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A Beating in Virginia is not Justice for Trayvon Martin

When I lived in Virginia, I was a member of the Virginia Citizen's Defense League, and I still receive e-mailed alerts from VCDL. This morning I had a alert in my e-mail about a story that appeared in the Virginia-Pilot, a Norfolk, Virginia "newspaper." The story is from the Virginia-Pilot and can be found here. I will let Philip Van Cleave, president of the VCDL tell the story:

It took 3 tries to get through to 9-1-1 and I'm thinking the Virginian-Pilot now has two employees who might be in the market to get a CHP.<,/br>
Some thoughts about this story from a self-defense point of view:

1. If you are in a vehicle and can speed away from danger, do it! Certainly don't confront a mob!

2. Don't bet your life that 9-1-1 will save you - even a one minute wait could be fatal. Your best bet is to be ready and able to defend your own life at all times.


100 blacks beat white couple, media bury attack

'That is sad and disgusting. Someone should be fired or resign'

Published: 2 hours ago

by Joe KovacsEmail | Archive

There’s outrage in Norfolk, Va., today after a white couple was attacked by a group of 100 black teenagers, and the local newspaper did not report on the incident for two weeks, despite the victims being employees of the paper.

Even today, the Virginian-Pilot did not cover the crime as news, but rather as an opinion piece by columnist Michelle Washington.

snip...You can read the next few paragraphs at the Virginia-Pilot website highlighted above. Now back to comments:

Washington says neither suffered grave injuries, but both were out of work for a week. Forster’s torso ached from blows to his ribs, and he retained a thumb-sized bump on his head. Rostami reportedly fears to be alone in her home., while Forster wishes he’d stayed in the car.

The columnist admits the story has not, until today, appeared in the Virginian-Pilot.

Washington says the day after the beatings, Forster searched Twitter for mention of the attack, and one post in particular chilled him.

“I feel for the white man who got beat up at the light,” wrote one person.

“I don’t,” wrote another, indicating laughter. “(do it for trayvon martin)”

Trayvon Martin, is the unarmed black teen, who died after being shot by a community-watch captain with white and Hispanic parents, George Zimmerman, in Sanford, Fla., sparking a wave of outrage long after the incident.

The newspaper is coming under heavy criticism today from residents in the greater Norfolk area, known as Hampton Roads.

“It is unbelievable that the Virginian-Pilot would BURY this story for two weeks for politically correct reasons. That is sad and disgusting,” said David Englert of Norfolk. “Someone should be fired or resign over the decision not to report this attack. It is a sad enough commentary on our society and community to read about how the responding police viewed this crime, but for our only newspaper to decide that they will hide from the truth rather than report the truth is PATHETIC! Any attack by a mob of people on any innocent victim should be put under a bright spotlight for all involved to be judged and exposed as appropriate, and to make sure that the criminal justice system does its job to protect those who obey the law.” [PVC: Hah - don't hold your breath for anyone to be fired. When a reporter lied about what I said in an interview and was caught red-handed, the Pilot ignored the situation.]

William Tabor of Chesapeake, Va., complained: “Surely the Pilot knew about it. A racially motivated attack is certainly news. Was it not politically correct enough to be reported? Is civilization suspended in Norfolk after dark? If we can’t rely on the police for protection, and our [news] media fails to warn us of such hazards, we can only rely on ourselves.”

Charles Chandler of Norfolk indicated: “I am not sure what I am angrier about. This story, or the crowd of black teens who needlessly and thoughtlessly beat two white victims. Or am I just angry that this still occurs in the year 2012. Nearly fifty years after the marches and the speeches and the declaration of civil liberties for all people. Clearly we are nowhere near the dream Dr. King envisioned. I am angry. I am angry at the calloused cop who stated “this is what they do”. I am angry at the Pilot for hiding it under a bushel.”

And Douglas Gaynor of Virginia Beach brought up the need for self-defense, saying, “If the young lady was armed and trained, she could have whipped out P345 and taken out a few thugs.”

VCDL web page: [
Today we see the return of yellow journalism, where people are smeared for political reasons, where some things are just not printed, where things are made up to get the people stirred up, where the press can not be trusted to do its job.  Of course, now it's blacks that have become a protected class, and anything they seem to do to whites is looked upon as legal, or if not quite legal, as somehow deserved.  You can bet those reporters had never done anything to anyone in that mob.  This is yet more collectivist thinking, the notion that something done to a Trayvon Martin in Florida justifies beating a random someone in Virginia.  But once such "justice" is taken out on people in Virginia, does George Zimmerman go free?  Has justice been done?  Of course not, because justice is not collective.  The specific perpetrator must be punished if found guilty.  The mob in Virginia only succeeded in committing another injustice, which must be punished if they can be found and put on trial.

Martin Luther King's dream was of a society that was truly colorblind.  Everyone, no matter his race, or national origin, or his religion, should be judged by the same standards...the content of his character.  Everyone would have the same opportunity, and would reap the rewards of his good deeds.  But that's not what is happening.  And "newspapers" who refuse to publish the truth, both good and bad, are only adding to the injustices that go on everyday. Update: Instapundit has the inside story on the uninterest of the Virginia Pilot on this story.

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