Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Katie Couric's Anti-gun Producers Violated Federal Law-But they'll Get Away With It

You have probably already read a number of stories about Katie Couric and her team of producers and directors who filmed the 'mockumentary" Under the Gun.  But couresty of the Sipsey Street Irregulars comes probably the best explication of what went down in a piece on the Federalist website by Sean Davis entitled Katie Couric's anti-gun producers repeatedly violated federal gun laws. And the truth is, because the Administration's views line up perfectly with the views of the people violating gun laws, there will likely be no prosecutions.  No consequences.  No jail time, or even ruined careers.

Davis writes:

In the video, Soechtig openly admits that she directed one of her employees to purchase guns across state lines, and that he absolutely followed her orders...
To which Soechtig then claims that all this is perfectly legal,
Except it’s not legal. Like, it’s illegal. Super duper illegal. Quadruple illegal in the case of the Soechtig employee who purchased four firearms across state lines without processing the sale through a federal firearms licensee (FFL) in his home state of Colorado.
Federal law is abundantly clear on what types of transactions require federal background checks. Gun owners tend to understand these laws incredibly well. Gun controllers like Soechtig do not. Under federal law, all gun purchases from an FFL must be accompanied by a federal background check. It doesn’t matter if the FFL sells a gun at a retail location, at a gun show, or out of the back of a car in a Wendy’s parking lot. All FFL transactions require a federal background check. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from: if you buy a gun from an FFL, the FFL must confirm that you have passed a federal background check.
So, no one, including the lawyers, thought to check out the laws governing the purchasing, possessing, and transfer of firearms? Or is it that they thought no one who did know would be watching the film? Or is it that they just didn't care? You see, there are enough laws on the books covering everything about guns that a person has to walk carefully to avoid tripping over one of these laws. At that, they don't always succeed. The problem, and its one that will always exist, is that if you WANT to commit a crime, you absolutely CAN commit that crime.  So, yes it CAN be done, but not LEGALLY.  Just as, for example you CAN (so I am told) buy a gun on the internet and have it delivered to your door.  But you can't do it LEGALLY.

If the Administration was truly interested in doing something about guns and crime, rather that just posture over it they would put a higher priority on actually prosecuting these crimes.  And since we have their confessions on video, let's start with Katie Couric and company.30222222222200232

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