Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Massive voter fraud taking place. Democrats avert their eyes.

I rejoiced when North Carolina finally elected a Republican House and Senate in 2010. Not that I believe Republicans are immune to the Democrat disease of corruption, but because the Democrats had controlled the Legislature of North Carolina since 1898. using a by "any means necessary" approach,   The Dems had variously employed violence, poll taxes, intimidation and when necessary, murder to secure their hold on the State.  And once achieved, they weren't giving power up without a fight.  The Easley administration became known as the "Sleasly" administration for playing fast and loose, and Bev Purdue continued in Easley's footsteps.

The Republicans, while far from perfect, have brought a great deal of common sense back to government. One common sense idea brought back to government is the idea that voters should have to prove who they are. Under NC law, you could prove your identity in several ways. Of course, a State driver's license is one way. Most people have a State driver's license. Indeed, it is not easy to get around in North Carolina otherwise. But some people don't have State driver's license. Not to worry, if you can get to a Division of Motor Vehicles Driver's License Bureau Identification Card. If you really can not get to a DMV office, how are you going to get to the polls?  The requirements for obtaining an ID card are:
No-Fee Voter ID Cards
Voter ID cards are special identification cards that are free of charge for any North Carolina voter who is not able to show proof of identity with a photo. For this reason and to enable him or her to vote in NC, the state will issue a No-Fee Voter ID card under certain conditions. Voters who do have a photo ID cannot receive this card. To apply for a No-Fee Voter ID card, you will need:
One document proving U.S. citizenship (or legal status for non-US citizens).
One document proving residency.
Two documents proving your identity.
One document showing your Social Security Number: 
One signed declaration to state that you do not already have a photo ID.
Note: You must be a registered voter in order to obtain this card. If you are not, your local DMV office can help you fill out a voter application with which you qualify for the Voter ID card.
It may seem as though the State is asking a lot, but in reality, most people have these documents already. The hardest one to obtain if you don't have it is a birth certificate if you don't already have it. But if you have a passport, that is enough to prove your citizenship. Or your naturalization papers. So, I was, to say the least, disappointed when North Carolina Voter ID law was struck down. I suspected at the time that the reason was because the Democrats wanted to perpetuate voter fraud. How widespread voter fraud is, however, is hinted at in an article at today entitled Will Illegal Foreign Voters Steal the Election by Michelle Malkin.
Former Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler identified nearly 5,000 noncitizens in Colorado who voted in the 2010 general election. Gessler's office uncovered upwards of 12,000 noncitizens registered to vote. Liberal groups who oppose stronger election system protections attacked him for trying to verify citizenship status -- because God forbid public officials sworn to uphold the rule of law actually do anything to enhance the integrity of our election system!
Another rare defender of American sovereignty, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, fought in court for his state's right to require citizenship documents from people who register to vote at motor vehicle offices. Last month, a federal appeals court struck down the Kansas law despite the U.S. Constitution's conferral of responsibility for determining who may vote to states.
In a scene straight out of "Alice in Wonderland," Kobach faced a contempt hearing for battling against those who hold contempt for truly free and fair elections. He was forced to sign an agreement with the ACLU allowing more than 18,000 motor-voter registrants to cast ballots this November while litigation continues.
These numbers are not insignificant.  People have won elections as a result of far fewer votes.  Al Franken won with only a 312 vote margin, yet delivered ObamaCare victory in the Senate.  Now, let's face facts:  a person needs to show a photo ID to cash a check, whether he has a bank account or not.  If he has to get medical services, and who doesn't now and then need emergency medical care, he must show a photo ID.  To get into the Democrat National Convention, one needed photo ID.  So, what is so wrong, and discriminatory about requiring photo ID to exercise a civil right?  Frankly, I think we should discriminate between people eligible to vote and those not eligible by virtue if not being citizens (yet.)

Update:  I just noticed that this week I have had more visitors from Poland than the United States.  Welcome to my new friends from Poland.

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