Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who Knew?

Well, here's something a little different. Some new studies indicate that moderate (and in one case, not so moderate) coffee consumption lowers the risk of diabetes. heart attack and stroke, cancer and dementia. Whew!  The news, at News Max is entitled Coffee the Wonder Drug.

I like coffee, and have never had a bad reaction from it. Some people get heart palpitations, and some get the twitches.  I get neither.  I drink Starbucks Sumatra, Morning Joe, and Espresso Roast, in a big mug. Of course, it is too expensive to buy at a Starbucks shop all the time, so I buy it in 1 pound bags in the grocery store where it is cheaper. I make a pot in the morning, and it is gone by day's end. Yes, at $9 a pound, it is a luxury, but I allow myself that indulgence.

I have tried other roasters' coffees over time, but Starbucks is, IMHO, the best roaster and blender of coffee that I have tasted, and I have tasted a lot of coffee.  Some people scrimp on using beans in their coffee, thinking that a weaker coffee will be more tolerable to their palate.  Actually, just the opposite is true.  I use six scoops ( The scoop is left over from my Mr. Coffee days.  The machine is long gone, but I still have the scoop all these years later.) to make a 12 cup pot.  Yes, the coffee comes out strong, but not bitter, and not too much acid.  See, its all in the balance.  At work, they have a Bunn coffee machine, that uses little packets of pre-portioned coffee.  The substance that comes out is weak, and you can literally read a newspaper through it.  Bleckkk...  Of all the fast food chains, I think McDonalds has the best coffee, though it is not great, mind you, just tolerable.  The best still comes at a local Starbucks store.

Note, for Internet trolls: I have no business relationship with Starbucks.  I'm just a satisfied customer.

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