Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two quickies and a Long One

Several quick reads of interest. I recommend you go read them all.

First up, Michelle Malkin has a piece over at entitled Screw Up, Move Up, Cover Up: The Fast and Furious Edition. If you have been following Sipsey Street Irregulars and the War on Guns, Notes from the resistance, you know all of this. Melson has been removed as the head of the ATF, and a number of Fast and Furious perpetrators have been given what appear to be promotions. The news here is that Michelle Malkin writes for a more general audience of conservatives and TEA partiers, who may not follow the gun blogs. The word is seeping out.

Also today, AWR Hawkins has a piece, again at entitled Barack Obama: Above the Law or just Lawless?  Several people have warned that this President is blatantly, and deliberately lawless.  I would note that there are several other things Hawkins has left out.  None the less, for a general audience who may not always be aware, to have it appear in a forum like Townhall is very helpful in getting the word out.

Finally, Jeffrey Toobin of the NY Times has a piece in the New Yorker on Clarence Thomas entitled Partners. Ok, so this one is not a quick read, but go read it anyway.  It gives voice to what I have always thought, that far from being stupid, as is often supposed by the Left, Thomas is an intellectual giant and leader of the conservatives on the Court.  I have not always agreed with Thomas's rulings, but I find his rulings compelling.  His writing shares with the best literature the ability at once to say a great deal in simple prose.  So, why is Toobin letting everyone know now that Thomas has been quietly building a case against government over reach, and for an original understanding of the Constitution?  I think because he is alerting his Leftist readers that somehow or another, Thomas will have to be forced to recuse himself when ObamaCare comes before the court.

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