “papers please” social credit system in place, their Reset will fall apart.
It is therefore imperative above all else that the vaccine passports are never allowed to take root. The program must be stopped and destroyed.
If each of us throws just a little sand in the machine whenever we think we can get away with it, sooner or later the machine will come grinding to a halt.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Just Because You Are Paranoid Doesn't Mean No One Is Out to Get You

 I have three today, all at the American Thinker. They all deal, in one way or another with our basic freedoms and liberties, and the manipulations that seek to take those away.

The first is a post Tom Mayer entitled Sometimes there really is a conspiracy to theorize about. Mayer goes on to list a remarkable number of things that arguably are more easily explained by a conspiracy than by random events lining up just so.

Is it really more plausible that the media are acting separately but identically or that they are colluding among themselves and with the Democrats and the Deep State? That their simultaneous and identical takes on everything are just due to similar viewpoints and not highly coordinated messages of the day?
I have heard that the oft quoted "talking points memo" is in fact a real thing. One supposes that if the Democrats have one, that the Republicans do too? If not, why not? But Mayer has more, and some of them get quite pointed.
Is it really plausible that nations around the world keep ratcheting up the tyranny as they independently determine it to be the best course of action? Or does it seem much more likely that each is part of a larger plan, sequenced for maximum effect?
Or this
Is it really more plausible that the American people never get what they want from their leaders because they are bad at picking them or that there really is no choice because elections are compromised and much of the nation's leadership is either corrupt or being blackmailed and threatened?
Is it really probable that significant numbers of leaders take positions on issues they know are unpopular with their own constituents due to conviction and principles, however flawed? Or is it at least as likely that they are told to do so and know that that they will be taken care of if they lose their positions?
Why is it that on the important issues, especially immigration, the path of least resistance for the politicians is always to betray the people? Does anyone believe that five states independently and without consultation decided to stop counting votes at about the same time on election night?

Lindsay Graham is a classic example of someone who constantly disappoints, stabbing conservatives who elected them in the back. When he needed to, he became suddenly the conservative lion, expressing outrage at Democrats attempts to keep Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh off the court. But now that he is re-elected, he has been the only Republican voting for Leftist judges to Federal courts. What do you think?

Steve Apfel explains why we are so easily bullied into accepting our loss of freedom in Why we succumb to micro control over our lives. Everyone must calculate at every moment of every day the risks to our own lives and those under our care. This very weakness is what makes people vulnerable to what I call "scare porn." It has proved to be an extremely effective during the pandemic. I can not tell you how many people I have encountered who were truly scared stiff.

It took a pandemic to learn that human frailties are infinite. North and south, east and west, people of every hue and culture found liberty to be a burden and safety an abiding obsession. It opened the door for authorities to step in with regulations that make material for stand-up comedy.
In effect, we barter liberty in return for some safety. In this give-and-take, a plumber and a professor act with one instinct, as do a rap artist and a rabbi. People may barter the two at different rates, yet all consent to exchange liberty for safety.
Enter politicians and their technocrats, salivating over power that dropped in their laps like too ripe fruit. By overselling a peril, they can manipulate the barter price of freedom for safety. To be saved from dreaded Covid, we, the fear-ridden, are prepared to surrender a lot of freedom for what in reality is not a big external danger. If manipulators can make the virus into a threat as big as war, all the better. War is to a tyrant as milk is to a suckling goat.
So, we half beg to be less free to make us feel “more safe.” Covid-19 came as a God-send to the power-hungry and the money-mad. Gollum in Lord of the Rings went into paroxysms of rage at the idea of letting go of a ring that could tame mankind.

Does this fit a pattern that looks like a random series of events, or does it strike you as a conspiracy?  When it happens once, even twice, I can believe that it is random. When it happens in multiple countries, I begin to feel it may be another conspiracy.

Interestingly, those who have been using fear porn to scare the public into submission believe they can openly flout our liberties and freedom. Frank Liberato has an article entitled Democrats Aren't Even Bothering To Hide Their Wrongdoing.

Thanks to the news out of Afghanistan, Jen Psaki’s recent admission that the executive branch has been colluding with the tech giants to suppress free speech, has apparently passed into the ether with far less scrutiny than it deserves. In fact, this is such a clear violation of the First Amendment that it defies any obvious logic or rationale. But Psaki’s announcement isn’t the first act in this play; it’s only the most recent act in the left’s years-long flouting of the rule of law.
A friend recently speculated that the disaster that is the Afghanistan withdrawal might just be a setup to distract us from what they are doing elsewhere.  This is, of course, a conspiracy theory.  But as the old saying goes, just because you are paranoid doesn't mean no one is out to get you.  More and more, it appears to be true.   

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Our Garbage Elites

 I did not know about Gary Allen's book titled None Dare Call It Conspiracy. It was published in 1972. In 1972, I was a snot nosed 20 year old who thought I knew a thing or two. Boy was I wrong. Had I known about Allen's book, a lot of the questions I have had over the years would have been answered.

Today, at the American Thinker Janet Levy has an article entitled None Dare Call It Conspiracy that again explains the apparent contradictions in the nature of Communism. Once you see it, though, you can't unsee it.

What Allen claimed to have discovered was that a plutocracy of 3% of the population covertly controlled the lives of the rest. They had wrested control of the constitutional republic, with its separation of powers, limited government, and competitive free enterprise, and turned it into a system of centralized control by a few. How was this achieved? According to Allen, the conspiratorial clique was hidden and protected by a complicit media establishment they own and control. Also, they are accomplished liars and farseeing planners. Their subversive tour de force has been to advance the lies that a) communism is inevitable and b) communism is a movement of the downtrodden. The first lie aims to destroy the will to fight, the second to gain the support of the poor masses and justify the destruction of a vigorous, innovative middle class.
Allen offers an alternative, realistic definition of communism: an international conspiratorial drive for power on part of men in high places, who are willing to use any means for global conquest. In The Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels said a proletarian revolution would necessitate a temporary socialist dictatorship, which would give way to full-on communism if three things were achieved: a) the elimination of private property rights, b) the dissolution of the family, and c) the replacement of religion with Marxist ideology. These, in fact, are exactly what academia and left-wing groups in America are pushing for, today and when Allen wrote the book.
But all that, as Allen claims, is an elaborate ruse. Behind it are the super-rich. We are blinded to this because we believe they stand to lose the most in a socialistic setup. Allen backs his counterintuitive conclusion with the fact that communist countries are in fact always ruled by an oligarchical group — the nomenklatura — that controls wealth, production, and the lives of the rest of the population. Thus, socialism is a movement to consolidate wealth in the hands of a few, creating not a classless society, but one with just two classes: an elite and a proletariat, with no middle class.

Right now we are rapidly becoming a Fascist state, if we haven't already become one. When the government asks corporations to treat the unvaccinated as unclean pariahs as a way to force people to get vaccinated, that is exactly how the Fascists acted. In Germany, it wasn't the unvaccinated, but the Jews. In Soviet Russia, it was the Kulaks. Every Communist/Fascist elite needs an enemy, and when they don't have one, they manufacture one. In this case, the pandemic has given them the excuse to demonize the unvaccinated. But understand that asking corporations to do what the government can, or will not, is Unconstitutional.  They are shredding the Constitution.

As proof of the truth of Allen's book he presents us with this:

According to Allen's research, the USSR was practically manufactured by the U.S. elite, who played a major role in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. He quotes W. Averell Harriman, who served as ambassador to the USSR from 1943 to 1945, as saying, "Stalin paid tribute to the assistance rendered by the United States to Soviet industry before and during the war. He said that about two-thirds of all the large industrial enterprises in the Soviet Union had been built with United States help or technical assistance." Allen explains how financiers in America and Britain created an enemy for the West. He divulges how Kuhn, Loeb & Co., an important financial house of New York then, even financed the First Five-Year Plan of the Soviet Union. Through these means, plutocrats gained a geographic homeland from which to launch assaults against other nations of the world.
This sounds a lot like what reportedly happen in Afganistan, where we were funding the Taliban to fight our own military. Of course, the only reason is that they can enrich themselves with war contracts at taxpayer expense.

