Sunday, November 13, 2016

Leftist acting as if the election was rigged or something3

I was over at National Review this morning, and saw an intriguing article by Kevin D. Williamson, a writer whose style I greatly admire, so I clicked on it.  The article, entitled I Won quotes President Obama in noting that elections have consequences. The subtext was, of course, that Republicans should sit down and shut up. With the shoe on the other foot, how does it feel? Not so good, huh?

Williamson's point is that Democrats are going to rediscover a lot of their old talking points, because, heaven knows, they won't sit down and shut up.  Last night, I went to sleep with some leftist stabbing her fingers at the conservative as she explained in a loud voice why Donald Trump is more evil that Hitler himself.  But, the real point Williamson is making is that Leftist, by and large, are a totally unaware lot.  The protesters and rioters seem to be poster children for the unexamined life. Williamson:
Ten minutes ago, Democrats were fretting that Donald Trump and his partisans would refuse to concede defeat, and insisting that Trump must make a dramatic public commitment to personally working toward a peaceful transfer of power. (Well, he did.) There were whispers of political violence, of riots in the streets, arson, smashed windows, violent assaults. Five minutes later, all of that came to pass — perpetrated by progressives in reaction to Trump’s winning the election fair and square.
Ten minutes ago, Democrats were complaining that Trump’s talk of “rigged” elections undermined faith in democracy and in the legitimacy of the United States government. Five minutes later, Democrats were complaining that the elections were rigged against them by an electoral system that treats the states as states — entities with political interests of their own — rather than as administrative subdivisions of the federal government. With their candidate set to lose the presidency in spite of her being projected to win the most individual votes, Democrats once again turned their rage upon the American constitutional order itself, and out came the signs: “America Was Never Great!”
If it is any consolation to them, I doubt Trump will treat these people the way conservatives have been treated for the last eight years.  It is hard not to throw it all back in their faces, but it also doesn't advance what we need to do.  It is even harder to pray for these people, though I know I must, and so should you, dear reader.

Meanwhile, go to the National Review and read Kevin Williamson's article.  Then start figuring out what you can do to help make our lives livable again.

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