Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some Thoughts on the Election Results

I went and voted at 9:00 am yesterday, then went to get a hair cut, had lunch with Mrs. PolyKahr and the grandson, then went home to do some chores and watch the election results. I prayed for a miracle, and God, in his wisdom answered "not no, but hell no!"  While a few seats in the Congress changed hands, the power did not shift one little bit.  We are in the same shape as we were yesterday, with a Marxist in the White House, someone whom I suspect to be one leading the Senate, and a gutless Republican party in charge of the House.

I began to think something had gone wrong last night when I noticed that none of the Senate candidates were winning their races.  Pocahantas Elizabeth Warren easily won over Scott Brown, in spite of his incumbency and his clearly better character. Apparently Romney was not carrying anyone with him. Hmmmm.  Massachusetts went for Obama, which I expected, but when Wisconsin was called for Obama, I knew the game was up.

I heard Bill O'Reilly's analysis, and I shuddered to think it was true, but after a nights sleep, I can not think otherwise.  The nation has changed.  The majority of the people no longer want freedom, liberty, opportunity.  They want stuff.  The Obamaphone woman represents what we as a nation have become. We don't care that we are lied to on a near daily basis. We don't care that our government, in our names, is running guns to Mexico or other countries, lets our Ambassador get killed and does nothing, breaks the laws, shreds the Constitution, gropes us, and spies on us. Just so long as we get our trinkets from the government. All I can say is that voters have sold their country for a mess of pottage, so I hope they enjoy the slop.

There is plenty of blame to go around.  Pat Caddel has noted that "journalists" have been advocating for Obama all along. Such advocacy is dangerous for the nation, but then journalists apparently want to destroy America as much as Obama does. They have pushed stories that made him look good, ignored news that was bad for Obama, and have in the process become a propaganda arm of the Democrat party.  They cheered ObamaCare, but have ignored, or have failed to ask the tough questions about Benghazi or Fast and Furious.  They pushed for Romney's tax returns, but have never asked for anything from Obama.  It seems on the outside, looking in, that journalists get their talking points from the White House each morning and run with them like happy dogs chasing after the latest bone.

There will be time to get into the numbers, but I suspect that a lot of conservatives and orthodox Christians stayed home.  Mitt was not a conservative.  He certainly was not my first choice, but I made peace with voting for Romney.  Many are blaming Mitt Romney this morning for being Mitt Romney.  Others are blaming the Republican establishment, a group who is more blame worthy than any other.  In there desire to put up an "electable" candidate, they again tossed aside the concerns of their natural base.  There was no real enthusiasm for Romney, and many were suspicious that once in office, he would ignore conservatives entirely.  The Republican establishment had better get over being embarrassed by us, or find themselves as a minor back bench party-that is if there are ever elections again.

I can't help but believe that Selwyn Duke's analysis may have also had something to do with Romney's loss, but we will never find out about that. In any case, once the fraudsters get in office, they are immune to prosecution for having committed fraud. So, it will be done again.

A toast then, to the United States of America. Born 17 September 1787. Died 6 November 2012 by suicide.


  1. Unfortunately, I must agree. It's a Greek tragedy ... and I chose that comparison on purpose.

  2. Rev. Paul,

    Pardon me if I continue to grieve. Intellectually, I know that things wouldn't be vastly different under Romney, but I haven't fully processed that yet. Give me another day, and I will be back to fighting the good fight.

    God Bless,