Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gun Control Won't Stop Gang Violence

Michael Geer had a piece up yesterday at the American Thinker that touches on a topic I have not heard so far discussed in the current debate on gun control, namely Gang violence and Gun Control. Mr. Geer points to Justice Department statistics that show a significant amount of gang activity throughout society, because there is a significant amount of money to be made from violating the law. Michael Geer also points out the fact that if drugs can be smuggled into this country, then what prevents semiautomatic weapons from also being smuggled into the country? Indeed, if the average man or woman can not obtain semiautomatics, what prevents gangs from smuggling in far more capable select fire weapons and setting up an untraceable black market? Indeed, gang members, like other criminals, don't obey laws, but many are very smart about pouncing on a demand for illegal merchandise, and will exploit it with a vengeance. Let's look at how the debate is being framed, though:
Reports about you and me and our AR-15s and AKs? All over the front page. Gangs with rocket launchers and grenades in the gun control newspeak? Bupkus. You and I and our Glocks? Terrified reporters breathless with passion for gun control. Gangs with Glocks? Nada. You and I, presuming you may be religious, a veteran of armed service or a defender of the Second Amendment are now listed with Homeland Security as a threat to National Security, a potential terrorist. Lumped in there with the likes of Hamas, Shining Path, MS-13 and the Hells Angels. But right now we're not hearing anything about trying to take guns away from the Mongols. No. You're not hearing some rip and read talking head demanding MS-13 be disarmed. You and me, yes. Insanely violent drug gangs? Shhh. No gun control for them, they might do something.
Put like that, it becomes pretty clear that the stated purposes of this law will have no effect on the proposed perpetrators, because, as has been pointed out ad nauseum, criminals do not obey laws. So, the law would disarm the peaceably armed citizen, who is not committing crimes, while leaving the criminals who are committing crimes armed. One has to wonder if our supposed rulers are dumber than a bag of rocks.  Hmmmm.

But back to the money for a moment, because that is the new piece of information in this article.
Gangs are a huge problem Congress ignores. And I have to ask the question: if I follow the money, will I discover why? Because no decent law abiding self-respecting power center would allow gangs like these to exist in their body except that there were a reason to tolerate their presence. If we follow the money will we uncover why violent gangs are allowed to coexist side by side with decent law abiding citizens?
The implication, of course, is that one, or both of our political parties has a monetary interest in keeping criminal gangs operating. Its an intriguing idea, but one that will be incredibly difficult to prove.

Update: The Blank Slate makes an important point.

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