Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The War on Guns: Back to the Future

The War on Guns: Back to the Future

Cynthia Tucker thinks suspected terrorists should not have a right to purchase a guns. Hmmmm.

There is something called "due process," Cynthia, that requires that before your rights are summarily taken from you, you have to be proved to have been a terrorists, and to have committed terrorist acts. Merely having a Federal bureaucrat put your name on a list does not qualify. Keep in mind that the watch lists contain names only (as far as we know), there is no other identifying information. If you are on it, you were put there anonymously, without your knowledge, and without your ability to question your accuser. For all I know, a Federal agent could get miffed at his neighbor and put his name on the watch list to harass him. Are you, Ms. Tucker, willing to sacrifice Constitutionally protected rights? What other rights of free men are you willing to sacrifice? Perhaps you are willing to give up your vaunted free press and freedom of speech? Well, even if you are, I am not. Nor am I willing to entertain the loss of gun rights. Every United States citizen should receive the full measure of his Constitutional rights. The Constitution must be honored in the breech, or it means nothing.

The other day I read about a 3 year old boy who is on the watch list, and must receive extra screening every time his family flies for a vacation. So, when this youngster reaches the age of 21, having committed no felony, according to Ms. Tucker, he should be forever barred from owning a gun because his name appears on a watch list? Whatever happened to the so called "fairness" everybody on the left keeps talking about.

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