Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Being a Leftist Means Never Having to Say 'I'm Sorry'

At today is an article entitled ObamaCare breaks promises in California, and supports would prefer you not point it out. Go read the whole thing.

At a time when normal Americans are struggling to make ends meet, the Regime keeps piling on more spending, wants more taxes, and now we find that far from lowering health care insurance, ObamaCare will raise premiums by 100% in some cases.  So, a healthy male non smoker in his twenties will have to find $2,208 ($184 x 12) every year before he pays anything else out, to pay for his health care insurance, which insurances most won't need.  Once our male non smoker gets to forty, his premiums will jump to $3,132.

Now, I have always looked at the cost of things in terms of opportunity costs. If you have to spend $2,208 on health insurance, what won't you be able to buy instead?  Could that money have gone into a 401k account, where it would earn money in the market?  Could it have been used for several new suits, or a down payment on a newer car?  But he no longer has a choice about how to spend the money he earns in ways that meet his personal needs at the time.  The choice has been made for him by big government.  And it will only become more rigid, more bureaucratic, and more intrusive as time goes forward.

Of course the other thing the article points out is how the supporters of ObamaCare are defending the indefensible.  "It's not as bad as the worst case scenarios" doesn't mean its good.  Nor does it mean it is better than what we had.  The fact is it won't be.  We all used to manage our health issues on our own, with the advice of a doctor we trusted, who kept our confidences.  Now, we will have bureaucrats snooping around, nudging us in ways we don't like, and don't want to go.  We didn't like it when our mothers did it, and I'm sure we will resent it when a faceless bureaucrat does it.  The fact is that just as the IRS has been weaponized and turned against groups that espouse conservative ideals, our health data is likely to be similarly weaponized and become fodder for political campaigns.  Then there's the implicit trust you place in your physician, only now can you really trust him or her?  How much of what they ask are things they really need to know, and how much is information required by their new masters at HHS?  What options aren't they telling you because those treatments have been deemed not cost effective at your age?  How much confidential information do you tell your doctor when it all goes into a national database that sooner or later will be hacked.  All these changes are unnecessary.  All are designed to give more power to the Federal government at the expense of the liberty of individual Americans.   


  1. Progressives don't believe in the concept of liberty, and are the folks who invented the "progressive income tax" (named after their movement). They are the very same people who fostered the idea that what you earn isn't yours, after all: it's theirs, you see.

  2. Rev. Paul,

    I know, I know, but it never hurts to expose these cretins whenever and wherever you can.

    God bless,

  3. The lowest monthly charge ($2208) approximates my family's total monthly disposable income. We would be unable to purchase food, clothing, vehicle insurance, utilities, or gasoline.

    So sorry, but we won't be enrolling. Chances are that the unaffordable governmental pyramid scheme will collapse before then, anyway.