Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Liberty Sphere: Yes, Progressives Really Want to Control You

And they will if you let them.

Our friend, the Welshman, Anthony Martin, who also writes the Conservative Commentary for the Examiner, has an excellent piece up today entitled Yes, Progressives Really Want to Control You. Click to read the whole thing. A sample:

The reason citizens must have the freedom to keep and bear arms is that a large and dangerous sector of society does not obey any law that says you must not commit murder, or that you must respect another person's property, or that you must conduct yourself in a manner in which others are not harmed. Progressives sitting in their sanitized, insulated ivory towers claim to be ignorant of such people. But informed, free citizens know the danger and must have the means to defend themselves not only against threats to their lives and property but against oppressive governments as well. This is at the heart of the American experience dating all the way back to the Declaration of Independence. And yes, deadly force was used to defend freedom when it was attacked by totalitarians.

This piece, and I encourage you to go read it, illustrates fundamental difference in philosophy between Progressives, on the one hand, and Conservatives on the other. I believe a people must be able to govern themselves. Writing more, and more restrictive laws does nothing but make criminals out of otherwise law abiding people. If you write the law with that idea in mind, people will respond by making more adult decisions. If you write the law as if you believe people can not govern themselves, you will infantilize them and they will prove you correct as well.

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