Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sikhs Allowed to Wear the Dagger

Why doesn't this decision amount to establishing a religion?

We have a report today, courtesy of Theo Sparks, of a Sikh student who is allowed to wear a religious dagger to school here. It does seem as if the school district is imposing double standards. Christian children have been suspended for praying, holding Bible readings, and wearing crosses to school. The courts have generally found that when Christian children do these things with the schools indulgence, it amounts to an establishment of a religion.  Children have also been suspended for bringing tiny plastic soldiers with tiny plastic guns to school. You know the kind, the little green plastic soldiers we used to play war with.

Now, keep in mind that I do not object to a Sikh wearing a dagger anywhere.  It is his right, and a practice of the Sikh religion. I just want to see the same standard applied to other students.  In other words, Christian students should be allowed to pray and hold bible readings, on their own.  They should be allowed to wear crosses if they so choose.  On the other hand, if the courts want to continue the inanity, then nobody should be allowed to express or practice any religion.    Half measures where the schools allow this, but not that, strike everyone as being unfair, and un-American.

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