Sunday, May 16, 2010

Steve Chapman Writes About Lautenberg Proposal

Steve Chapman has a good piece up today at entitled The Truth About Gun Sales to Terrorists. Go take a peek.

While Chapman isn't saying anything that a number of gun bloggers have not said, the truth is that Chapman reaches a far larger and wider audience. Also, since Chapman is not normally a gun writer, I suspect he has more credibility with average readers than we who are looked upon as having a vested interest. We Second Amendment types need all the help we can get in getting out the message.

As for Mr. Lautenberg...


  1. It's a good article, and you're right about its reach. I'm afraid that many anti-gun nuts have their minds firmly closed, and no amount of logical rhetoric will persuade them. Fortunately, they're clearly in the minority, and our numbers are growing.

  2. Rev. Paul,

    You are precisely correct. The gun grabbers will never surrender their beliefs, but the average joe will may read the article and start thinking.

    Best Wishes,