As noted before: As always, only the well-armed rabble are left to hold the line.

A Well Armed Rabble

 J. B. Shurk has an article at the American Thinker entitled Guns, Germs, and Feelz in which he discusses the fact that too many of us have allowed ourselves to be frightened into not owning and bearing arms for our own self defense.

At the end of July, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives sent a letter to Rare Breed Trigger notifying the Florida company that the ATF had classified its FRT-15 trigger, a drop-in trigger for an AR-15 rifle that speeds up the rate of fire, as a machine gun under the National Firearms Act and demanding that the company cease all sales. Rare Breed is fighting the ATF's action, but that hasn't reduced the federal agency's power to turn law-abiding gun-makers and gun-owners into criminals overnight through bureaucratic decree.
When certain words are not useful to the political left's agenda, the meanings of those words are simply changed to fit the agenda. In the left's war against personal ownership of firearms, the ATF empowered itself with the barely checked authority to redefine what a "machine gun" is. By fiat, unelected cubicle kings have deemed a trigger a "machine gun." A pistol is a machine and a gun, too. How long before the ATF decides that new wordplay epiphanies empower it to criminalize the Second Amendment more broadly?
Of all the mass delusions that have been perpetrated upon the American people, the government's decades-long mission to terrify the public from owning firearms is the most dangerous. Because control ultimately depends upon the threat of force, no person can be free when government alone is armed. This used to be common knowledge in the United States. It was understood broadly across the political spectrum that private gun ownership is instrumental in preserving liberty. Progressive Teddy Roosevelt bemoaned the decline of citizen-shooters and actively encouraged schoolboys to practice with their rifles and men of all classes to be good shots. "The first step" in preserving peace, he argued, "is to teach men to shoot!"
The emphasis is mine. You must understand that you are always your own first responder to any situation. The job of the police is not to be your personal body guard, but rather to draw chalk outlines around the bodies and investigate the crime. But, you say, I am afraid of guns, and don't want them around me. But it is not really guns of which you are afraid. No, it is yourself! You are afraid that you can not control yourself, and might shoot someone mistakenly. If that is you, you need to grow up, and realize that unless you have a problem, and there are such people, you can, and should practice self control. I will tell you that there are few situations that come up in the average person's life for which a gun is the solution.  But when you need one, nothing else will do.  And when you realize these facts,  you discover that you can indeed carry a weapon. You should.
In a truly free society, everyone would be armed and capable of defending himself and his loved ones should the moment arise. Guns are tools, nothing more. They have no more innate will than a pair of scissors lying on the table, and just as that pair of scissors is harmless until someone decides to use it to stab another, a gun is a paperweight until it's not. Teaching people to be afraid of firearms has taught Americans both to be afraid of defending themselves and to depend solely upon bureaucrats from agencies like the ATF to preserve their lives. Both lessons are deadly.
If Americans needed further proof that the natural right to self-preservation is toothless without the right to own weapons for one's defense, the Taliban gave another tutorial by promptly scooping up guns from the civilian population the day after seizing power in Kabul while insisting that "people no longer need them for personal protection." A Taliban official promised that "weapons for personal safety" are unnecessary since "innocent civilians" have nothing to fear. The Taliban are just putting into practice a common principle held by leftists holding power throughout the world — that law-abiding "innocents" should be prevented from owning weapons to protect themselves from the not-so-innocent who wish them harm. It's remarkable that at the same time the federal government has redefined lawful Americans who question the legitimacy of the 2020 election or government vaccine mandates as potential "domestic violent extremists" on par with the Taliban, it is Democrats' gun control policies the Taliban imitate. When the meanings of words are subordinated to the quest for power, though, it gets awfully confusing to remember who the "innocents" and "terrorists" are.
How fast do things go south when ordinary citizens have no effective means of defending themselves from government psychosis? Just look at New Zealand and Australia, "free" nations with strict gun control that are currently using their militaries to enforce lockdown orders that have essentially placed everyone under house arrest "for his own good." If people can be stripped of their liberties to live and work as they see fit for a virus that is almost entirely harmless for most people in good health, exactly what potential threat can a well-armed government not use to justify enslavement? There's no shortage of invisible pathogens in the world for those in power to declare as "public enemy number one" requiring their citizens' absolute obedience, but why stop there? People die from snakebites, car accidents, and elevated heart rates from unsanctioned free will all the time. If anything that increases the risk of death sufficiently justifies loss of freedom then totalitarian government is the only threat allowed to exist.
The Second Amendment was written as a sort of doomsday provision, wherein after distributing power between the three branches of the Federal government, between the Federal government and state governments. and finally between the government and the people. But the Left has weaponized fear as a tool of government to scare you into doing things you wouldn't do on your own.
As always, only the well-armed rabble are left to hold the line.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

We'll Be Fools If We Give Up Our Guns

 At the Captain's Journal Herschel Smith tells us that gun confiscation is never about the things the Left says it is about. His post can be found Totalitarians Everywhere Throughout History Enact Control Over Weapons: The Taliban Comes For The Guns.

And to repeat, gun control is never about confiscation of all guns, the usual rejoinder to these instances by the left. In fact, claiming so undermines the main point.
Gun control is always about leaving them in the hands of state-sanctioned actors and outlawing gun ownership by those not approved by the state.
The Founders had a reason for including the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. They had seen this all before, and had studied history well. The Second Amendment was not a passing notion. It was intentionally placed in the Bill of Rights as a way to counter balance the stronger government they were putting in place. The three coequal branches spread Federal power.

The independent and sovereign states were supposed to be an added check on Federal power, but that ended with the 17th Amendment, a huge mistake. It gave the Federal government more power, and decreased the power of the states.  The House of Representatives was supposed to be the peoples house.  The Senate was intended to represent the interests of the states.  

But, the people were the ultimate check on Federal power.  At each step of the way, whether it was the 17th Amendment, or the 16th Amendment, which allowed the income tax, those who pushed these changes assured us that it was to make us safer, more prosperous, and happier.  Just like the Taliban assured people they didn't need their guns anymore.  We were fools for changing our form of government.  We'll be even bigger fools if we give up our guns.  It never ends well.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

I can not forgive

 First up today is Petra North, at the American Thinker who tells us It Was Just Easier To Hate Trump. You know what? I didn't like his tweets either. He wasted, in my opinion, a lot of energy smacking at flys. But Trump did a lot of what Conservative Inc. claimed to want. As a movement conservative, I wanted a lot of that too. I can put up with a Trump who was constantly looking out for my interests, and I can overlook when he occasionally stepped on my toes. In contrast, Biden and whoever is pulling the strings are complete anathema to me. The Afghan debacle is just the latest disaster created by these people who desire to destroy the United States. But please, let Ms. North have a say.

