Friday, October 17, 2014

Spies at the State Fair

I had my spies at the State Fair yesterday.  Well, actually, my "spies" included Mrs. Polykahr, the daughter and grand children.  They reportedly had a good time, thank God.  I asked Mrs. Polykahr if they had metal detectors set up to detect guns at the entrances.  Since Mr. Troxler undertook to twist the clear language of the law to make it say what it clearly does not, and then got a "judge" to follow his lead, I wanted to see if he was going to truly protect fair goers.  My spy reported that the only thing he had in the way of protection was a large sign.

Apparently, Mr. Troxler believes, as this video shows, that all that is required is to post a sign, and he has done his job. But the fairground is public land, and the fair is publically sponsored. Therefore, there are only a few places, spelled out in the law, where guns can be prohibited, and the fairground isn't one of them. But since the Commissioner undertook to disarm law abiding concealed carriers, he had an obligation to ensure no one had guns, thus the need for metal detectors to screen all persons entering the fair.

I have discussed what happens whenever there is a soft target. Sooner or later, some poor mangled soul gets it into his head to go and kill as many people as he can before the police arrive to stop him. Yes, this is sickness of the most horrific kind, and ideally such a person should be taken in custody and treated.  Meanwhile, prepared concealed carriers could stop him if he makes an appearance at a venue like the fair. But Mr. Troxler believes he knows better. He has sent away for one of those kits, because, you know, it works so well.

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  1. We have the same conditions at the Alaska State Fair. The Fair Committee prohibits weapons on the fairgrounds, but there's nothing in State law to prohibit weapons on open land (only in clearly-posted buildings, at the owner's option).

    The worst they could do is charge you with trespassing & ask you to leave. Meanwhile, most Alaskans are armed all the time. Strangely enough, there's very little crime at the Fair.