Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In King, NC, You Are Only as Free as the State Says You Are

John Jacob H has a good commentary on the curfew and state of emergency passed in King, NC entitled Where The Hell is King, North Carolina?. Apparently, in response to David Codrea's question "By Whose Authority?" John Jacob H answers by the Mayor's own authority. So, a Mayor of a small town has the authority to declare a state of emergency and declare that people will not be allowed to have their weapons during a time when, by official proclamation, people might need their weapons. And this because of some snow? Hmmm. This sounds like Hurricane Katrina all over again.

During Hurricane Katrina, the police went door to door confiscating peoples legally owned firearms. Homeowners were disarmed at precisely the time when they might need to defend themselves from looters and other criminals because the police were admittedly not going to be there.

Why? Why is this happening in a supposedly "free State?"

Well, it could be because of her. "Representative" Deborah Ross has bottled up nearly every pro gun bill that has come before her committee. Right now she has the Castle Doctrine bill bottled up in Committee, and won't let it out for a vote of the House. It has already passed the Senate, by an overwhelming majority. North Carolinians need this bill to defend themselves after they are forced to defend themselves. After we get Castle Doctrine, we need to work on securing our weapons in times of emergency from being stolen by "authorities" acting under color of law. Oh, by the way, we also need eliminate bans on restaurant carry, theatre carry, park carry... But none of this will happen unless and until we vote out ACLU lawyer Deborah Ross.

Update, and correction: Apparently, NC had a bill, HB 257, which could have prevented this abuse of power. It was introduced by several pro-gun legislators, including Representative Bryan Holloway of the district that includes King. However, in this case, it was denied a hearing by House Majority leader, Hugh Holliman. So, "Representative" Ross was innocent in this case. However, in the case of the Castle Doctrine, she is still the one holding the bill in committee, and refusing to let it be voted on by the entire House. And the Mayor of King, NC still deserves all the opprobrium that can be heaped on him for being a petty tyrant.

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