Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sen. Ihofe Demands DOJ Investigation of Climategate

Pajamas Media brings news that Sen. Inhofe is asking the DOJ to investigate climategate. As many of the commenters note, no one expects the DOJ to take Inhofe seriously, nor do they expect to see AlGore defending himself before Congress. But there is value none the less in taking official notice of Climategate. The MSM in this country has buried the story, hoping to proceed as if nothing happened. By raising a stink in the Senate, the story will get out after all, making it harder to keep ignoring it.

Meanwhile, the American Thinker today has a piece by Edward R. Long entitled
Pending American Temperaturegate which reports that some fancy shenanigans have been going on over at NASA with the temperature data reported for the United States. Seems they may have been systematically adjusting the data upwards. Dr. Hansen seems to have some 'slainin to do.

Finally, again at the American Thinker today, Rex McBride explains why Al Gore is Lying low. Mr. McBride outlines the civil, and criminal cases that may await AlGore if investors in his "green" companies lose money due to Climategate. Mr. Gore could face civil RICO suits.

I usually dismiss big conspiracy theories out of hand. The Truther theory, for instance, has too many people involved, and the rewards are too small. But the Goofball Wormening "conspiracy" is different. The money to be made if it could be pulled off amount to trillions of dollars over the next 100 years. The money was expected to be stolen from ordinary people all over the world through their fuel and anything that used energy. But that wasn't the worst; no. Worse was that Americans were lectured that this was necessary because they were personally destroying the earth by driving SUVs. So, they put a big guilt trip on everyone, then offered to smooth things over if only we would hand them some of our hard earned money. It was a classic blackmail scheme. And they nearly sold it. That we were spared is not because of our doing, but in all probability because the Russians didn't want this either. It is time the Climate politicians/scientists and those that facilitated the lie face up to justice.

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  1. "But the Goofball Wormening "conspiracy" is different."

    Yes, and too many of its major players are 'fessing up. The volume of the (apparently) world-wide collusion is just too great to ignore.