An observation frequently attributed to Mark Twain, that “it is easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled,” is the most accurate explanation I can find of where we are today.
I will only add this one caveat: It is only easy to fool people when they willingly choose to be foolable, when they allow others to tell them what’s true and what’s not. Because it’s infinitely easier to do that.
It was easier to believe Trump was uncouth than to take the risk of being kicked out of the Cool Kids’ Group, the group that includes Hollywood stars, Jimmy Fallon, Rachel Maddow, and Washington cocktail parties.
I would like to be the better person and forgive all of those who have come to regret voting for a mirage. But I just can’t. The information was out there. The “regretters” just didn’t want to take the time to look for it and take the risk of losing their place at the Cool Kids’ Table, at being laughed at themselves.
The situation we find ourselves in is what all of these regretters have wrought. Period. Although Boris Ephsteyn on Steve Bannon’s War Room expressed the same sentiment on Thursday’s War Room and thus beat me to the punch, here is my own similar message to them:
I and all of the other Trump supporters have been ridiculed, maligned, disrespected, physically attacked, stereotyped and criminally charged for the last five years. In stark contrast to the summer riots last year, we have for the most part endured this with the grace and respect the president himself modeled for us. We protested – sometimes loudly, and sometimes by really angry tweets – but we didn’t riot or pillage or vandalize.
I know, I know, to forgive is the Christian thing to do. I am sorry, but I am not ready yet. Especially while the same people are pushing Climate Change, mask mandates, bullying people to get vaccinated when vaccines have proven worthless. I am not ready yet to forgive the people who rigged the election and stole it. I'm not. So don't ask it of me.
So, if you voted for Biden or promoted him; if you hid or dismissed the facts about Hunter and the information on his laptop; if you voted to impeach Trump; if you acted in any way to make our election fraudulent; if you claimed you had no authority to honor states’ requests for time to make sure their electors were correct (that’s you, Mike Pence); if you sanctimoniously judged Trump supporters as yokels or laughed along with those who did; if you criticized and voiced shame for being an American; don’t waste your time looking to me for absolution. I don’t have the time or the energy to be glad or grateful you’ve joined the fight. I have my hands full just trying to take in all of the destruction you’ve caused and to figure out how to fight for my own family and all the people who won’t be prepared for what is coming.
To be clear, all of you – not just Joe Biden – own this.
Now, I want to switch gears. Brian Parsons, in Everything Is Not All Right lays out the theory that Biden himself is the front man for people who want to destroy the United States. Those people could actually be the Chinese.
In case you haven't noticed, the Biden Administration is a dumpster fire of seeming incompetence and dementia. I don't believe that is by accident, and I believe those calling the shots wish to do harm to the United States. A brief review of the Biden family's financial dealings in China begs the question of a compromised or even installed presidency. Even the staunchest of corporate media allies have at times brought themselves to question the mental health status of Joe Biden, which has led to the assertion that the lights are on but nobody's home. And given the projection on display during the Trump Administration, any recognition of the current state is met with a dose of leftist "whataboutism." Accusations of poor mental health or incompetence are chalked up to retaliation in the current political climate.
Surely there is a puppet master pulling these strings? Joe Biden didn't bother to campaign for office and yet raked in more votes than any candidate in history by a wide margin, after all. This is just one of the primary drivers of skepticism in the legitimacy of the Biden administration and for the aware conservative escapes rationale.
That puppet master, whoever it may be, may well have bought not just the evil Biden administration, but a good chunck of the Republican Party as well. How else to explain 19 Republican Senators going along with the so called "Infrastructure" bill, knowing that if it passed, the $3.5 Trillion monstrosity would come right after. Surely these people must understand what that does to our economy. Of course, the Afghanistan debacle is playing out on the world stage and, I think deliberately, makes us look weak. Is Biden trying to provoke a war? But too many people on both sides of the aisle are to blame for that. If Lara Logan is correct, the taxpayers were paying the enemy to fight our own boys! How many other conflicts have been like this? Where are the Republicans in all this?
In all of this insanity, where is the Republican Party? There seem to be two possible responses: Republicans either hope to stay silent and allow for the Biden Administration to self-implode by 2022, or they are complicit in allowing the rapid decline of the United States. There really is no middle ground. Famed Nixon economist Herbert Stein, the father of actor Ben Stein, theorized that if something cannot go on forever, it will stop. This has come to be known as Stein's Law. The question remains, which will cease first, the absurdities of the Biden Administration, or the United States itself? The time for normalcy bias has passed.
The emphasis is mine. We often read that there is a ruling class, sometimes referred to as the Uniparty. The Uniparty has the same goals and those goals are not the welfare of the American people. It is time for the Republicans to distinguish themselves from the Democrats or folks are likely to say "A pox on both your houses."

Friday, August 20, 2021

The Problem With Forced Masking

 Kaylee Zemple writes that she Won't Wear A Mask In I County Where No One Is Dying Of Covid. Miss Zemple lives in a blessed community where no one is dying of the disease. Where I live, there are several people dying, but not nearly as many as the scare prom media would have you believe. Once again they are using cases as the indicator of why we should be scared. But really, scaring people only works for so long, and they have done it for too long. Eventually, people get tired of being scared and accept the risks.

The blow might have been softened and resulting ire lessened if there were any reason to believe this action was going to save lives in the county that’s home to Wisconsin’s capital city of Madison. But it’s hard to improve a daily death average of zero.
That inescapable reality — that almost nobody is dying of the Wuhan virus in one of the most vaccinated counties in the country, yet breathing uninhibited is verboten — is the premier form of gaslighting from the ruling class of power-drunk elites.
Life is a game of tradeoffs, and there may be some formula of factors that makes the above trade-offs worth it. But what is Dane County trying to prevent? Whom is it trying to protect?
Got that? To be alive is to take risks. In California, everyone goes about their daily lives with the risk of a Richter 8 earthquake. In Oklahoma, it's tornados. Here in North Carolina we live with the risk of hurricanes. And of course most everyone lives with the risk of one of the annual 24,000 accidental traffic accidents. The risk from the Wuhan Flu is far less that these others, yet we must do the absurd in an attempt to mitigate the risk.

But, it is more than doing the absurd. It is a betrayal of what every thinking person knows to be true, that masks do not work to stop the virus.

What on Earth are logical residents to do when the anti-science authoritarians in power refuse to relent with disruptive rules? What are they to do when there’s no end in sight and to obey is to betray what they know to be rational and true?
The exasperation runs deep because a healthy person wearing a mask among healthy people is way more than an inconvenience. To obey the absurd mask rules is to play into the delusions and games of the sadistic ruling class. Wearing a mask to “save lives” even though nobody is dying is on caliber with calling a man “she” because he playacts as a woman. It feels wrong because it is.
The things we say or don’t say, wear or don’t wear, and do or don’t do are based on more than religious conviction. They’re based on a fundamental worldview of whether we’re committed to living within the bounds of reality. We shouldn’t govern ourselves based on what our neighbor thinks of us. We should live according to what is good and right and true based on evidence and truth, and we make trade-offs.
See, that is what adults do. At some point, in the back of everyone's mind is the notion that we will not get out of this life alive. Either you choose to live life and take a certain amount of risks, or...you still take risks. Now, I am not saying here that you shouldn't wear a mask. By all means, if it makes you feel more comfortable, be my guest. Just don't expect everyone else to make the same choices you do. And expecially don't force everyone to make the same choices.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Are Mask Mandates Just About Power?

 We are undergoing yet another mask mandate.  The mask Nazis are telling us that we MUST wear a mask and if we don't we are killing people.  But why can it not be an individual's choice.  Wasn't their mantra that my body my choice?  If masks do indeed work to stop the virus, then if you wear one, that protects you.  If someone doesn't want to, I think they have sufficient information to decide to take the risk themselves.  Why do mask Nazis have to force everyone to wear a mask?  And if they don't work, why are we being forced?  This is a sincere question.  Is it just about power?

I was watching WRAL news yesterday evening.  Of course, WRAL only presents one side of any question, and I'll give you two guesses which side that is.  Oh, you guessed it in one.  Yes, they are administration mouthpieces.  At one point they were discussing how the new mask mandates would go in place for the school district.  They then showed a mom, of course wearing a mask, who stated that she didn't feel that optional masking was enough.

FEEL?  Really?  Look, even chickens can feel.  We demand more of a human being.  Humans are supposed to think.  Thinking requires facts to be taken into account.  And the fact is that masks don't work to stop the spread of the virus.  But I am not here to argue that.  If masks work to protect you, why do you care that someone else makes a different choice for themselves or their children.  Serious question.

Society Doesn't Demand Honor From Its Leaders

 Andrea Widburg has a post today that is...well...shocking.  The post, entitled Shock video: Lara Logan confirms what we feared about Afganistan. Go watch Lara Logan embedded in the post by Widburg. "What the Afgans will tell you is the United States wanted this outcome."

