Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I've got a long "honey do" list today, getting ready for family and friends coming into town for the Thanksgiving weekend, but I thought I would highlight one little piece from Townhall.com entitled The Top Four Liberal Reactions to Ferguson Grand Jury by Michael Schaus. Of these four, which are all outrageous, the one by a writer named Harold Itzkowitz stands as the dumbest. Since I can't copy twitter posts, I will have to retype what was said. Itzkowitz wrote:
So, stealing Cigarillos and jaywalking brings the death penalty.
Schaus writes in response:
Well, no. Committing a strong-armed robbery is not, by itself, justification for a death penalty. But premature death is certainly a distinct possibility for anyone attempting to attack and disarm a police officer.

So, to answer your question: I guess it depends on how you react when a cop tries to talk to you about jaywalking. (Hint: Don’t reach for his gun.)
Just so. Michael Brown's death was a tragedy, but it was also all in Michael Brown's hands. By initiating aggression, he elicited an aggressive response which resulted in his own death. That his parents and the community can not work these simple things out goes to the moral decay that has taken place in America. In general, one can not know the intentions of another, but when someone grabs for your weapon during a struggle, its a safe bet they plan to use it against you.

Indeed, the story that is presented by the Left, and the actual facts as presented to the Grand Jury as they are reported so far, are so at odds, that it makes one wonder why the protestors did not choose a more sympathetic victim over whom to make their case.  If the claim is that white police officers go around shooting innocent black people for no reason, then why not choose a truly innocent guy as the victim?  Surely there must be one or two out there if the claims are correct.  But to have Feguson in flames today over Michael Brown, a man about whom people on the outside looking in can see made bad decisions which led to his own demise, raises the suspicion that what these people actually want is the right not to be held accountable for their illegal acts.  In essense, they want the right to act like barbarians without consequences.

Is that so?  And by what right do you make these claims?

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