Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Find One Thing and Do it.

Grace and peace to you gentle reader, and may you find inspiration today.

 If you follow the news at all, it must seem as if Satan is marching on all fronts, and winning the war. That is, of course, what he wants you to think. If you are like me, you must get discouraged and occasionally lose faith. Here is a recipe for keeping your faith in the face of constant loss: find one thing you are passionate about, and do it. Bore into it, write a blog, inform people.

Carol Brown has a good article on what to do, with illustrative examples, at the American Thinker today, entitled Pick One Thing and Fight Like Hell. Brown writes:
The dismantling of America leaves one breathless as we face of an avalanche of horrors. We’ve been dealing with a long roll out of evil with more to come. It shocks the mind trying to absorb it all. What can citizens do to stop the fundamental transformation of our nation? How can we function effectively to save our country? And how do we do so in a leadership vacuum?
How can we expect our soldiers to risk it all and never surrender, yet allow ourselves to throw in the towel? How can we speak with reverence and awe about George Washington’s soldiers trudging through the snow, and not fight with all we’ve got -- a fight far less grueling than anything our soldiers have faced? How can we allow others to step forward to the front lines yet not step into the fray ourselves?
How, indeed. While there is yet time, while we can turn the tide with easy actions, let us do it. Pick your battle, and fight like Hell. Wade

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