Friday, February 14, 2014

Second Amendment Victories, and Gun Owners Showing some Spine

While Dave Hardy had it first at his Of Arms and the Law blog last night, I could not access the opinion to read it. Katie Pavlich has a more accessible piece over at today. The title says it all: Second Amendment Victory: Liberal Court Rules Unconstitutional for Government to Restrict Concealed Carry Permits based on "Need."

I have dubbed the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals the "Ninth Circus" because the "reasoning" coming out of their opinions is often head spinning. This is a major victory for California gun owners. This ruling is likely to be appealed, and since we have conflicting rulings from other courts, will end up in the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, it seems that that tens of thousands of gun owners decided to flout the recent "assault weapon" registration requirement. Hot Air has the story here. I don't envy these people, for surely they have had to make a calculations of the risks of getting caught versus the risk of having their defensive weapon confiscated without a fight. Not knowing whether or not their calculations were correct must cause pain and stress.  But it is good that Connecticut gun owners are showing some spine. Mike Lawlor now has to decide how far he is willing to go to enforce the law, how much he is willing to rile the populations to achieve its goals, which, BTW, have nothing to do with stopping another Sandy Hook school shooting.  But now the political class knows exactly how far they can take the war on guns.  Connecticut gun owners are saying, like the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae "Come and take them!"


  1. Wise Connecticut gun owners should be thinking seriously about renting storage space in out-of-state venues for temporary firearms storage.

    Putting a significant number of the weapons out of the reach of the Connecticut LEO's should put a dent in the probable cause that will surely be pleaded when the search warrants are being Xeroxed .

    Take it as gospel the state nanny-tyrants will be looking for any scrap of data they can to identify gun owners and on a massive scale run a bunch of no-knock search and seizure operations.

    1. ruralcounsel,

      Sorry it has taken so long to publish your comment. I have been behind on this blog, but I appreciate your comments. Come again.