Saturday, June 22, 2013

Report Recommends Republicans Pander to Youth

I have tried to stay out of party politics, after a short stint as a precinct captain in my callow years.  The elected Democrats disgust me, displaying a win at all costs, lying to the American public, cheating including election fraud, underhandedness in getting bills passed against the public will, which no body has read, until it is too late, attitude.  I have often thought that the entire Democrat party (not the average guys in the street, but the DNC and elected officials) should be prosecuted under RICO.  But to do so, one would need to find an independent, non partisan prosecutor.  Good luck.

On the other hand, the Republicans also disgust me.  In their case, it is that they seem to believe that they must offer up a less offensive version of every stupid nincompoop idea the Democrats promote.  Why not just say "No"?  When we Conservatives do get a guy or gal elected to Congress, then we have to keep on their back to get them to do what they promised us they would do to get elected.  And Boehner, don't get me started on John Boehner.

The Republican party has been trying to figure out why it keeps losing presidential elections.  There has been much soul searching wearing of sack cloth and ashes, and gnashing of teeth among the party establishment.  First they offered up Senator McCain, the Republican Maverick, and Darling of the Press.  Except, the press turned on him the moment he was nominated, as predicted by Rush Limbaugh and others.  Additionally, his reputation as a maverick was based on his countless betrayals of conservative voters, including his McCain-Feingold Act.  To make matters worse, he was up against a candidate who used his color against McCain to silence him.  Why McCain allowed himself to be silenced is something we will never know.  But McCain, who had to have some dirt on Obama from oppositional research, refused to use it.

Then, in a bid to prove just how mind numbingly stupid they really are, the Republicans put up an Eastern liberal the second time around.  Now, I have no doubt that Romney is a nice guy, a boy scout by all accounts, and a straight shooter.  Conservative, he is not.  We would be having many of the same issues and scandals with a Romney presidency and we have with an Obama presidency.  In terms of policies, they are both big government people.  The notion that the Republicans can run Democratic programs with more efficiency and less cronyism doesn't get to the real point.  The point is that programs like Social Security, Medicare, ObamaCare, and the various welfare programs etc, etc, etc, are all unconstitutional, and should have been struck down, or better yet, repealed, years ago.

(Note, the Republican punditry constantly claims there is no Republican establishment operating behind the scenes to put certain people into the White House.  The fact is, though that the big money donors get to make their voices heard over everyone else.  And they don't seem to much care for the Conservative voter, thinking of us as gun toting, tobacco spitting, rednecks:  the kind of people who would drink out of the finger bowls.  They are embarrassed by us, and don't really care about having a strong competitive party.  What they care about is making money, and they can make money with anybody in power, so long as the party in power keeps the competition down.  Oh, and we need to change the incentives for Republican consultants.  If they don't win, they don't get a dime.)

Romney might have pulled it out had it not been for massive voter fraud in certain precincts in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and perhaps in Virginia as well.  But committing voter fraud doesn't really matter because the candidate who benefits from it gets to keep his office anyway.  Just look at "funny man" Al Frauster Franken.  I don't know why Republicans don't make more out of blatant voter fraud.  Perhaps because they are committing it too, but they are dumber about it.  Or maybe they don't want to look like sore losers.  But when evidence comes to light from groups like Project Veritas nothing seems to happen. Oh yes, the lady in Houston did get fired, but what happened to her afterward? Did she get hired by another Democrat operation?  Do the candidates that benefited from voter fraud have to run again in a clean election?

All of this came flooding into my mind as I read Grand Old Propaganda by Linda Harvey at the American Thinker today. Her article is sparked by a report that the Republican party must change its platform to get hip to the youth vote. Now, I take umbrage with the term "youth vote" to begin with because it implies that all young people think, act, and vote the same way. In other words, it is identity politics, and there is little evidence that because a person is a certain age, or has certain pigmentation, or is of a certain gender, that they all think, act, and vote the same way, and the Republican party should not be engaging in identity politics, nor the pandering to identity groups. Anyone who sees their own primary identity as a member of a certain group should be seen to have real psychological problems in any case, and should not be pandered to.

If the Republican party wishes to start winning elections again, they need to stand for timeless principles, as they did when they were founded. The Republican party rose to national prominence because they stood against slavery, against the forcing of one individual to work for the benefit of another. All mankind is born free, not just the white folks. Now they have become the party of "me to, only better managed." Stand up instead for timeless principles. Write them down, shout them to the world, base your platform on them, and hold candidates feet to the fire of those principles. That is the way to win elections.  As it stand, if the Republicans are going to offer to do what the Democrats do, only more efficiently, it hardly seems worth it to come out on a cold November morning, stand in line in the dark, just to vote for a guy with an "R" after his name.

Update:  While we are on the topic of the Republican party, here is a post from Timothy Birdnow at the American Thinker entitled The Colonization of 21st Century America. The report is harsh on a number of RINOs for passing, or supporting massively unpopular legistlation such as the current immigration bill in the Senate. Why, for instance is Rubio so keen to pass this bill against the opposition of the average American? Why is he resistant to having true border security? What secret agenda is driving him? Go read "The Colonization of 21st Century America."

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