Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama Not In Touch with Reality?

If this analysis of our "Dear Leader" is anywhere near correct, America is in big trouble. Floyd and MaryBeth Brown have penned a piece today at that paints a disturbing picture of Obama Off the Deep End. In it, the Browns point out with specific instances where Obama has shown signs of extreme narcisism (not a new observation), being out of touch with people, not being vary empathetic with people who are suffering. A quote:

In March of last year Obama was on "60 Minutes" with Steve Kroft. Throughout the interview as Kroft questioned about the economic downturn and people losing their life savings, Obama just kept laughing. A one point CBS's Kroft stopped him and asked, "Are you punch drunk?" How will the American people react to seeing their president laugh off their predicament? Obama's inappropriate laughter clearly demonstrated he has lost touch with the pain that people are feeling.
I was surprised that Obama was having $100 per pound steak at a state dinner, but it was early then, and I shrugged it off. I was also surprised when he went to New York with Michelle on that "date night." The extravagence of both items, in light of the recession, seemed to send a "Let them eat cake!" message to the "commoners." Another quote:

Obama is, according to Newt Gingrich, "potentially the most dangerous (president), because he so completely misunderstands reality." Gingrich was referring to Obama's inept and weak stance on missile defense amongst other things. Even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that Obama is an amateur; so much for wowing the world. Obama lives in an alternate universe where he treats our friends poorly and expects our enemies to change and become our friends. Here's hoping that the voters help to connect this president back to reality in November.
Obama's approval rating was recently at an all time low of 43%. More and more people are seeing Obama for who he really is, instead of who he portrayed himself to be during the campaign. But truthfully, even a committed Marxists should not be comfortable with an individual the flawed sitting in the White House.

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