Saturday, November 3, 2012

Selwyn Duke's Depressing Analysis

I keep hearing from Republican operatives and party regulars that despite how it all looks, Republicans will win big this November 6.  No, I don't believe that will solve all our problems, but it would be the lesser of the evils potentially visited on us.  On the other hand, I overheard Mrs. PolyKahr talking to a young (legal) immigrant from Russia.  After discussions about her pregnancy, plans for the Holidays and other matters, the Missus asked for whom she was going to vote.  She replied  "Obama!"  Mrs. PolyKahr exclaimed "Are you out of your mind!?"  Well, some people never learn.

Selwyn Duke has a depressing piece out today at the American Thinker entitled Can Democrat Leaning Voting Machines Win Election for Obama. I have noted the polls, both national and state by state are all seemingly within the margin of error, which means within the margin of fraud as Duke points out. In each of the cases of voting machines reportedly recording the wrong vote, the machines miraculously always favor the Democrat. Now there is a real surprise!  You would expect that some calibration errors would go one way, and others would go another. Random errors occur all the time in engineering applications.  One uses statistics to take out the random errors because these sorts of errors can not be helped, and you know they will happen.  For example, in surveying land, it is common to measure three cumulative measurements of an angle, then divide by three to find the actual angular measurement.  It is also good practice to measure the rest of the angles around the circle, and sum these to see that they add up to 360 degrees.  Any error is distributed equally to each angle making up the circle, again because they are random.  Manufactured items have tolerances, plus or minus because of random errors

What Duke is talking about here is systematic error, error that always favors a certain direction.  Is it so hard to believe that technicians who favor Obama, while setting the calibration, might just make the Obama area on the screen a little larger than the Romney area?  It would be virtually undetectable.  In a tight race, it wouldn't take many people who didn't notice that the machine was malfunctioning to push one candidate over another.  Together with other dirty tricks, already documented at this blog, Romney would have to win by a landslide to win at all, while Obama has to merely win by a nose.  Failing a landslide, and if Romney's lawyers challenged the results, Obama could "Al Franken" his way to victory.

Unlike Mr. Duke, and unlike the upbeat pundits, I don't know who is going to win, or what will become of this once great nation.  Instead, I pray to God for a miracle.  Only he can send the devil back from whence he came.  Make no mistake, collectivism by whatever name you call it, is of the devil, however you imagine him.  I urge you, gentle readers, to do the same.

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