Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Connecticut Gun Owners to Gun Grabbers, "Molon Labe"

According to Michael Schaus of Townhall.com, Connecticut gun owners are saying Molon Labe-Come and Get Them. Schaus:
Lawmakers in Connecticut have already threatened current gun owners with confiscation in accordance with the new regulation requirements. And despite a fraction of state gun owners deciding to comply with intrusive registration requirements, the Governor has accelerated his anti-gun rhetoric. (Colorado voters decided to hold recall elections… Connecticut gun owners have decided to take the Barack Obama approach: Ignore inconvenient laws.) Letters have been sent to “known gun owners” demanding registration, or the surrender of their “assault weapons”. The birth place of the Constitution, it turns out, is still home to armed students of human liberty.

Despite the strong rhetoric, and threatened legal action, citizens have remained stunningly unphased by the authoritarian nature of Connecticut’s gun registration scheme. In fact, Connecticut Carry (a decidedly pro-Second Amendment group) has even gone so far as to challenge the state to go door-to-door: Connecticut Carry calls on every State official, every Senator, and every Representative, to make the singular decision:

Either enforce the laws as they are written and let us fight it out in court, or repeal the 2013 Gun Ban in its entirety.
The gun grabbing legislature and the Governor's office in Connecticut have forgotten the basic rules for making sound laws: if you want the people to comply, they must first agree to the laws. Mike Vanderboegh explains it better than I have in this video. In this case, the people affected, gun owners, did not agree. The gun grabbers were operating on the premise that each owner of a banned gun would feel isolated and alone, and would not risk the personal loss of family and fortune that a Class D felony would entail by resisting the law. But something happened the gun grabbers did not expect. One of their own, Al Gore, invented something called the Internet, which allows like minded people to communicate with each other over vast distances, compare notes, and devise strategy. Then, another one of their own, Barack Obama, decided that the law doesn't matter. As President, he has flouted the law, or changed it to suit his purposes, at will. Unfortunately, when a sitting President does such things, it sends the signal that law doesn't mean much. It empowers the People to define those laws they will choose to obey, and those they will choose to ignore also. By choosing to obey only those laws that are convenient or expedient, or worse, choosing to outright flout the law as written by the legislature, the President has created a state of lawlessness, in which any citizen can be brought before the courts at any time he or she becomes troublesome, and put in jail or worse.  Some courts have been so anxious to serve an agenda that their court rooms have become little more than kangaroo courts rubber stamping the tyrants line.  Meanwhile, gun owners who are defying the Connecticut law are obeying the Constitution-the highest law in the land.  Thus, gun owners, not the State, are standing on the moral high ground in this case.

Now, why do I call the Connecticut legislature and Governor gun grabbers? Because their real goal is to ban all guns in their State. Of course, were they to write such a law, the people as a whole might revolt. Even people that do not own guns are sympathetic to owning them. Some harbor a desire to own them, but their spouses have put their feet down on the subject. Others have a live and let live attitude, and as long as their neighbors guns don't interfere in their lives, they could not care less. More, with the nationwide broadcast of every aspect of the Zimmerman trial, a lot of people became sympathetic with Zimmerman, feeling that he was being railroaded by progressives who made fools of themselves and the law on nationwide television.  They became vaguely aware that guns save lives.  So, the gun grabbers strategy was to narrow down the list of guns to a small enough minority of gun owners, that they might get the hunting crowd to say "Take their guns, just don't take my deer rifle." The urban carrier might think "They will never take my handgun. So what if they take those nutcases' guns."  In this way, they hoped to divide and conquer, pitting one group of gun owners against another. I hope we all have learned that if one gun owner is attacked, we are all attacked, and will respond appropriately:

Molon Labe: Come and take them!

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