Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lois Lerner's Emails Found

You have probably read about or heard that Obama has signed an executive order changing the immigration law to allow 5 million illegals to remain in the United States, and grants an amnesty. In doing so, he his claiming the rights of a dictator, and emperor, a king, whatever word you want to use to describe him. He claims to be above the law, to actually make law. He even claims to be able to dictate to the Congress, since at one point he offered and excuse that Congress had failed to act as he thought they should. What arrogance! Of course the Constitutional remedy is to impeach him, but nobody will for fear of being called racists. You are also likely aware of Ferguson, Missouri, where apparently blacks are working very hard to start a race war. It is very distressing that people still buy into the race baiters bitter hatred, which is designed, of course, to enrich the race baiters and not to help those supposedly suffering. And no doubt you have heard that the reason Buffalo is sitting under 8 feet of snow is because of climate change, which used to be global warming, or global cooling, or...well, I can't keep the story straight. But its all stuff and nonsense in any case. Buffalo happens to be unfortunately located at a point where if the winds and temperatures are just right, they will get hugely magnified lake effect snowfalls. It has happened before, it will happen again.

 Less covered, but of interest to conservatives was the fact that Lois Lerner's emails have been uncovered. You can read about it in a blurb at American Thinker today by Thomas Lifson entitled Lois Lerner's Emails Turn Out Not to be Lost. Lifson writes:
Despite the sworn testimony of IRS commissioner John Koskinen that backup tapes are recycled after 6 months, backup tapes containing up to 30,000 emails from Lois Lerner’s “crashed” computer have been uncovered by the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA)...
"The chickens" as Jeremiah Wright famously said, "are coming home to roost!" First Jonathan Grubber lets the cat out of the bag about Obama's lying to the American people repeatedly to get Obamacare passed, and now Lois Lerner's emails come to light.  I have a feeling that the wheels of the Obama cart will continue to fall off as time passes.  The question is, will anyone learn anything from this regrettable saga in American history, or will they merely think that it all would have worked if we had just gotten the right person...

A certain Rudyard Kipling poem keeps running across my mind.

Update: also has the story here.

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