The Japanese during the Samurai period had a punishment for Samurai who had screwed up as much as some of our have. They had to commit Seppuku, a form of ritual suicide by disembowelment. Yeah, a very painful death, so to prevent the person committing seppuku a Second stood by to quickly lop off the person's head once the act was completed. Now, I don't want anyone to actually commit seppuku, or indeed to actually commit suicide. But, one thinks that people like Sec Def Austin, and General Milley should resign in disgrace. Perhaps some heads of some of our "intelligence" agencies should resign in disgrace also.

Indeed, now that I think about it, maybe restoring the old system of resigning in disgrace when one who has been given great responsibility and the honor that goes with it disgraces himself. Someone like Anthony Fauci should, for example, resign in disgrace for getting pretty much everything wrong. Cuomo's resignation should have been more humble, and clueless Bill DeBlasio...just yuck...he should resign on general principle. The problem is that society does not demand of its leaders that they have honor. Maybe we should?

Update: I just listened to the entire Tucker Carlson Today episode with Lara Logan and it gets even more shocking. Lara Logan has the ring of truth here, and claims that the United States was funding both sides of the conflict in Afghanistan. This is worse than dishonor, although it is dishonorable. That the American people have been lied to for the last 20 years, that the NSA knows and has known in real time exactly what is going on there, is simply shocking. That I am shocked...well shame on me for my naivete.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Why I Am Opposed To The Convention Of States

Lately, I have been hearing ads on the radio asking listeners to pester our legislature to pass a Convention of States resolution. Mark Levin, an incredibly smart lawyer, and our Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson, someone else I admire, are supposedly in favor of it. Even so, I am not, and I will explain why.

First, I do not discount the ability of progressives to infiltrate pretty much anything and turn it into the opposite of what if was supposed to have been.  Even the Constitution itself started out as a meeting of sovereign state delegates to tweak the Articles of Confederation.  Instead, the delegates ripped up the Articles, and created a new document, a republic if we could keep it.  What keeps the Convention of States from doing the same thing?  Many people believe the Constitution is outdated and needs to be rewritten, after all.  But it actually isn't outdated, it just needs to be followed.

Then there is the problem that the Constitution doesn't enforce itself.  People have to respect it and follow its procedures.  But when nobody follows the Constitution, and officials who are supposed to do so can openly flout it, what makes anyone think they will obey a new document?  Biden just extended the eviction moratorium despite it being widely know to be unconstitutional.

One of the things about our Constitution is the justice system, which is supposed to be the same for all, whether high born or low. Remember that the Constitution was consciously written to create a nation of laws and not of men.  But as we have seen, some people are prosecuted on trumped up charges, while others can (figuratively) get away with murder. Maybe it isn't so figurative.  In any case, we have become  a nation of men, not of laws.

Then, there are our rights, which have been slowly watered down and dissipated. We can only worship as long as we do so in the fashion our leaders prescribe.  God, apparently has been shoved aside.  No one, it seems, at the Federal level believes that "shall not be infringed" means don't infringe the right.  They are busily planning to ban our guns, ammunition and who knows what other arms.  Oh, and how is it that the government can run guns to Mexican cartels, breaking laws they were sworn to uphold, yet no one is prosecuted? Then there is the National Security Agency, that captures every electronic emission from every device like this computer or your cell phone. What they think is so interesting about my call to my wife that I am coming home is anyone's guess. But these things are supposed to be private unless the government obtains a warrant based on probable cause. What cause do they have to record a call to my wife that I am coming home from work?

Eliot Axelman explains How A Convention of States Would Play Out. Like me, he is not optimistic that it would go as those who would invoke it hope it would.  In noting how many liberals and Leftists are elected from supposedly conservative states, it becomes hard to say he is wrong.  Sadly, I think he is right.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Those Immune to Conscience

Someone who writes much better than I can explains the situation we are in at Those Immune to Conscience. Just go read it. I can not add a thing.

Woke Inc.

 Please, when you have an hour in the next couple of days, go to Tucker Carlson Todayand watch "Woke Inc." Tucker Carlson interviews the author of the book, Woke Inc. Vivek Ramashwamy.

We Are In Deep Kimchi

Terry Paulding as a word or two for those who voted for our incompetent and probably senile president, and the Leftists that surround him. You can find his rebuke at the American Thinker in an article entitled Fools, meet the evil you elected. The proximate cause of his outrage is the catastrophe of the exit from Afghanistan.

We tried before the election, to get you to see Biden for what he is. Evil, arrogant, self-centered, and bereft of any qualities of statesmanship or even good judgment. You didn’t listen. You believed the media stories; that the laptop was fake; that he was in his bunker, rather than campaigning, because of the evil virus; and that he wanted to heal the country and knew how to do it. Guess you’ve graphically gotten your comeuppance now. Argue all you want that Trump wanted out of Afghanistan. That is true, but would he have left like this? Nope! He would have left from a position of strength that he could amply back up with action at the first hint of trouble. He would have gotten our equipment, our manpower, and our allies and interpreters to safety if there was a need to. He would have had a plan and the plan would have worked. He would not have sacrificed so much for so infinitesimal a reward.
Now we have chaos, an unimaginable number of people about to be slain, women and children throughout the country enslaved, and violent hate against our country germinating into future acts of terror. We have enacted an endgame that clearly leaves the sacrifice of so many of our soldiers, the maiming of so many more, to have been done in vain.
While Biden hides and Gen. Milley obsesses over CRT in the military, a country that we worked to help for 20 years, spending $90 billion dollars or more on, goes up in a puff of desert dust, its President fleeing with a helicopter load of cash. As the Taliban swarm the cities, people are trying so desperately to leave that they are climbing the outside of airplanes, only to fall to their deaths.
Interesting side note: Paulding here accepts the idea that the election of * was legitimate. In doing so, he indicts the half the population that elected this moron. Those of us who believe the election was stolen absolved the average Democrat voter. We tried to believe that our fellow citizens weren't themselves evil, but were misguided. Paulding's argument strips the fig leaf from that argument.

But, it is not just Afghanistan. It is everything this administration touches.  Oh, and our Congress seems full of deeply unserious people.  Look at Ayana Pressly, for example.  Or Ilhan Omar, AOC, Adam Schiff?  What about Eric Swallwell?  So many in Congress seem to be more concerned with their careers as Congressmen that with their job to represent the people.

It’s not just Afghanistan. It’s also COVID, which anyone with half a brain can see is spinning out of control with all the government entities involved trying desperately to support a lie, which is that we have vaccinated it to obliterate it. No, we haven’t.
We’ve vaccinated it into finding another way to survive, as viruses do. We’ve vaccinated people with a dangerous substance, and strong-armed everyone into buying into the narrative whether it makes sense or doesn’t. And it doesn’t. The result -- more misery and death because of these very vaccines -- is coming. It may take another year before what’s happening can no longer be denied.
I pray my fears are unjustified, but more and more, what I read and watch seems to back up every dire prediction the MSM and techies have censored. So, just like the President’s statement that we wouldn’t see people trying to escape the embassy by helicopter from the roof, we will get the visceral confirmation of the vaccination lie, when more and more people’s immune systems are irrevocably compromised by these vaccines.
There is nobody at the helm and the roughening seas are growing angry. What’s next? Will China now be emboldened to take Taiwan? Do we even have a plan if they try? What did we do when they took Hong Kong? Oh…nothing! What’s going on in Iran? How’re those nukes coming?
Speaking of China, what is our military doing to counter the obvious threat of China? China believes it is their destiny to impose their system on the United States, and they are working toward that goal. Are we prepared to defend ourselves? Well, according to Kurt Schlichter, the answer is "no." Schlichter doesn't mince words when he claims that Our Military Is A Woke Joke at Townhall.com.
Yes, it is a joke, a sick one. Fire all the generals. Invite a few back, maybe a dozen. Clean out the Pentagon. Can all the “Diversity Consultants,” “Equal Opportunity Officers,” “Climate Change Mitigation Specialists,” and every other strap-hanging oxygen thief who doesn’t contribute to the only thing the military should be focusing on right now – putting Chi Coms in graves.
Yeah, there’s been a strategic failure of epic proportions by our civilian establishment. We need to fix that at the ballot box by tossing out every Democrat and every Liz Cheney-esque combat tourist who delights in sending our young people overseas to get ground up in idiotic wars designed to enrich their cronies. Hardest hit at the end of Afghanistan: Haliburton, Raytheon, KBR, and a hundred other contractors you never heard of. Oh, and the Afghan people, but they never really figured into this calculus except in the abstract idea that we were going to convert a nation of savages into Lil’ Vermonters living the Norman Rockwell dream of community democracy.
Twenty years of failure. Twenty years. How far and fast we fell. I was there thirty years ago, in VII Corps main, contributing my car washing skills, when the greatest military force in human history annihilated a country’s entire army in 100 hours and barely broke a sweat doing it. Amazingly, we did it without giving a single thought to our alleged privilege – to the extent cracking over reeking half-barrels in wooden outhouses in the middle of the desert constituted privilege.

