Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Michelle Malkin Takes Down Rep. Joe Salazar

Yesterday, I happen to catch that moron of a Democrat Legislator, Rep. Joe Salazar of Colorado,making statements that said, in essence, that women shouldn't have guns for self defence because they were just too hysterical to understand if they were being raped or not. This is demeaning, paternalistic, and execrable. If he feels that way about the women in his life, what does he think of women police officers, or women in the military? Does he trust a female mechanic, or are machines just too complicated for the little lady to wrap her brain around?  That attitude hasn't prevailed in the United States since the 1920s.  Under what rocks have such knuckle dragging Neanderthals been hiding?

Michelle Malkin takes on Rep. Salazar and others today at in a piece entitled The Anti-Choice Left's Disarming of the American Woman. I always advise women, when the topic comes up, to get a gun, get some training, and to carry that gun wherever it is legal to carry it.  Michelle Malkin notes that in order alternatives to a gun, women are offered that following:

In a quick survey of campus tips for women, editor Jenn Taylor notes that at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, women are also told that "passive resistance (vomiting, urinating, telling the attacker you're diseased or menstruating) may be your best defense." The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh tells girls to "(c)ry or create a scene of emotional or mental instability." Instead of a Glock, the school prefers students take a page from "Glee." Yes, ladies, when you fear for your lives, it's time to engage in theatrics by faking a "faint" or "seizure." And at Oregon State, female students are advised to tell sexual predators they are "sick or pregnant," because guns and knives are banned on campus.
May I recommend a website to you? The Cornered Cat is a good website, that expresses the self defensive nature everyone should be striving for:
When a cat feels threatened, she gets away from the danger as quickly as she can. She doesn’t care what damage she inflicts on her way to safety, but she’s not interested in fighting for fighting’s sake. She does only as much as she needs to do in order to escape. She doesn’t deal in revenge. If she feels threatened, she simply leaves. Efficiently.

Until she needs to use them, her claws stay sheathed. She doesn’t go around threatening to maul people. She’s cuddly, she’s cozy, she likes to curl up next to a crackling fire on a cold winter’s day. She’s great company. But don’t try to trap her in a bad situation.
More than that though, it is a site that projects a woman's perspective on self defense situations, not all involving a gun mind you, that may show the woman in your life that there is a need, and that others are there to support her.  Frankly ladies, I don't care what color your gun is, but I do hope you are comfortable with carrying and using it.  I might need backup some day!

Update: Katie Pavlich has a powerful rebuttal to Joe Salazar here. Amanda Collins was raped while having a concealed carry permit. The problem? The campus was one of those gun free zones. As Collins notes, she was in a safe zone, but the rapist didn't care. She was 50 feet from the campus police station, but it was closed. Go read Pavlich's piece, and watch Amanda Collins' interview with Cam Edwards.

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