Sunday, April 22, 2012

BofA Drops McMillan Group for Political Reasons

I missed this the day it came out. Bob Owens had a piece on Pajamas Media reporting that Bank of America drops Gun Company for Political Reasons. If you have an account at BofA, and the other banks in your area haven't thoroughly disgusted you yet, you might think about moving your money elsewhere.  Be sure to tell them why you are changing banks. You do not expect to change the company's policies, but why should you help fund something you don't agree with?

We are now seeing the real danger of the TARP bailouts, and indeed, of bailouts in general.  When the government pays the bill, the government gets to tell you what to do.  Given the rabidly anti-gun nature of this administration, it makes sense that they would try to cut off as much funding to gun manufacturers as the could.  While I am sure McMillan Group will survive, they way that these TARP bailouts were handled such that the government muscled there way into otherwise profitable banks has always struck me as being not much different from a mafia protection racket.

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