Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Praying for the Pro-Abortionists

Not praying for their success, but praying that the Lord will turn their hearts towards him,

There are people who claim to be Christian, but they do not say or do the things Christ would have us do.  It is hard to pray for people who have hurt you, or wounded you, or who want to kill you.  Yet Jesus tells us we must do it.  Michael Brown is one who teaches a true Christian message.  Today he has an article on Townhall.com entitled Pro-Abortion Radicals have Lost their Hearts and Minds. The article concerns "tweets" by both NARAL and Cosmopolitan magazine during the Super Bowl:
Two tweets in the last week, one from Cosmopolitan and one from NARAL, reveal the depravity of these radical pro-abortionists.
Although the tweet has now been removed, Cosmopolitan sent out this message on February 4th: “Texas women are having more babies since Planned Parenthood was defunded,” followed by a sad face. This was linked to a picture featuring the graphic #StandwithPP.
Oh, the tragedy!
Texas women are having more babies.
It is indeed sad that these people are watching an event like the Super Bowl and looking for any little thing to manufacture outrage and hatred over. They have seemingly won. Abortion is the law of the land without a single Congressman, to whom the duty of making laws is assigned, lifting a pen. One wonders why they feel so vulnerable?

But I mentioned that Michael Brown asks us to pray for the enemies of our Lord, and that is in this article too. After exposing some of the tweets, and giving us a overview of the ad, which was intended as a silly sketch advertising for Doritos, he notes that:
It reminds us of how deeply the pro-abortionists need an encounter with the Lord and how deeply this battle is spiritual more than anything.
The reality is that the heartlessness and mindlessness and anger and depravity of their position comes not only from many rebellious hearts. It also comes from many broken hearts, from the hearts of women masking their deep wounds and pain.
And so, as we expose their lies and work to save the lives of the unborn, let’s also pray for a wave of repentance and salvation to sweep through the people of NARAL and Cosmopolitan and Planned Parenthood and their supporters, both female and male.
Jesus died for their redemption too.

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