Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Why I Have Not Been Posting

Regular readers may have noticed a lack of posting of late.  That has been very deliberate.  In my regular life, I have spoken to a number of people, attended a few gun shows, where I talked to the public, and of course, constantly bounced ideas off Mrs. PolyKahr.  I have come to the conclusion that I was preaching to the choir, and that the choir doesn't need preaching to.  I can find better things to do than constantly harangue the choir that our liberties are disappearing faster than the last prescription pill disappears down the drain on a Saturday night.  I haven't given up the fight, I just feel that I can be more productive in other ways.

I have also concluded that we have reached the tipping point electorally.  The fact is that a majority of people who vote now want to get "free" stuff (at the expense of those who have worked to be able to have it.)  This conclusion disheartens me, but I feel it must be faced.  There are not enough of us left who believe in the idea of personal responsibility and working for a living.  Too many just want to be taken care of, and liberty be damned.  Too many are willing, even eager to be subjects rather than citizens.  To them, I repeat Benjamin Franklin's admonition:  Those that are willing to trade essential liberty for a little security deserve neither liberty nor security.  And as this President continues to shred the Constitution, they will find that they indeed have neither liberty nor security.

I will continue to post occasionally here, as time permits, and if I have something to say that is not being said by others with more facility with words than I have.  For the most part, though, I think I have said it all several times.

I can confirm Mike Vanderboegh's observations at Sipsey Street Irregulars that panic seems to have set in in the gun owning community. The first item is the attendance at the last gun show here in Raleigh, where lines are reported to have been wrapped around the building 3 times to get in. Vendors apparently did a land office business, particularly in ammunition. The second item is a conversation I had with a young lady at the Barnes and Noble book store. It turns out that she and her husband run a business selling reloading components and presses online. They have had a run on ammunition components, and can't keep anything in stock. The third item is an auction Mrs. PolyKahr and I attended yesterday where they had up for auction an AR pattern rifle, a shotgun, and two handguns. After looking at the condition of each of these items, I determined in my head where I would stop bidding. In a sane world, these items were realistically used, but not abused. They were serviceable, but hardly collectors' items. All three items were bid up to prices that exceeded cost to buy them new. The Mrs and I never even had a chance to bid.  I kept shaking my head in wonderment at people who are just now getting the message.  You should have been prepared all along, but welcome to the party.

Update:  The Antigun Movenent's Bridge Too Far by William A. Levinson at the American Thinker today offers a little hope. Go read it, then act. Make these people's words the equivalent of "Remember the Alamo."

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  1. I agree with your premise for not posting. Been struggling with that conclusion, myself. Finally decided to wear my preacher hat more often, and remind people of who God expects us to be.

    With His help, I'll still accomplish something, and pray it's enough.