Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pro Criminal?

One of my daily reads is Sean Sorrentino's An NC Gun Blog. Today, Sean had an interesting piece about a crime in Australia, entitled, fittingly enough Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters paradise: Guns seized, shootings continue. A quote from the post:
That’s the scenario that our gun grabbers want to import. That’s the life they want for you to have to endure. They aren’t anti-gun, they are pro-criminal.
I have this thought buzzing around the edges of my mind when I read things that just don't make sense, like following a math proof that suddenly veers to the illogical, and the only thing the professor says it "it should be obvious."  But it isn't obvious, and in the end,  I reject it. I ask myself who could possibly be pro-criminal, except of course for other criminals. But, truly there is a group of people dedicated to creating chaos, dividing people, making people doubt there own instincts. So, who are these people? The Left. Most (not all) of your gun grabbers are people on the Left. We, in the gun blogging community out to call them out more, not as gun grabbers, or as anti-gun, but pro-criminal. That's what they are. Let it be know that every regulation they want to impose, every "reasonable gun law" that adds burdens not to the criminal class, but to peaceful citizens, favors criminals over the average person. That makes them pro-criminal.

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  1. Thanks for the link.

    The Communists during their takeovers of other countries empowered and used the criminals to take down class enemies and then murdered the criminals to make themselves look good. Why do all the work when you can con other sociopaths into doing it for you.

    Same bunch of people here.