Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando is just the start

While I have not forgotten Katie Couric and her breaking the law to expose the law's flaws, and then ironically missing those flaws, a new item of news has assailed us here in the United States, to wit: the mass attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. I have come to expect that the real story will come out later, that the media and official sources will typically get it all wrong, and only later will the truth come trickling out. This news item appears to be no different. However, with time, we learn more of the real story.

Of course the fact that the Pulse is a gathering place for gays seemed to play heavily in the mainstream news  Oh no, it must be some right wing Christian hater, they said.  Except it was not.  For some reason that fact that Christians can call out the gay lifestyle as being sinful, but actually loving gays themselves, and praying not just for gays, but for everyone to be made whole in spirit and body in Christ, seems to elude the media.  Why is that?

Then, the next thing you hear is that it was a lone wolf (Islamic) attacker, but don't blame Islam.  So, let us start with this article debunking the idea of the "Lone Wolf."  The article is from Townhall.com, wherein we learn that Wolf Dens, Not Lone Wolves, the Norm in U.S. Islamic State Plots.
Sunday's worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history prompted renewed warnings from officials of "lone wolf" attackers, a term that commonly invokes images of isolated individuals, radicalized online by violent propaganda and plotting alone.
But a Reuters review of the approximately 90 Islamic State court cases brought by the Department of Justice since 2014 found that three-quarters of those charged were alleged to be part of a group of anywhere from two to more than 10 co-conspirators who met in person to discuss their plans.
A little knowledge of human nature suggests that few people are capable of going from normal citizen to carrying out effective lone wolf attacks entirely on their own. Most people have no idea how to use cover, how to make an approach, and other tactical concepts. The military and SWAT teams train on this stuff constantly. Do you really think someone can just pick it up the first time, from the internet no less, and perfectly execute a complicated plan? Really? These so called "Lone Wolves" have more support than then are given credit for. In all likelihood, some of the people who recite this drivel do so out of fear of what might happen if the public knew the truth. Protecting the public from the truth has never turned out well. It merely allows miscreants to do their dirty work in privacy.

Then, we learn from Rosslyn Smith over at the American Thinker, that authorities knew about the attacker but political correctness prevented them from taking further action.

But, the real concern that should occupy your mind is that Worse Islamic Terror Attacks are Coming, and that Government Won't Save You. In the end, it will be you, and whomever you can ally with, who will save you and your family. Bob Owens is right about this too. Now is the time, while supplies are still on the shelves, to stock up on ammunition, spare parts, and get the training you need. And just in case you are wondering Could Concealed Carry Have Saved Lives in Orlando?: the answer is definitely "yes." Unlike the police and security guards, the concealed carrier does not have to be in uniform, wearing his gun where everyone can see it, and in general making a target of himself. Indeed, the effective concealed carrier blends in with other members of society, and doesn't stand out in any way. In such a situation, he could very likely deliver a shot while the attacker is focused elsewhere. Or, if behind cover, might distract the attacker long enough for another to disarm him.

Finally, if any readers are part of the gay community, while I do not condone the gay lifestyle, I also do not condone killing gays.  Get a concealed carry permit.  Get a gun, and learn how to use it.  Carry it. Here is the site of the Pink Pistols, a group of gay concealed carriers.  Join them, and the rest of the concealed carry community.  We welcome you.

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