Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Syrian Rebels Behead Priest

A short article today at the American Thinker highlights the absolute absurdity of the Obama foreign policy. Rick Moran has the story at Catholic Priest Beheaded by Syrian Rebels Obama Wants to Arm

The Moran post is linked to a Catholic Online story, which in turn is linked to video of the horrible tragedy. Go watch it at your own risk. I have done so, and it isn't pretty. One wonders how people can be so cruel to one another, and yet history has shown time and again that people are indeed capable of such cruelty and murderous blood lust. We have seen already Syrian rebels eating the hearts of their enemies in a strange ritual that goes back to primitive times. If this is what Islam teaches, can it be the teaching of God? And if it is not what Islam teaches, why will no one stand a say so. There must be a religious authority somewhere that believes these people have rejected God's truth for their own beliefs.

Meanwhile, the Obama regime apparently intends to send arms to these savages.  These arms would of course be sent in our name.  I don't know about you, but I am certainly not in favor of Muslims beheading priests, nor am I in favor of Muslims eating the hearts of their enemies.  Please, write or call your Congressman and urge him to put a stop to this.

Update:  David Codrea (War on Guns) has some additional information on this story at Obama's Gun Policy and Supporters Favor Jihadists over Patriots. He points to a Rasmusen poll that shows Leftists fear the TEA party more than they fear Muslims.

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