As Tucker Carlson point out last night, the * administration officially thinks you and I are the real threat to America. Anyone who believes the Constitution should be treated as the unltimate law of the land is the REAL enemy. We are in deep kimchi.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

How is that Sullivan Act working out for New York?

 In 1911, the Sullivan Act was passed in New York to make it essentially illegal for a New Yorker to carry a gun.  So, how is that working out for New Yorkers? How long will this injustice continue? How long will New Yorkers be defenseless against these thugs, who do not care about laws.

Hat tip to David Codrea of the War On Guns

Thanks Senator Cruz

 So, Ted Cruz at least does indeed have a spine.  So many Republicans seem to be spineless invertebrates, so it is good to see one show some gumption once in a while.  The cause of this praise is his takedown Senate's version of "For The People" act.  Vaughn Cordle has the story at the American Thinker entitled When "For the People" really means "For the Politicians".

This was an important vote for Senator Cruz: to stop a federal government takeover of elections and a massive power grab by Democrats. Its Orwellian title, “For the people”, means precisely the opposite. The bill is solely for the politicians because it entrenches their political power. Cruz, to his credit, likely prevented a one-party takeover of government.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) brought the “For The People” act, which critics say amounts to a federal takeover of elections, to the floor around 3:30 a.m., after the Senate had concluded 15 hours of amendment votes on a $3.5 trillion budget resolution. According to the Houston Chronicle, it was then, in the middle of the night when many might have been too tired to pay attention, that Schumer sought to pass the federal overhaul of elections by unanimous consent.
Only one objection by a senator was needed to stop the process, and in a roughly 15-minute back-and-forth, Cruz tanked Schumer’s attempt to force the election bill through the Senate...

Saturday, August 14, 2021

CRT is a cancer on the Republic

 Phil King is a Texas State Representative.  He has written an opinion piece for the Epoch Times entitled Why I Oppose Critical Race Theory. The article is spot on, and everyone should read it.

Racism and prejudice are evils that we must always oppose—and oppose with vigilance. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a day when people would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Jesus put it another way: Simply treat others the way you want to be treated. There would be no prejudice, no racism, no injustice if we followed Jesus’s command.
That’s why I so strongly oppose CRT in our schools, government, and institutions. You see, CRT actually causes the very evils it’s alleged to reduce. It will, in fact, foster injustice and bias, not end it.
So, what’s wrong with CRT? To begin with, most people believe that CRT is all about race. It’s not. CRT defines people, actually judges people, by their group affiliation—most often skin color but also sex and economic status—rather than viewing them as individuals created in the image of God. Such division is the very heart of prejudice, discrimination, and racism.

It is important to note that the very existence of these Marxist attempts to create an us versus them, oppressors and oppressed, or in this case racial and sexual differences are the opposite of what God intends. For as He tells us, He knew us before the world began. When He says He knew us, He means each individual one of us. To treat others as members of a group goes against His teachings. Moreover, to see ourselves as primarily members of some group also goes against His will and teachings. We are all Americans.

Marxists (read Communists, Facsists, Progressives, Socialists, the oxymoronic Democratic Socialists, etc.) have always wanted to crush the United States. All such collectivist ideologies have failed many times in human history. Why? Because they fly in the face of human nature. Human nature is a thing, and it is immutable. The reason the Marxists are so desparate to demoralize and take over the United States is because it otherwise stands as a rebuke to every other regime on the earth. Why do you think people are rushing to our Southern border? Do you think the people doing so believe our country is racist? Of course they don't. And neither should we.

Go read King's piece at the Epoch Times. Encourage your representatives to introduce similar legislation in your state. CRT is a cancer on the Republic.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Gender "Reassignment" Surgery of Children Is Child Abuse

 At the Epoch Times is a report by Allan Stein that Gender Reassignment Surgery Is Child Abuse, Says Texas Commissioner. Finally, someone who isn't insane. Of course it is child abuse. A child is too young to make such life changing permanent decisions. And, indeed, adults shouldn't make such decisions for their chidren either. Whether you think so or not, reality says there are just two genders, and you can not change it by cutting up a child's parts. Then too, gender is not "assigned" as if someone says this one is a boy, this one is a girl. Also, it should be against medical ethics for a doctor to agree to it for anyone under the age of majority.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Wednesday he received a letter from the state’s Department of Family and Protective Services determining that genital mutilation of a child through gender transitioning surgery constitutes child abuse.
Abbott had directed DFPS to issue a determination on the matter last week and the department’s commissioner Jaime Masters replied with his findings.
“Genital mutilation of a child through reassignment surgery is child abuse,” Masters wrote. “This surgical procedure physically alters a child’s genitalia for non-medical purposes potentially inflicting irreversible harm to children’s bodies,” he wrote.
“Generally, children in the care and custody of a parent lack the legal capacity to consent to surgical treatments, making them more vulnerable.”
Exactly so.

Are the Supremes Cowards, Crooks, or Compromised?

 Andrew W. Coy at the American Thinker today asks is Supreme Court Cowards, Crooks, or Compromised?. I have asked that same question. The failure of the Supreme Court to evaluate for the American public whether or not the 2020 election was stolen is mind boggling.

Just now entering the debate is former military intelligence Captain Seth Keshel (ret.), whose findings may force the Supreme Court to grapple with questions about the election. Keshel’s earthshaking scientific data election report contends that President Trump probably won seven states that had been called for Biden (Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Minnesota). If Kassel’s numbers are correct, that gives Trump 321 electoral college votes, well above the 270 needed to win the White House. Maybe that will give the Supreme Court reason to get involved in the fraudulent and duplicitous election of our president. For now, though, the Supreme Court believes the election was “stolen, fair-and-square.”
The question is whether the justices are cowards, crooks, or compromised, for those three choices seem to be the only way to explain their resolute refusal to make any decisions regarding the Presidential Election of 2020. This constitutes a historic failure on their part, for the Court is refusing to be a co-equal branch of the federal government. Nor is the role Republicans as of them – reviewing the law connected to possible election fraud – new ground. With 2000’s Bush v. Gore, there is legal precedent for them to act.
The answer to the question about what drives their passivity is an important one. One can argue successfully that the January 6 “Stop The Steal” rally, which continued with a rowdy protest on Capitol Hill, resulted because of the justices’ lack of integrity and/or guts. Thanks to their blatant disassociation with being a coequal branch with the Presidency and Congress, the Court has lost enormous respect from half of America.
Note that Kessel's analysis is only the latest indication that something strange happened. When something happens once, it is a coincidence. When the same thing happens twice, one has to start wondering. When it happens three times, if your Spidey senses are not raising the hairs on the back of your neck, you are oblivious, or a Democrat operative. Such for instance is the event of having a number of states stop counting in the middle of the night at the same time. Then there are the Arizona election audits that indicate that 74,000 mail in ballots were counted than were actually mailed out! In Fulton County Georgia, it was proved that the voting machines could indeed be hacked and votes changed in real time over the internet. All this evidence and more was of no interest to our Supreme Court. Why the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to keep it from coming out.  But it does indeed make you wonder, are the Supremes cowards, crooks, or compromised?

