Thursday, June 28, 2012

Katie Pavlich Fisks Fortune Magazine

Yesterday, David Codrea had a cryptic message on his blog War on Guns in which he points to a CNN article, that in turn points to a Fortune magazine article. The article attempts to throw some mud in the Fast and Furious waters in an apparent attempt to scare some congressmen who might be wavering on the Contempt of Congress vote today, into voting against it. That is what I read here, anyway. David indicated that he was constrained by someone from releasing rebutting information. I, like everyone else, will be eagerly awaiting that rebuttal, if it ever comes. Meanwhile Katie Pavlich has done a good job of fisking the Fortune magazine article at The article can be found at Fortune Magazine Tries to tell the Truth and Fails Miserably.

The growing perception of course, is that the President himself was involved, since he has now asserted Executive Privilege. There is that cryptic "under the radar" comment to Sarah Brady reported in May, 2011 by Fox News. At the time I wasn't sure what was meant, but it takes on new meaning in light of the Presidents assertion of Executive Privilege. Tea Party has put together a plausible theory linking Hilary Clinton to the Gunwalker scandal as well here. Note that this is largely speculative, based on the evidence in hand, but it will be interesting to get a look see at all those documents if they ever get them.

I was amused yesterday by Jay Carney's assertion that Issa is just playing politics.  Well, of course he is playing politics; what else would you expect.  But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a pretty strong case to make.  Normally, whenever someone begins yelling "Racist!" at them, the Republicans fold like a cheap suit.  The fact that he has convinced Boehner to stand up to the rhetoric and hold a vote of Contempt of Congress is extremely telling. 

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