Saturday, July 16, 2011

Prosecution under RICO

Bob Owens has the latest summary of the Gunwalker scandal over at Pajamas Media entitled More Gunwalker Emails Suggest Gun Control Conspiracy. It is a good read, and an excellent summary. Unfortunately, it does not give credit where it is due, namely David Codrea (The War on Guns) and Mike Vanderboegh (Sipsey Street Irregulars). I remain in awe of Mike's ability to get sensitive information out of ATF.

Bob Owens:
Chait was asking Newell to use tracing data to support an initiative supported by the administration to require the reporting of multiple rifle sales.

If that sounds familiar, it should; this week, President Obama pushed an executive order — an end-run around Congress – stating the feds will now require the reporting of multiple rifle sales within a five-day period. That the office of the presidency lacks the constitutional authority to enact such a rule seems irrelevant to this administration, which is certain to see this edict challenged in court if the ATF attempts to enforce it.
The emphasis is mine. This President, and his administration, have no respect for the laws of this nation, no respect for the Congress, and since they were elected by the people, no respect for the people of the United States.  To our "Most Wise Anointed One", we are just a bunch of rabble who need to go back and play with our toys, while the "Professional Politicians" solve our problems for us.  What nonsense.

Owen again:
Every component of federal law enforcement within the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security — and most likely with the knowledge of the Department of State — undertook a massive operation designed to facilitate the flow of thousands of weapons into the hands of some of the most vicious criminal organizations on Earth. These operations likely took place with the full knowledge of cabinet level officials, and possibly the White House. The weapons “walked” were used to gun down innocent men, women, and children, not to mention the brave police officers and soldiers in each nation trying to wage peace.

It demands a criminal investigation and the possible RICO prosecution of dozens of federal law enforcement officers, supervisors, senior management, political appointees, and possibly elected officials.

Our federal law enforcement apparatus became a criminal conspiracy. This was an assault on the democratic rule of law and the very essence of our republic.
Some of these people may actually believe that the presence of guns is the problem, and not the fact that Mexico is a kleptocracy that doesn't recognize the Mexican peoples' natural rights. Maybe. But they have succumbed to the totalitarian temptation very quickly. They are manufacturing "evidence" and writing illegal laws that will enable them to control, not the guns, but the law abiding people on this side of the border.  That is always the way, isn't it:  in order to stop some criminal bastard, miraculously they put the burden on the law abiding citizens, and not on the criminals who in any case just ignores the laws.  And they do it over and over and over.  At some point, one has to note that such "incompetence" always seems to make your and my life more difficult while seeming to make the criminal's life easier.  Do you see a pattern?  It is not about guns, it is about control.  Our government does not trust the average citizen to use guns responsibly.  That is the problem.

Update:  From the Klamath Falls Herald and News comes this letter to the editor. It is pretty direct and to the point:
This is an astonishing development when the very agency that will be charged with the administration of the new regulation was responsible for permitting the felonious sale and transportation of firearms to Mexico.

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