Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What "Radicalized" Me

My wife, the lovely Ms. PolyKahr (who married me anyway) sometimes makes the comment that I have changed. I formerly didn't have what she considers "politics" on my mind all the time. I didn't used to listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh all the time.  I used to play music on the radio, like "normal" folks.  I have to admit to having become "radical" about guns and the Constitution. She asks why that happened?

Arctic Patriot provides an answer in his post Having the Courage to Look in the Mirror. Please read the whole thing, and a hat tip to David Codrea at the blog War on Guns for pointing to it.

I fit the description they paint to a tee (except of course for obtaining explosives.)   I speak out on the Internet about abuses of people by the TSA, the police, the EPA, and other government entities. I feel I do not speak out enough. Every day there are stories all over the news of people whose Constitutionally protected rights are violated. Just today we learn that the Federal Government is forcing Catholics to purchase insurance against their religious objections, that Senator Rand Paul was detained by TSA for refusing a pat down, that another citizen, a Navy SEAL team member was arrested in New York City for possessing a 9 mm handgun and ammunition. All of these things violate Constitutionally protected natural rights of citizens.  Of course, I have guns and ammunition, and I am a small time "prepper" as well. Does this make me a domestic terrorist?  Since when is evaluating risks and taking steps to protect oneself and one's family illegal, or cause for extra scrutiny?

Arctic Patriot seems to be offering the Government an extremely good deal. He asks only that they keep him in Coca Cola while he teaches them to ask, "why?" But if you really want to know why, look in the mirror. Then re-read the Constitution. It should become obvious to you.


  1. My lovely wife mentions the same thing to me.
    I *think* it all started about November 2008 or so......

  2. drjim,

    We each had our own "wake up" moment. Mine occurred over the course of 10 years, or so. However, the 2008 campaign got me bloggging as well.

    Best wishes, and stay well,

  3. Come to *really* think of it, I guess I started "waking up" around 2000. I was working at the most PC place I've ever worked at, and I simply couldn't believe some of the garbage people were spouting off. These were "entry level" employees, making $75~85k per year, with generous benefits and profit sharing bonuses, working for a large satellite broadcasting company, and screaming about how EEEEVIL Big Business was. They either didn't know, didn't care, or had consumed too much Kool-Aid to realize that ALL of the hardware we were using to send programming up to the satellites in orbit, AND the satellites, AND the rockets that put them into orbit, were ALL spinoffs of the EEEVIL "Military Industrial Complex" that they so despised.
    In retrospect, I'd have to peg my wake-up call to the time I spent there. Thanks for making me stop and think about when I started getting "radicalized"!