Please read the article, and you decide.

Democrats Caught Being Racist Again

 Here's an interesting article today at Full Mag News where they inform us that Gun Grabbers Jump On Opportunity To Defend Jim Crow Era Gun Control. We in the Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) have been trying to get rid of this relic of a by gone era for at least 20 years. The Sheriffs' Association has always blocked it. Seems the Sheriffs of the state have finally seen the light, but Democrats and the Gun Grabbers groups are still against it. We'll see if it gets passed. Then we'll see if the Governor signs it.

Nothing has changed.  The gun permit system is pure racist hogwash designed to keep the negros from buying pistols.  But of course the Sheriff's "check" for prohibited buyers is superfluous since one has to have his of her purchase run through NICS anyway.  The Dems are betraying their racist past and present with this one.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Dishonestness of the Left

 John Lott over at Townhall.com yesterday had an article entitled Mexico's Dishonest Lawsuit Against American Gun Makers. I think there is something missing from the title? Oh yes, Lott, or the title editor seems to have buried the lede, but here it is:

But lawsuits such as the Mexican government’s will drive up the price of guns. They will create massive legal bills for gun makers, but the public won’t be any better off for it. Law-abiding citizens of modest means will find themselves defenseless.
But then, understand that from the perspective of those bringing the lawsuit (*cough* Brady *cough*) the effect on the poor are a feature, not a bug.

Fear Porn Surrounds Us

 Today at the American Thinker Vijay Jayaraj and Calvin Beisner in a post entitled Climate Scientist Admit Exaggerated Warming, points out that now even some scientists within the UN IPCC are beginning to admit this climate alarmism is just more fear porn propaganda. Greta Thunberg, take note.

Last week, a group of scientists sent shock waves through the climate-science community. They boldly pointed out that current climate models exaggerate greenhouse warming.
In other words, they confirmed what climate skeptics have been arguing all along: that most computer climate models forecast unrealistic warming -- warming not observed anywhere in the real world.
The authors take some time to explain what science is really all about. Science is not a group of facts that one can point to. Instead, various facts grow out of the scientific method. That method is first to imagine a hypothesis. Then, design an experiment to test the hypothesis and prove it wrong. Either way, you publish your results so that others can design experiments to prove your hypothesis is wrong. Assuming enough people can not prove you wrong, your hypothesis is provisionally accepted as the "truth" and enters the world of scientific "facts." But everything we know from science is just a theory. In theory, even the so called "law" of gravity is just a provisional theory that hasn't been proven wrong yet. Issac Newton can rest easy in his grave. But don't think there is someone out there that will put a dent in Newton's theory, because we do not know how or why it does what it does. We just know the effects.
Science is not a body of facts. It is a method of finding facts -- a method that is inherently skeptical. Not cynically skeptical, but humbly skeptical. It insists, as the motto of the Royal Society, nullius in verba, roughly translated “take nobody’s word for it,” that a scientist’s every claim be tested -- over and over and over. Thus, as the philosopher of science Robert K. Merton put it in 1938, “Most institutions demand unqualified faith; but the institution of science makes skepticism a virtue.”

Science is also not a computer model that has not be successfully tested against past climate conditions. In other words, if you wanted to test the model, you would put the actual variables into that model which were obtained in a certain year. You would then run it, and then see if the results match what actually happened. You would think that this had been done. You would be wrong. Not a single model can accurately predict past climates, therefore why trust them to predict the future? But that is not why you are inundated with climate alarmism. You are being alarmed because if you panic enough, you might buy into the snake oil they are selling, which will leave you much poorer and they much richer.  Oh, and you know who the "they" are.

Look, there are hundreds of things of late where the "party of science" spouts absolute lunacy, and where the so called "facts" have so far proven them wrong. It is not just the Global Cooling...er...Warming...er... Climate Change issue. It is the whole transgender issue. Whatever you think you are, the fact is you are born with either xx or xy chromosomes.  Those chromosomes do not change no matter that you mutilate yourself with surgery.  There really is no such thing as a "transgender."  Then there are the mask mandates and vaccination mandates. When people wear masks, it is a sign that they have bought into the very unscientific idea that masks will protect them. This is the sort of magical thinking that says a St. Christopher medal wards off traffic accidents.  But viruses are so small, that when confronted by a thread of a mask, it "sees" a grove of trees, each tree representing a strand of the fabric that is twisted into a thread. The virus easily rushes through that grove. When it sees a pore between threads, it looks to the virus like an open football field. Hundreds go through per second. that is the point Clay Travis is making here. You don't have to take my word for it, do your own research.

There are a bunch of other things that are untrue that the Left claims are true, and if you disagree with them you are a racist, Nazi, fascist nogoodnick. CRT is in reality racism against white people. The truth? Everyone must be judged by his or her own character and not the melanin in his or her skin. Then there are the Georgia Election laws that are so...so racist...not.  Oh, and 19 Republican Senators just betrayed their voters and their country, for what is yet to be learned. Those Senators include Burr and Tillis. They voted for the $1.6 trillion infrastructure bill. Now these things may not be the results of science, but they are truth nonetheless.

Please go read the article, and realize that you are daily being pounded with fear porn propaganda.  The only thing that may be relatively free from the fear is the weather report, and frankly I am not sure about that.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Joy Pullman Excoriates Republican Politicians For Cowardice

 Joy Pullman over at The Federalist calls out Republican politicians, and it is long past time. The article is entitled Vaccine And Mask Coercion Is A Purge Of Republican Voters And Republican (Politicians) Are Letting It Happen. She has some pretty harsh words for Republican Politicians who stand idly by while people are brow beaten, and threatened with loss of freedoms and even employment for refusing the vaccine and masks.

After laying out the various false narratives that have been over hyped by the government and the media, which seems to be on a tear to create as much fear as possible, she goes on to explain how these false narratives are being used to purge Republican voters.

That brings us to the COVID protocols as purge. I live in Indiana, where both legislative houses and our governorship are controlled by Republicans — not that they’ve protected my family’s freedoms or quality of life in the last year. Throughout this state that voted 57 percent for Donald Trump in 2020, where people largely don’t believe the lying corporate narrative wildly overhyping COVID, children are still being forced to mask and cycle through rounds of Zoom school to access the public funds set aside for their education.
Businesses are pressuring workers to take the novel therapies regardless of whether the workers are at significant risk from a case of COVID. In-state universities are forcing faculty and students into novel COVID injections, with no response from the state legislature. Our state attorney general even issued an opinion supporting universities forcing low-risk young adults into these novel COVID prophylactics.
This spring, constituents pestered our legislature to protect us from this kind of medical coercion, and to ban public and private vaccine passports. State Republican leaders punted, then adjourned until next spring.
Now their voters are being threatened with loss of their livelihoods and the state-sponsored abuse of their children this fall if they don’t consent to unnecessary medical treatments or evidence-free “virus mitigation” procedures that dehumanize interactions, delay children’s development, and destroy the joy of living. People who rightly judge that their college-age children are at low risk for COVID and therefore don’t need experimental injections face the prospect of cutting their kids off from access to higher education as punishment for this reasonable risk assessment.
A friend who is a maintenance worker received a “mandatory” survey from his employer asking for his “vaccine status” — which is private health information protected by HIPPA. (Imagine if an employer sent around a survey asking people to list their BMI or whether they use contraception!) Merely receiving the survey is coercion — any decent man who loves his children is now put on notice that his ability to take care of them may hinge on his compliance with totalitarian demands. This man has voted Republican all his life and moved from a blue state to a red state specifically to protect his family.
What are Republicans doing to defend his ability to freely provide for his family? Jack nothing. Do everything the Biden administration says about COVID, or unemployment bread lines for you.
You should read the entire article. You don't see that much criticism of Republican politicians, but really, we need more people to stand up and be counted. We need more Ron DeSantises to tell the Left "No." What we don't need more of are people like Senator Burr and Senator Tillis to stab Republican voters in the back by voting with the Dems and giving them cover. The Left may be going to do what the Left does, but Republicans don't need to help.

