Saturday, October 22, 2011

Criminal Gang Run Amok While the Press is Blind

Please go and read the article in entitled ATF Ignored Death Threats, Tried to Frame Whistleblower Agent to Cover Up Corruption by Katie Pavlich. A hat tip, and a big "thank you" to David Hardy of the blog Of Arms and the Law. I'll have some comments when you are done. Take your time, and just digest what has been done to both Jay Dobyns, and to Vince Cefalu et al.

Done? Good.

Look, this is what happens any time a government, whether Federal, State, or local, seeks to enforce the law by breaking it. Even with the best of intentions, eventually the government itself becomes just another criminal gang. Criminals do not, by definition, obey laws, and operate without rules. But we expect our government, on the other hand, to scrupulously obey the laws it has made, and follow due process in all matters. If the government's hands are not clean, it begs the question by what right does it sit in judgement of everyone else?  Presumably, the government makes laws that advantage itself, so if they can not live within the law, who can?

Everyone should be outraged by the criminal behavior written about in the above article.  While it may temporarily advantage one political party or another, everyone should want to get to the bottom of it, for it is surely a bipartisan issue.  Attempts by the press to ignore this story because "their man" is currently in the White House only show up the biases of the press, but do not serve readers interests.  What is displayed here, is the thugocracy in action, and everyone should recognize that sooner or later, the thugocracy will come after everybody, supporter and opponent alike.  It always happens that way; read your history.  If the press refuses to speak up now, there will be nobody to speak for the press when its turn comes.  Its only hope it to make this an epic scandal.  Remember that 200 Mexicans, and at least 18 Americans were killed.  KILLED.  Dead as a result of what these criminals did. 

As for the citizen disarmament gang, do you really trust the government with a monopoly of power?  If so, why?  What has the government done to earn your trust?

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