Thursday, September 29, 2011

NC Governor Perdue Shames Us All

I sure am glad our Governor, Bev Perdue, was joking when she made her remarks to the Cary Rotary Club the other day, as reported in the Raleigh Views and Disturber. Ms. Perdue called for the suspension of Congressional Elections, just this once mind you, so that Congressmen wouldn't have to worry their little heads about getting re-elected, and then maybe they could honestly go about the business of ignoring their constituents wishes. Sipsey Street Irregulars is a good place to start. Fellow NC Blogger Randy's Right has more. Or, if you can stomach it, here is Think Progress's take.

You will remember that our President, several months ago, at a La Raza rally, mentioned that unnamed people had urged him to take dictatorial powers, and that he was tempted. The Virginian has the story. Now, I don't for a minute believe that Ms. Perdue was joking. A Governor doesn't joke about ignoring the Constitution in front of a group of constituents, even if she might joke about it among her staff. And I don't believe for a minute that the members and guests of the Cary Rotary Club took Ms. Perdue's comments as a joke either. Some of them were no doubt appalled. Coming on the heals of the Sleasly administration, this embarrassment to North Carolina must be replaced with someone who has at least an ounce or two of integrity. But Ms. Perdue doesn't appear to have any real motive for wanting to suspend Congressional elections.  So, what was she up to?

Ms. Perdue is yet another Progressive, running as a Democrat.  There are many conservative Democrats in North Carolina.  I meet them all the time, and they and I have much in common.  But to a man, or woman, their politicians have all been taken over by the Pod People and are governing as Progressives. Progressive, if you recall, is another name for Communists, Socialist, or Fascist, and sometimes Liberal.  Now, I can't prove this, but what I believe is that Ms. Perdue is carrying water for the Obama administration.  They are testing just how much of a fuss we might put up about this.

So, let's discuss that shall we?  The most likely scenario for taking dictatorial powers is a massive economic event, which the administration has done everything in its power to exacerbate all along.  Of course the looters would riot since they would no longer have their "free stuff" taken from the productive.  Union thugs would work to get people riled up and would in all likelihood initiate the violence as agents provocateur did at Kent State University.  Police at the local and State levels would be overwhelmed.  I am sure the MSM already has the editorials and opinion pieces written to call for a decisive Federal response.   Say the Congress gives him such powers.  The fact is that a substantial portion of the Republican leadership is as "Progressive" as the that of the Democrat leadership.  Our now President for life, would in turn use those powers to declare martial law and suspend Congressional elections.  Now the fight to keep our government accountable turns to the courts, where some are probably going to find, in the emanations of penumbras, or behind the walls of the Courthouse, or...well who cares where they find it, certainly they don't...that the declaration, and suspension are, surprise, Constitutional.  Now it goes to the Supreme Court where I can already count 4 votes in favor, and 4 votes for the original meaning of the Constitution.  So, it will come down to one man...ONE MAN...Mr. Justice Kennedy, to decide the fate of the nation.  Let us hope he did not eat a plate of bad oysters the night before.

If Mr. Justice Kennedy decides the case for giving the President extraordinary powers is more powerful than the Constitution, then, as Mike Vanderboegh has said, we all get to vote one more time.  I pray the President knows the dangerous game he is playing, and the horrible consequences of it.  Americans will not stand still for this.  Meanwhile, that wretched Governor Perdue shames everyone living here.  She should be impeached.

May the Lord yet deliver us.

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  1. My friend, you've said it most clearly here, for those who will to hear. I pray God answers our prayers on this issue, but I believe that the natural consequences of what has gone before will result in warfare on U.S. soil.

    God help us all, PLEASE.