Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don't look now, you are being watched!

Rev. Paul has some interesting news, in case any of you didn't already know: You're Under Surveillance Right Now.

Being a former Navy employee, I pretty much figured I was already under surveillance.  When I began blogging, I used the name "PolyKahr" to 1) Protect Mrs. PolyKahr and the grand kids from the intrusion of Left wing trolls and 2) To honor the writers of the Federalist Papers, such as Plubius, who used pseudonyms to hide their real identities.

That the government feels the need to monitor its subjects (for that is what they consider us to be) is not a reflection on the citizenry, but a reflection on the corruptness of the government itself.  If they weren't doing things they know they ought not do, they wouldn't be so worried about us talking among ourselves.  The degree to which the government does not trust me is the degree to which I do not trust the government.

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  1. Thank you for the link, sir. Like you, I see no reason for the government to suspect my actions. I merely give voice as a writ of mandamus to the powers that be: "Do what you're supposed to do!"