Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Open Letter to a Friend

Dear Mickey,

I much appreciated the opportunity to work with you Monday. You are a good colleague and friend and I enjoy chatting with you whenever possible. Mickey, you have a good heart, with good conservative instincts, and you are generally aware, something I can not say about a lot of people. You listen to Glenn Beck and to Rush Limbaugh. Here are some other sources you may not have been aware of, that tell you some of the unlawful and Unconstitutional things Obama is doing under the radar. The MSM certainly won't point these things out, and even Fox News doesn't get into this stuff in great detail. So, as a start, check out Gulag Bound. Also check out the Sipsey Street Irregulars where Mike Vanderboegh presents the Hannity expose on the Fast and Furious affair. The Obama administration has also issued regulations that would force the purchasers of multiple long guns in the 4 Southwestern States to register those purchases, something that the law strictly forbids. He has gone to war without Congressional approval (and Congress sits there like a potted plant.) There is more, much more. A dictator behaves in this fashion, not the president of a republic.

You asked why I thought he was doing all this, and destroying the economy. I told you I thought it was deliberate. Obama is doing his best to destroy the United States of America, and he is getting a lot of help from Congress and the MSM. "Why?" is a harder question. I believe that it is deliberate, because if it were mere bungling, surely he would sometimes muddle in our favor.  What I believe, is that Obama is a Marxist. What flavor of Marxist isn't really important. Whether he is Communist, Socialist, or Fascist doesn't really matter, because they all lead back to the same thing, a Marxist dictatorship. For more information on that read this National Review Online article by Stanley Kurtz. Also check out his book Radical In Chief.

For a Fascist Obama, look at the GM and Chrysler fiasco. He totally subverted normal bankruptcy laws, kicked the bond holders of those companies under the bus, and turned General Motors into Government Motors. The Fascist part was where, instead of outright nationalizing the company, he made himself a major partner in the firm. I remember seeing Obama saying that the Federal government would now honor GM warranties. Riiiight. Obama should have let GM go bankrupt, and Chrysler too.  That would have been the lawful thing to do, but I think he was looking for a test case.  If he could get away without anyone raising a fuss, he would move on to more and more egregious examples.  As for his purely Socialist side, look no further than ObamaCare. A lot of people warned us about what it would mean if we passed ObamaCare. We came close to defeating it. But Harry Reid pulled that stunt to make it a budget bill where he only needed 51 votes instead of 60. And right on time, they are trying to control our food.

But all that still doesn't really answer the question of "why?" I have a working theory about that, though I can not prove it. Before Marx, there was no name for the capitalist system. It was just the way business that were successful operated. Marx came along and presented as new some very old ideas, a bit of class warfare and hatred for the other, and created a very powerful economic and political philosophy-if your idea is to gain power. It appeals to the non achievers, to the ne're do wells, to the lazy and the incompetent, the criminal. Unfortunately, that segment of society makes up a lot of people. Because unexamined, the Marxist appeal is so great, it will always be with us. Standing against the Marxist economy, which always fails, was the United States with its more or less free market economy. The United States, by its very existence, put the lie to the Socialist economies every day. No wonder they hate us.

Interestingly, I believe Obama may be a true believer, one who has drunk the koolaid and truly believes his own hype. But what about the others? How do they benefit from the wheels coming off the wagon? First, lets clarify terms. True believers as I said, are those who have bought the theory hook, line, and sinker. They are the holders of a secret knowledge not available to the average schmuck. They honestly believe that in working daily to bring about their Utopian dreams, that they are bringing about a better world, carrying fire from the gods, where the lion will lie down with the lamb, and man will not fight anymore. Everyone will have all he needs, and we will all live in peace.  I can almost hear the choir tuning up with Kumbayah  Of course, since such beliefs can not stand up to penetrating scrutiny, they quickly resort to calling us racists, or haters, or terrorists, or whatever the latest group of people are for whom they regularly hold their little two minute hates. Some in this group also constitute what Lenin called the useful idiots. Useful idiots are those that parrot the latest talking points (yes, the left really does have talking points! It's not just a term or art.) People like Paul Krugman I would place in this category. Stalin had Walter Duranty at the NY Times to cover up his atrocities, while Obama it seems has the entire press. But people like Reid and Pelosi are in it for the power. Lenin and Stalin were in it for the power. Lenin didn't believe all that stuff, he just used it to gain a power base that allowed him to take power from the Czar, and keep it by murdering and brutalizing huge numbers of his own people. So, we have the true believers, the useful idiots, and the power trippers.

So, who is who and how do they benefit? I believe that Obama is a true believer, but will not discount that he is a power tripper with unusually good acting skills. He seems to be trying to settle scores with the American people as a whole for imagined sins against "his people." Of course, if "his people" are black Americans, they are taking the brunt of his economic warfare. Reid, Pelosi, and others in Congress I am convinced hope to share in some of Obama's power, but they also hope to generate enough wealth to insulate themselves and their families from the storm that will inevitably rock the U. S. when the sh*t hits the fan. How did Barney Frank, for example, become so rich on a Congressman's salary?  Answer that, and you will know why many go along with the administration.  That pretty much covers the Democratic leadership. Most of the back benchers in that party go along because they want to keep riding the gravy train. As for the Republicans, the leadership of the Republican party today would have been Democrats several generations ago. They are moderates, who believe that less of what ails us may be all it takes to avoid melt down. But they have nothing against the disease, except that it is killing us. They will serve as unwitting useful idiots until such time as they are no longer needed.  I fear the Democrats have utter contempt for John Boehner and company, or they would be trying to remove him.

Now for the other side.  Obama, and various party leaders like Kerry, Pelosi, Schumer, and others, have been out talking on topics to the press.  In every case, the out and out, bald faced, wouldn't fool a five year old lies is maddening, and breath taking.  What do they hope to accomplish?  One can easily see through such fabrications.  My conclusion is that they think it no longer matters.  Whatever "it" is, it's in the bag.  Let me close with this.  Senator Lautenberg had a proposal to deny people on the "no fly" list guns.  Nobody knows how you get on the no fly list, who is on it now, or how you get off.  You or I are not allowed to see the "no fly" list.  Apparently the criteria are pretty loose, and any Federal agent can put anybody's name on the list at any time with no due process.  Meanwhile Janet Napolitano's DHS is busy putting out official notices to police departments and such that TEA party folks, people who believe in the Constitution, conservatives like you and I, are terrorists.  We are to be watched, spied upon, our every move suspicious.  We might find ourselves unwittingly on the "no fly" list, and would know it because we don't fly.  Had Lautenberg's bill passed (and I think it might someday) we could suddenly find that our Constitutionally guaranteed rights are abridge without due process for the crime of disagreeing with the Obama administration.  It's one thing to disagree with an administration, and quite another when such disagreement makes you a criminal.  Get ready.

Yours truly,

Update: For a slightly different take on Obama, see News Flavor where a supposed White House insider slings dirt on Obama. In this take, Obama is an empty suit, controlled by others behind the scenes. Who these "others" are is not said, though one can think of several names. Also note that we don't know who the "Insider" is, and ultimately have no way of knowing if what he says is true, or if he even said it. But it is an interesting data point.  In any case, the message is largely the same-get ready.

For a different take altogether, see Sultan Knish. This is a good read anytime.

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  1. That's as good a summary of modern D.C. politics as I've read anywhere. Well done, sir.