Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shamelessly Glombing onto Fellow Blogger

So, what does a blogger do when he is out of ideas of his own? Of course a blogger who just can't think of anything to say, and who has any integrity at all, will just say nothing. The rest of us will try link into another blogger's work in hopes of getting a little reflected light.  That's what I am doing today with fellow blogger Sean Sorrentino over at An NC Gun Blog.  Sooner or later, the temptation to shamelessly glomb onto other's work is bound to strike.  

I have made the point many times that gun control does not control crime, or criminals. Criminals can get whatever weapons they want, any time they want. Further, while you and I are forbidden from carrying a firearm into schools, banks, theatres, some restaurants, hospitals, and ...well, you know the list is long, a criminal carries wherever he likes, whenever he likes. If he is planning on committing a crime, what is one more charge against him?

Sean Sorrentino makes exactly that point every day in his blog An NC Gun Blog. When he can't find a good story from North Carolina, he is not above pointing out that places like Australia, (The Formerly) Great Britain, New York City, and other places where the gun grabbers have had their way with the populace (and are therefore that much closer to Utopia) have a surprising amount of gun crime. Guns are banned, but people intent on committing a crime get them anyway.

To hear a gun grabber whine about gun crime, as if bat crime, knife crime, screw driver crime, nail gun crime and so forth, aren't quite so bad, sometimes makes a person grounded in reality want to throw up his hands. It is as if they believe in the instrumentality theory of crime. That is, the gun sends out signals that cause normal, everyday people to go out and murder others for no reason whatsoever. Such people also have to believe that lamp posts jump in front of cars, or that cookies magically appeared in the child's mouth.

So called "journalists" often foster a belief in the instrumentality theory of crime by the way they write news stories. How many times have you read a story about a man killing his his wife that reads like a gun just went off? The poor victims: the gun jumped out of the holster and into his hands, and then pulled its own trigger, killing his wife. Then it turned on him, and shot him too. His neighbors report he was a quiet person and a good family man. If only guns were banned!

But here in the real world, guns are just a tool, like bats, knives, screw drivers and nail guns. Sean takes a given story, and shows you that these guys have a long and sordid history of committing crimes. These are not cases of innocent victims being led astray by bad guns. These are bad people, who use guns (or bats, knives, screw drivers, or nail guns) to do bad things to their wives, girl "friends," children, and anyone else that happens to get in their way. The outrage is not that you and I have guns to defend ourselves from these animals, the outrage is that the "Justice" system allows them to roam our streets.

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