Saturday, March 18, 2017

If you think carping about white privilege of cultural appropriation, you are barking up the wrong tree

I can't tell you how many times I have heard a black person tell me about an incident of racism that perfectly matches an incident that happened to me.  Usually this is about the job that went to someone else.  Really?  So if he doesn't get a job he applied for and is qualified to do, it because of racism, but if I don't get a job that I am qualified for its because of...?  Having been on the other side, actually hiring people for jobs, I can tell you that there are many factors that go into deciding who to hire, and race isn't one of them, but personality is.  People skills often count for a lot, and someone with a chip on his or her shoulders is at a disadvantage in the job market.

All of these things were going through my mind as I read John Hawkins' piece entitled Sorry Liberals, There Are No Oppressed Americans at today. If there is something called white privilege, I never got the benefit of it, but I suspect that everyone has to struggle in one way or another. Everyone has roadblocks to overcome, and it is in overcoming them that we learn the most.

I have also been hearing lately about so called "cultural appropriation."  This has to be the most moronic, the most idiotic thing the Left has come up with yet.  A black woman attacks a white woman for wearing corn rows because that is "cultural appropriation," and the white woman is of course properly chastised.  I wouldn't put up with that.  If wearing corn rows is a "cultural appropriation," then what to make of a blacks talking on cell phones, driving cars, or indeed using anything that runs on electricity?  Sound harsh?  Please note that the automobile was first invented by a European, the radio, which is what cell phones are, was invented by an Italian, and the electrical generation system used in the United States was invented by a European immigrant.  These and many other innovations are part of our culture, so hands off. if you want to play that game.  Personally, I think it is stupid, counting coup.

Nobody of any race makes you choose to have unprotected sex and get pregnant at 16. Nobody makes you choose to have three kids by three different baby daddies. Nobody makes you flunk out of school. Nobody makes you spend money on partying instead of your rent. Nobody makes you assault a police officer. Nobody makes you rob a house and get a criminal record. It’s not oppression. It’s a sub-culture that says you can make every mistake in the world, but your screwed-up life is still someone else’s fault.
There are women, gays, and minorities around the world dying to get into the United States. The ones that get the opportunity to do so legally spend thousands of dollars and put up with years of paperwork to come here. You think that’s because it’s such a racist, sexist, oppressive country? It’s ridiculous. It’s silly.
In the end, we get what we get because of individual initiative, and using our talents and abilities the best ways to achieve our goals. One more thing. Trying to find, and act on God's goals for us helps a whole lot. With God, all things are possible. Without God, you are just floundering. If you think nailing others for cultural appropriation will give meaning to your life, you are barking up the wrong tree.

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