Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Old gun grabbers never die, they just hide in the woodwork

Representative Darrell Issa has offered to meet with Attorney General Eric Holder at 5:00 pm today, according to a tip received by Townhall.com's Katie Pavlich here.

The gist of the article is that Holder could stay a vote on Contempt of Congress by providing the documents Issa has subpoenaed at the meeting.  I understand the need Issa feels to be seen as bending over backwards to be reasonable, but these games have to stop.  Justice delayed is justice denied, and Brian Terry family, the families of at least 200 slain Mexicans, and who knows how many people on this side of the border deserve some resolution to this issue.  Indeed, they deserve at the least to see that Holder is impeached, and that those directly responsible are behind bars.

The American people deserve justice as well.  The motivation behind Fast and Furious now appears to be to gin up the numbers on weapons being shipped to Mexican drug cartels in an attempt to impose another so called "Assault Weapon Ban (AWB)" on the American people.  The previous AWB, passed in 1994 and allowed to sunset in 2004 had no effect on crime whatsoever.  So-called "Assault Weapons," really just semiautomatic rifles that looked scary to some people, had never figured into crime statistics before the ban went into effect, and so had little effect on reducing crime.  But, then, the AWB was never designed to actually prevent crime.  It was a symbolic bill designed instead to intimidate gun owners.  By imposing the AWB, the effect was to make all semiautomatic rifles seem somehow illegitimate, somehow vaguely illegal, in the minds of the average person.  People who might have thought vaguely of someday getting one of these guns would be discouraged from doing so, and might think such guns were unavailable.  The right thinking folks who followed the mainstream media would come to believe these weapons were somehow more powerful and more dangerous than ordinary guns.  It was, in other words, an attempt by the Brady Campaign and other gun grabbers to divide and conquer the gun community a piece at a time.  The ultimate goal was to have all handguns banned, and to have ordinary hunting weapons locked up at an armory where the owners could get their hands on them only under certain very restricted conditions.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution was under assault, and was rapidly disappearing.  As usual, the Left would change the Constitution by reinterpreting the rights acknowledge in that document into something not dreamed of by the founders.  While things have changed for the better since then, don't for a minute think the gun grabbers have given up.  They will never rest, and neither should you.   

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  1. "They will never rest, and neither should you."

    You're correct - they won't rest until we are subjects of the dictator.