Tuesday, May 22, 2012

National Right To Carry

An AmmoLand article entitled Coalition of Attorneys General Want National Right to Carry Reciprocity by the NRA-ILA.

H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011 passed the House in November of last year. While having 22 Attorneys General petitioning for passage in the Senate, I don't really see the Senate passing it, and I certainly don't see the President signing. I suspect the NRA is using the bill as a fund raising opportunity, and that politicians are using it to prove their bona fides to constituents back home.

One of the consequences of passage of such a law is to make may-issue States that are fundamentally anti-gun, like New York, no-issue States. The provisions of this bill are that if resident of a State, like North Carolina, that has shall-issue provisions travels to a State like New York, his or her right to carry would be recognized in that State. It sounds good, and would hopefully curtail some of the abuses of citizens that have occurred. But it could also provoke a defiant response from State legislatures that do not wish to be told what to do.

Ultimately, it is fine, of course, for free men and women to seek to make of the law something that reflects that liberty. But it is presumptuous of the State to attempt to say that one free man may carry a gun, or any other personal arm, and another may not. Your permit was written by God, our creator, and ratified in the Constitution of the United States in December 1791, the date of ratification of the Bill of Rights. It has not been revoked. In so presuming, they are laying claim to your God given rights, a usurpation you should jealously guard against. My point is not to be too concerned about the games being played in Washington right now.


  1. "My point is not to be too concerned about the games being played in Washington right now."

    Excellent point indeed.

  2. Rev. Paul,

    Glad to hear from you. Your daughter got graduated successfully, I presume?

    I had a friend who excitedly sent me a Reuters article from 2009 outlining the change in the Bush era policy towards a UN Arms Trade Treaty. I e-mailed back "Welcome to the fight!" I think we will see more silliness as the election gets closer, and as people wake up.