Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Reason to End the EPA

Funny how articles on a topic seem to run in batches. Apropos of yesterday's post, Way Up North has a link to Borepatch's article on the Climategate 2.0 email dump. Go read the whole thing, including the embedded links.

Does Gringrich's and Romney's embrace of "man made global warming" make sense now? Unfortunately, there is no way to know who all may be involved. Some of the politicians may be running under the radar, while one may make a good guess about others. The EPA has been in the thick of it though, since before the original Kyoto Protocol was negotiated, with AlGore leading the charge in Kyoto.  Bush took a neutral position on the issue, so I don't think he was directly involved.  But the Massachusetts vs. EPA (2007) case "forcing" the EPA to regulate green house gases happened on his watch.  The point is, who can be trusted to do the right thing by the American people?

I recommend we all pray about who we should vote for in the coming elections.


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