Monday, February 15, 2016

Concealed Carry for Me, but not for Thee

Herschel Smith of the Captain's Journal had this post on Donald Trump and his concealed carry permit.

Here's the thing, as Smith points out, someone like Trump can easily get a New York City concealed carry permit.  Trump can also afford his own body guards and security.  But Trump hasn't done anything to make it possible for the average person who can't afford these things to at least be able to obtain a weapon and protect him or her self.  Trump is a member of the elite class who is more and more "above the law."  Like Hillary, who will never be indicted, like the former Attorney General, who will never be indicted, like Lois Lerner, who will never be indicted, Trump seems to believe that some people should be immune from the laws that govern the "little people."  He seems to view himself much like the nobility in the ancien regime.


  1. Trump probably really believes that everyone should have a permit. He is just so far removed from the working class that he doesn't realize how hard it can be in some states, ie New York. Although he may have some genuinely good ideas, his aloofness is going to cause him some real problems down the road.

  2. Greg,

    First, thank you for your comment. It is good to hear from you. As to Trump I will give Trump the benefit of the doubt here, but I suspect his attitude is more that mere aloofness. I may be wrong, but his recent fights with others who one would think are potential allies, speaks to a lack of judgement that is hard to explain, combined with an arrogance that could lead us down paths we might better avoid. Since he can't "do it all himself" he will need these people to help him get things done. Personally, I think the old Reagan adage that we shouldn't speak ill of someone to the right of us is a good one to follow.