Make the Tyrants Think Twice

 Over at The Federalist is an article by Gabe Kaminsky entitled Rand Paul Urges Lockdown Defiance: 'They Can't Arrest All Of Us'.

Sen. Rand Paul ridiculed President Joe Biden and other Democrats on Sunday for being “tyrants and bureaucrats,” floating further lockdowns and COVID-19 mask mandates ostensibly in response to the spread of the delta variant.
“It’s time for us to resist,” the Kentucky Republican said.  “They can’t arrest all of us. They can’t keep all of your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed. Although, I’ve got a long list of ones they might keep closed or might ought to keep closed.”
“Nancy Pelosi, you will not arrest or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs,” Paul continued. “We have either had COVID, had the vaccine, or been offered the vaccine. We will make our own health choices. We will not show you a passport. We will not wear a mask. We will not be forced into random screenings and testings, so you can continue your drunk-with-power reign over the Capitol.”

Actually, I have been defying mask mandates since last July. I would go into a store, and force them to ask me to put on a mask. Sometimes they did, but more times than not nobody said a word. Oh, some people would stare with daggars in their eyes, but I didn't really care. Masks do nothing to prevent the spread of the virus, and I wasn't going to pretend it does. And you should too. Now, am I suggesting that you lose your job over it? Well, of course not. Pick your battles.

A related topic is this post from the American Thinker by one Mark S. Maker (a psuedonym of course) wherein he destroys the lie of asymptomatic spread. I have long contended that if you have the virus, it will trigger your immune system and that activity will raise your temperature. No temperature, no ability to spread the virus. Of course then proponents of the asymptomatic spread theory will point out that "Typhoid Mary" could spread typhoid fever without herself getting sick from it. True. But she is also the only person I have ever heard of doing this. So, if it happens, it must be an exceedingly rare occurance. In any case, you can find his post at The Biggest Lie About Covid.

Excluding the origin story of COVID, I believe the biggest lie in the handling of COVID is the lie around asymptomatic spread — i.e., you could have the virus and not know it and kill people. This has been the great distraction of COVID, and it is being used even today to distract from major issues.
For those who have been monitoring the research, we have suspected since fairly early on that having otherwise healthy people and asymptotic people wear a mask has no known benefit in preventing viral spread. Even the peer-reviewed journal articles on the CDC website testify to this. If this statement was true then and is true now, then how did the CDC come to recommend in April of 2020 that healthy people wear masks? Why does the CDC continue to recommend mask-wearing? Just as importantly, how did we the people come to believe that forcing healthy people to wear a mask might be necessary?
Why, indeed? I think the answer is to test how compliant the general public is. I think the general good will shown by the public during the early stages of the pandemic emboldened these wannabe tyrants to feel free to impose ever more and more onerous restrictions. At this point, I am hoping that the good will has run out, and that enough of us are defying this intrusion into our lives to make them think twice.

The Communists are Coming

 Yesterday, at the American Thinker Frank Liberato (a psuedonym) had a very accurate post entitled Biden's Six Months In Office Have Us On The Road to Communism. I noted above that Frank Liberato is a psuedonym. But one has to use psuedonyms now to protect one's family if one is to speak out the truth. And this is the truth. Many don't know the horrible history of Communism, and its brother and sister Socialism and Fascism. Communism and Fascism have been totalitarian tyrannies wherever they have been tried. Communist China is a great example, but Cuba is only less so because it is so small. Venezuela is another horrible example. The Progressives want to implement what they call "Socialism" but one must understand that socialism always leads to either a Communist or Facsist dictatorship.

In his piece yesterday, Liberato spoke at length about the lunacy and the insanity of Socialistic societies. That quality is both how you know we are headed for a dictatorship, but it is also to the Socialist a feature not a bug. They want the insanity. It quite literally demoralizes people, as in takes away their moral sense.

Capitalism, with all its warts and pimples, is the way people organize themselves of their own volition. It is economic freedom. Socialism and its children – communism and fascism -- can only be foisted on a population through tyrannical coercion and brute force. Dean Koontz, in Icebound, summed up communism, writing,

This was senseless, pointless lunacy…but nothing the communists had ever done made sense, not anywhere in the world.…Their ideology was nothing but a mad hunger for unrestrained power, politics as a cult religion divorced from morality and reason and their bloody rampages and bottomless cruelty could never be analyzed or understood by anyone not of their mad persuasion.
We’re not there yet but, as our friends from Venezuela have tried to warn us, we’re well on our way and following closely in their footsteps. We’re now immersed in “senseless, pointless, lunacy,” while our politicians dabble in “a mad hunger for unrestrained power.” Liberato goes on to describe a few of the things that don't make sense, such as the immigrations situation. While millions of people pour across the Southern border, Biden refuses to let Cuban refugees come into the country, apparently because most of them would vote Republican. Can't have that. Meanwhile, the Canadian border is shut. Clearly the Democrats think these invaders from the South will be reliable Democrat voters. . But then he asks where are the Republicans? Good question>
Where are the Republicans? I know they didn’t sign up for this. “Congressman” is supposed to be a pretty cushy gig. An upper-class salary for life, the best healthcare the country has to offer, and their own police force with a budget now over half a billion dollars a year to protect a few hundred people. Is anyone trying to defund the capital police budget? On the contrary, it is increasing.
Unfortunately for the pampered egotists in Congress, the good times can’t keep rolling. Leftists want to burn the country down and then rebuild it as a third-world communist hellhole, as they’ve done in so many other places around the world. Republicans must start earning their overinflated paychecks or they will be responsible for a great nation’s demise.
We’ve been waiting a long time for them to grow a backbone and start standing up to the left. Some, having gauged the gravity of the moment, are pushing back against the Democrats, but most are still sitting on their hands or actively opposing any effort to rein in all the madness.

Please go read Liberato's entire article, and share it far and wide.  There isn't much time.  We can not wait until 2022, for by then at this rate, the Left will have it sewn up.  

Sunday, August 8, 2021

If you have to debate with gun grabbers

 Over at the Truth About Guns there is an article today by Sheldon Richmond entitled Some Things Never Change: What the Second Amendment Says and What It Actually Means. Richmond points out that the amendment says exactly what is meant, but some people deliberately misread the Second Amendment because the clear meaning goes against their political aspirations.

Richmond goes into great detail explaining not only what the Founders meant, but the errors of the other interpretations. Also, contrary what many people think, the Constitution in general, and the Second Amendment in particular are easy to understand even today. There is no archaic language; no "thees" and "thous." The Founders intended to write a document that was easily understood by any reasonable person with what would be today a high school education.
But the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights is indeed a well-crafted sentence. By that, I mean that its syntax permits only one reasonable interpretation of the authors’ meaning, namely, that the people’s individual right to be armed ought to be respected and that the resulting armed populace will be secure against tyranny, invasion, and crime. Someone completely ignorant of the 18th-century American political debates but familiar with the English language should be able to make out the meaning easily.
Before proceeding, let’s understand the competing interpretation. As the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California put it, “The original intent of the Second Amendment was to protect the right of states to maintain militias.” Dennis Henigan of Handgun Control, Inc., says the amendment is “about the distribution of military power in a society between the federal government and the states. That’s all they [the Framers] were talking about.”
Henigan and company are in the untenable position of arguing that while the Framers used the term “the people” to mean individuals in the First (the right to assemble), Fourth (the right to be secure in persons, houses, papers, and effects), Ninth (unenumerated rights), and Tenth (reserved powers) Amendments, they suddenly used the same term to mean “the States” in the Second. That makes no sense.
Richmond goes into the syntactical implications of the Second Amendment showing that any interpretation other than that it protects and individual right is in error. Then he goes on to discuss what language experts say about the Second Amendment.
It is also important to realize that, as a matter of logic, the opening phrase does not limit the main clause. As the legal scholar and philosopher Stephen Halbrook has argued, although part one of the amendment implies part two, it does not follow that if part one doesn’t obtain, part two is null and void. The sentence “The earth being flat, the right of the people to avoid ocean travel shall not be infringed” does not imply that if the earth is round, people may be compelled to sail. The Framers would not have implied that a right can properly be infringed; to call something a right is to say that no infringement is proper. As another philosopher and legal scholar, Roger Pilon, has written, the amendment implies that the need for a militia is a sufficient but not a necessary condition for forbidding infringement of the right to have firearms. The sentence also tells us that an armed populace is a necessary condition for a well-regulated militia.
Please go and read the whole article. It will provide ammunition for those who may have to debate with gun grabbers.

