Thursday, August 16, 2012

The War on Guns: Religious groups divided on gun control, but united against guns in churches

The War on Guns: Religious groups divided on gun control, but united against guns in churches

Am I surprised?  Well, no, I am not, but I am disappointed.  People tend to react with emotion rather than think things through.  David Codrea spells out the problem, which is this:  If the Church is going to disarm people in Church, then the Church has a responsibility to provide for their security.  Failing that, the Church has no business disarming people who attend.  After all, the right of self defense is a corollary to the right to life itself, a right given by God to all people.  His Church should respect the rights He gave us.

Crimes can happen anywhere, at any time, and churches are not immune to having crazies running in and shooting up the place for whatever crazy grievances they think they have against the church.  Indeed, if the Church either sets a no guns policy, or if it is required by law, the church becomes a target rich, gun free empowerment zone for any loony who decides to take advantage of it.  The police, bless their hearts, are at best minutes away.   In that time, the crazy loon can do some serious damage.  Therefore, any establishment where, according to the squeamish among us, people shouldn't go armed "for the children" or whatever other reason, should provide armed security to protect its patrons, whether that establishment is a church, a movie theatre, a school, or what have you.  In North Carolina, the list of places is long, and each of these places should have to maintain armed security.  Realize that I am talking here morally.  That is, if these establishments, or churches wanted to do what is right, they would exert themselves to see to the security of those in attendence.  But because we have a choice to attend or not, I do not propose that there should be a legal cause of action.

There are those who think that that perhaps banning guns will save them. Attorney Faisal Moghul has an excellent summary of why gun control never has, doesn't now, and never will work to control crimes like the Aurora Colorado shooting, or the Sikh Temple shooting . The article, appearing in the Canada Free Press is entitled Confronting the Myth of Gun Control. For practical examples go to An NC Gun Blog. There, daily, Sean Sorretino points out the utter failure of gun control in island nations such as Australia and the (formerly) Great Britain. If these countries can't keep guns out of criminals hands, what hope do we have?

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