The Communist Tyrants and Dictators Are Coming

 Wayne Allen Root today has an interesting piece at Townhall.com entitled This Is 1938: First They Came For the Unvaccinated, in which he compares calls for vaccine passports to the Jews being forced to wear yellow Stars of David on their clothing. Root claims to be a Jew, and like Naomi Wolf is sensitive to the loss of freedom because because of being a targeted minority.  He writes:

It's time for alarm bells. It's time for me to play the part of Paul Revere: "The communist tyrants and dictators are coming! The communist tyrants and dictators are coming!" They're coming first for unvaccinated Americans. 
This is 1938. I'm a Jew. I now understand just a little of what it felt like to be a Jew in 1938. No, it's not the Holocaust. Nothing can be compared to the Holocaust. Ever.
But 1938 was not the Holocaust. It was the pre-Holocaust. It was the time before the nightmare, when the foundation was being laid to destroy the freedom, free speech, businesses and lives of millions of Jews.
Everything happening today to the American people ... to the U.S. Constitution ... to freedom ... and particularly to unvaccinated Americans reminds me of 1938. This is only the beginning. It gets much worse from here.
I don't think anyone is listening to us anymore. I have two Republican Senators, both of whom voted for the $1 trillion infrastructure bill with the many violations of freedom included, not to mention the inflation this bill will cause. Chipman is still on the table as ATF director. Still, I have to add my voice to Root's and Wolf's that there is no reason, either legal or scientific to treat Americans as they are being treated. The only reason can be for seeking power and to crush those who would oppose that power.

And yes, it only gets worse from here.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

When the Revolution Comes

 We are, sadly, being ruled by Marxian socialists of various stripes.  At the same time, we are being herded into the "Great Reset" by oligarchs pushing a Fascist line that "you will own nothing and you will like it" said with a German accent.  But of course you will not like it because you will be living in the middle of the "tragedy of the commons."  It is why you must cling to the truth.

Today, at the American Thinker we have to pieces that tie into the idea that the only way we might get out of the box they are attempting to put is into is if we refuse the lies. 

The first article, for a good history of Socialist lies comes form L. K. Samuels No Truth in Socialism: Why the 'Crisis of Marxism' Matters.

Samuels takes us on a journey back to the end of the 19th Century, when Marxism and Socialism were the bright, shiny new toy that would overtake Capitalism, a term invented by the Marxist, but essentially the way business had been done since the beginning of time. But then a strange thing happened: captialism kept improving the lives of ordinary people, contrary to Marx's philosophy.
This realization occurred in the late 1890s, when a crisis of confidence began to reach a fever pitch. Before that, Marxian socialists were seen as the bright new kids on the political block. They were gaining acceptance and recognition. They thought they had it made. Socialists had long predicted capitalism's inevitable demise. In anticipation, they prepared to be capitalism's pallbearers, and they breathlessly awaited the birth of a glorious socialist-proletarian revolution.
But then something unexpected happened: socialism started to decompose. Marxist leaders and revisionists looked inward and noticed serious flaws in Marx's socioeconomic predictions. Across Europe, the truth of Marxian socialism was called into question. As the defects and failures started to pile up, Marxian socialists faced an ideology both false and unworkable. Instead of witnessing capitalism in its last stage of life, it was apparent that Marxism and socialism were dying on the vine.
To Marxist socialists' dismay, the bourgeois system of market economics had gotten a clean bill of health. Capitalism was flourishing. Objective reality refused to comply with socialist demands. Instead, Marxian socialism was found guilty and given a sentence of rejection. To the public, Marxian socialism had lost its credibility.
Up until this time, the benefit of the doubt could be given to the Marxist Socialists and other various stripes of collectivism. But accepting that they were wrong was not what the Marxists did. No, they decided that if the truth went against them, they would have to throw out the truth. Thus, the "Big Lie" was born.
Nonetheless, Marxism and socialist revolutionary activity did not die. A French Marxist and Revolutionary Syndicalist, Georges Sorel, had already figured out the next course of action. His prescription was to inject heavy doses of "myth-making" into public discourse, confusing political issues, and overriding truth. His plan was to reinvigorate the socialist brand by releasing mountains of lies. Sorel understood that unconstrained truth would crush socialist theories and their fledgling movement, forcing socialists to master the art of slick propaganda to prevent being invalidated once again by the power of truth.
Georges Sorel went on to make lies sound truthful in an effort to defend the fallacies and failures of Marxism, propping up the advocacy of labor violence in the streets, anti-democracy, autocratic socialism, and revised Marxism. His myth-making propaganda became an inspiration to Marxists, fascists, and a host of socialist elites. To Sorel, truth was no longer important; it was an impediment to progress and had to be relegated to the dustbin of history.
Please go read Samuels' entire article. As usual, it is not overly long and you will learn a lot. I did.

But, we must go on now to an article by Ted Noel, MD entitled The 'Centers for Disease Control' Is No Such Thing. What Noel is getting at is that the CDC (also called the Conspiracy for Deceptive Calculations) can't really "control" diseases."  The name itself is a lie. More profoundly though, most of the "advice" given by the CDC and the NIH has been of the same type: lies that they knew were lies when they told them.  

He writes about the stupidity of lockdowns, which we have never done before. We have isolated the sick. Never have we quarantined the entire population of healthy people. This decision was either manifestly incompetent, or diabolical. I vote for the latter.

He also writes in great detail about the uselessness of masks. Masks can stop large droplets and are helpful with even smaller ones. He points out that masks are worn by surgeons because if they cough or sneeze during surgery, they are staring down into the patient's sterile field. But cloth masks as worn by the general public do not stop the virus, or even impede it.  From the virus's perspective, the mask isn't even there.

I had an experience the other day that shows the utter lack of scientific evidence on which these mask mandates are based. I take guitar lessons, and I went to my lesson as usual. I am fully vaccinated. Everyone in the store was without a mask, so I had no idea the store had a new policy. But then my instructor came out and said they had changed policy, and that we would have to be masked in the studio. Now, if I had the virus, I would be breathing out hundreds, if not thousands of virus bodies with each breath, so lets say 40,000 virus particles per minute. It would have done no good to have me masked in the studio because I had already been in the store for 20 minutes. If I was going to infect anyone else, I would already have done so, and that assumes the masks are protective, which they are not.  I refused and left.  I will not put up with this nonsense.

He also discusses treatments for Covid, which are available, safe, and work if given early in the disease process.  Again, the CDC seems to not be following the science, so what are they following?

So, why the lies? Why can't the CDC tell the truth? Why doesn't anyone seemingly in government tell us the truth? I suspect it has to do with power. The Marxist collectivists (read Socialist, Facsist, Communists, Progressives, Fabians, etc, etc,) want power, and if they told the dismal truth, nobody would give it to them. We would be crazy to do so. Do you want the United States to look like Cuba, or Venezuela, or Cambodia, or China, or North Korea or...I could go on. Suffice it to say that the only people who are comfortable in these places are the leader and the very well connected. And as history shows, many of those now shilling for the collectivists will be the first ones thrown against the wall when the revolution comes. Sure, I will be shot too, but first they will get rid of those who know where the bodies are buried.